Look Through Any Window (With A Correction)

“Look through any window, yeah. What do you see?”

If you follow the directive from the classic Hollies single, you can see a lot of things – smiling faces all around, little ladies in their gowns, bits and pieces of a typical Minnesota spring.

One thing you will not see, in this second Covid spring in Minnesota, is deciduous leaves on your trees.

So when Governor Tim “One Minnesota” Walz announced earlier this week that he and members of his staff were quarantining due to (yet another) Covid exposure, people – not the media mind you, just people – asked a lot of questions.

Why isn’t he vaccinated?

After a year, how does this keep happening?

And now – thanks to a friend on social media – another question the media won’t be bothered to ask.

Where the flaming hootie hoo is the Governor, where…

…you look through any window behind him and see green on deciduous trees?


I don’t think so. I mean, if you’re in southern MN, are the trees leafing out yet? Leave a comment.

Color me green with disbelief.

UPDATE – on second glance, the tree appears to be some sort of pine.

To paraphrase a certain former president, when you run a blog that roasts DFL hypocrisy and media indolence, you do get tired of winning. But not, apparently, this time.

8 thoughts on “Look Through Any Window (With A Correction)

  1. And the last thing our Walzing Matilda governor wants is to do a State of the State message in front of a super-spreader mob of rocks and cows people outside a Mankato high school.

  2. “Where the flaming hootie hoo is the Governor, where…”

    Follow the yellow brick road.

  3. I have a need to remind people what Michael Osterholm, Epidemiologist at U of Minnesota, one time covid adviser to Walz, then Biden covid adviser, said back on January 31st:
    Osterholm predicted that B117, the more contagious strain of the virus that is sweeping England and has been found in pockets of the United States, will become the dominant strain of the virus in the country. “If we see that happen, which my 45 years in the trenches tell us we will, we are going to see something like we have not seen yet in this country,” he said. “That hurricane is coming. We have to understand that because of this surge, we do have to call an audible.”
    The epidemiologist said if we see a surge of the new variant this spring, it will be worse than the previous surges. “We saw our health care system literally on the edge of not being able to provide care,” Osterholm said. “Imagine if we have what has happened in England, twice as many of those cases. That’s what we have to prepare for now.”


    Us covid deaths per million are about 1/3 what they were when Osterholm said this.
    The UK’s covid deaths per million are about 1/10 what they were when Osterholm said this.

    People like Osterholm, and the people who listen to him, need to be mocked for the idiots that they are.

  4. I’ve become of the opinion the meteorologists are only outdone by epidemiologists when it comes to predictions.

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