Send In The Kangaroos

City of Minneapolis reaches an independent settlment with the Floyd family…

…just in time to jeopardize the Chauvin trial.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called it a milestone. The city council unanimously approved the settlement.

Announcing the settlement in the middle of jury selection for the murder trial of Derek Chauvin confused legal experts.

“It was absolutely terrible timing, I would say for both sides,” said Mary Moriarty, the former chief public defender in Hennepin County.

Prospective jurors in the trial can still be questioned about their thoughts on the settlement, but Moriarty says no one knows how the news will affect the seven already seated.

“Most jurors I think would perceive [the settlement] as the city’s belief that Chauvin did murder George Floyd and that they are liable,” Moriarty said.

It’s assumed that it’d be very difficult to insulate any jury from hearing about the settlement.

Given the Minneapolis City Council’s performance over the past year, it’s hard to guess whether it was incompetence, malice or arrogance.

I say “Its the Minneapolis City Council. Why choose?”

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  1. On another note, Target has announced that they will be abandoning their corporate fortress downtown and retreating to Brooklyn Park. Way to go, Minneapolis City Clowncil!

  2. The State (AG Office) clearly believes it will work in their favor. Ellison’s son is on the clowncil and would definitely have communicated to his father about the settlement ahead of time. Given the situation, why wouldn’t he? So it is safe to assume that the announcement had Keith Ellison’s prior approval.

  3. Ignoring the timing, the reason that the city settled is because otherwise their lawyers would have to argue that Floyd’s’s death was not caused by Chauvin, or that what Chauvin did to Floyd did not violate his civil rights, and the council has already insisted the opposite is true.
    Not surprising at all if you read the bios of the people on the Minneapolis City Council.
    Adam Smith said “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” We are about to find out how much ruin there is in Minneapolis.

  4. AllenS
    unless its a structured settlement the money will all be gone in a couple years and they’ll be broke again.

  5. Given the Minneapolis City Council’s performance over the past year, it’s hard to guess whether it was incompetence, malice or arrogance or intended consequence

    There, fixed it for you.

  6. Pig, bling is sometimes very expensive, but that hasn’t stopped a lot of people who became rich for doing nothing more than being related to someone, stop purchasing meaningless bullshit.

  7. Yea, this should be interesting. The family already received over $2 million in donations through gofundme accounts and direct donations from people tortured by their white guilt and privilege. When the fund was initially reported, Floyd’s brother claimed that a lot of the money would go back into the community, but, funny! That changed when the $2 million was reported. His brother made a brief, terse statement to the media, “the money will go to help the family!”

  8. I imagine that some real estate agent who handles the Lake Minnetonka area is going to make a nice tidy profit this summer. And Key Cadillac will sell a few more top level Escalades next month.

    Stereotypes exist for a reason.

  9. Notice who was not on that stage? None of Fentanyl Floyd’s baby mammas or shorties (those we know of now).

    1/2 that cash pile will get vacuumed up by lawyers as that mob of grifting trash fight it out for bigger cuts of the gibs. Another big chunk will go to financial advisors who will collect fat fees. The rest will be spent on luxury items which will be treated like consumables; cars, houses, clothes, jewelry. It will be all gone in 10 years, and there will be nothing left to show for it.

    MO, everything the dimwits on the city council have said is unfounded opinion; none of it is admissible as evidence. Any competent lawyer would have advised the city to STFU and wait until after the trial. This was nothing more than idiots virtue signaling again, with your $.

  10. This may be forward thinking on the part of the city. $27 million may be a small price to pay when considering the alternative of a not guilty verdict.

    The trial reminds me of a strangely inverted version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ I see a screenplay in the near future.

  11. And Key Cadillac will sell a few more top level Escalades next month.

    10/10 every one of them will be driving S-class Mercedes with gold plated wheels by next week. Most will be trashed by next year.

    I don’t think any of them live in MN. It’s Houston realtors that are salivating.

  12. emery, the time to expect the Minneapolis City Council to engage in good faith efforts to avert mob violence are long past.
    These are political hacks acting for political reasons.

  13. Oh, and right on time, SiTD’s official reprobate investment guru inveterate liar, PotAto HeAD shows up, fresh from his triumph at the BirKIE mind you, to share his unmatched understanding of law.


  14. A settlement should have been reached after the trial (or trials). Chauvin does deserve due process. Otherwise, instead of a criminal trial, this becomes a political trial. Not the same thing.

  15. How does a $27M payout in a civil trial inoculate the city from the destruction that would follow a not-guilty verdict in a criminal trial?

  16. This is my hypothetical:
    George Floyd is in a weakened state from drug addiction & covid & other health issues.
    He passes the fake $20 for a pack of smokes. The clerk knows it is a fake, but doesn’t confront Floyd. Instead he calls the cops after Floyd leaves.
    Cops show up. Floyd sees the cops and swallows his remaining drugs.
    Cops arrest Floyd. Floyd resists or acts irrationally, Chauvin decides to use the controversial knee-on-neck restraint.
    Floyd dies of some combination of poor health, drug overdose, the stress of arrest, and Chauvin’s knee on his neck.
    What does Justice for George Floyd look like?
    What does justice for Chauvin look like?

  17. 👆Are you suggesting Floyd would have died (combination of factors) had law enforcement not been present?

  18. I’m honestly confused by all of the confusion around this, especially when the timing is taken into account.
    The Mpls City Council is afraid of the riots that will happen after Chauvin isn’t convicted (personal prediction is a hung jury and mistrial). A record setting Settlement, including money going to the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, is the Council’s attempt to “buy off” the rioters and get them to burn down stuff outside of Minneapolis. I don’t think it’ll work. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that Courthouse when the Decision, or lack thereof, is read.

  19. I see a “use it or lose it” mentality at work.

    The reprobate potato heads running the city know degenerate leftists and feral blax are going to burn and loot, no matter the outcome; hell they’re already traveling from the West coast to get ready. If they have any $ in reserves, the state’s taxpayers will expect them to use it to clear off the rubble against the day adults take charge and rebuild.

    Now, they can stand in the ashes, and with shining eyes declare they are broke, and need a big infusion of cash from Biden and Walz. And they’ll get it, too.

  20. they can stand in the ashes

    Bingo, the end-result of the Curley Effect. Being king over a pile of 5hit is better than not being king at all.

  21. This may be forward thinking on the part of the city. $27 million may be a small price to pay when considering the alternative of a not guilty verdict.

    Two thoughts on this one. First, nice to know that government will throw you under the bus if it means your rightful treatment will cause riots. Like they said during the high tech lynching of Clarence Thomas, it’s not about the truth of the allegations, but rather of their seriousness.

    Second, legally speaking, it doesn’t work that way. The kind of thing we’re talking about here is grounds for a mistrial or outright acquittal, which would generate riots that would make those surrounding an acquittal seem pretty tame in comparison.

    Congratulations, Minneapolis City Council, you’ve just thrown away 27 million bucks to ensure more riots.

  22. Christ, if the city is willing to fork over 27 million dollars when someone asks for it, just how much will Minneapolis fork over when threatened with violence?

    If (you know who) thinks that putting the policeman in prison will make all of the bad shit go away, I’ve got news for you, it will only make the situation worse. Far too many cracker-assed sissies running Minneapolis.

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  24. AllenS,
    Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt DemoCommie cabal, already know how to get away with passing pork filled money laundering bills. Just give their drooling sycophants a $1,400 gubmint check. Sadly, a couple of million Republicans caved for it, too.

  25. “Chauvin decides to use the controversial knee-on-neck restraint.”


    Chauvin decides to use the police department’s official procedure for restraining persons exhibiting signs of excited delirium.

    Chauvin followed procedure, the guy died, Chauvin is charged with murder. If Chauvin had failed to follow procedure and the guy died, Keith Ellison would have said, “Oh well, at least you didn’t use the controversial procedure. It’s all good.” It totally wasn’t a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose situation. Right?

  26. Let us not forget, the thug was saying “I can’t breath” when he was standing upright. Once he was on the ground with Chauvin’s knee on his neck, the thug was saying “I can’t breath”. If you can talk, you are not having your air supply cut off.

    Drugs killed the thug.

  27. Well, the knee-on-neck thing IS controversial now, and that’s what matters, isn’t it? And I am certain that the prosecution will present testimony by doctors claiming that Floyd did not exhibit signs of “excited delirium.”
    Did the city council support a change of venue? Frey doesn’t want riots, I am not certain about some of the councilmen.
    These people were elected, the voters of Minneapolis are going to get a hard lesson in accountability. Right now the council should be doing everything they can to assure city taxpayers and business people that Minneapolis is safe place to invest in, and I see no sign that is happening.

  28. If you watch the body cam footage, which, funny, wasn’t shown until after the city burned, courtesy of Hakim Ellison, a male bystander is clearly heard telling Floyd that he was having a heart attack. Further, Floyd asked the other officer to put him on the ground.

  29. Today was the first time I read that:

    A. Fentanyl Floyd swallowed his dope stash when the cops were approaching his car, and

    B. That’s not the first time he had done that and

    C. His previous incident of dope swallowing landed him in the hospital.

    I. Am. Gob smacked.

    This is a straight up frame job guys. This isn’t a kangaroo court; it’s a star chamber.

    And remember, yeah it’s a cop this time, but FBI thugs are arriving in suburban neighborhoods in MRAP’s, in full battle rattle and armed to the teeth, are blowing in doors and dragging guys out of their houses for *being* in DC on Jan 6.

    How long before these comment threads attract the attention of Biden’s Gestapo?

  30. Jack P can sometimes be a little excitable, let’s say like Gateway Pundit guy, however, he is reporting that
    2 previously-confirmed jurors in Chauvin trial dismissed this morning for admitting the city settlement for George Floyd prejudiced them that Chauvin was guilty. Others being questioned

  31. The dimwit clowns in city hall have irrevocably tainted this shit show. jdm. They’ve forced the judge to put the jury on trial…and they’re guilty as hell.

    They’ve handed an appeals court victory to Chauvin on a gold platter.

  32. If Floyd swallowed his stash upon being approached, I wonder what the contents of his stomach were? He died pretty quickly, so it’s altogether possible that the toxicology report underestimated the amount of fentanyl in his system. Ouch.

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