Berg’s 20th Law Is Omniscient And Omnipresent

Two points

  1. “Racial Conflict” is a cover for “Cultural Conflict”.
  2. Cultural Conflict is a pseudonym for “Class Conflict”.

Oh, yeah – and Berg’s 20th Law of Social Justice Warmongering is not called “Berg’s 20th Impromptu Notion” for a reason:

All incidents of “hate speech” not captured on video (involving being delivered by someone proven not to be a ringer) shall be assumed to be hoaxes until proven otherwise.

I say this not to deny that hate speech happens, by the way – but to stop diluting the term.

But we saw it again: student at a posh college makes a claim against a couple blue-collar white guys. Blue collar members of the majority – a janitor, a cafeteria worker and a campus cop – get disciplined, and “cancelled”.

And then?

Then an outside investigation determined that, basically, it never happened. The campus police officer, the janitor and a cafeteria worker had been falsely tarred as racists, but they were not the beneficiaries of apologies, “compassion for everyone involved” or anything else. 

“Check your privilege” is a common term around higher education, but the notion that white janitors, cafeteria workers and campus police are “privileged” in that environment is not simply absurd, but monstrous. As Smith janitor Mark Patenaude told the Times, “We used to joke, don’t let a rich student report you, because if you do, you’re gone.”

Privilege is the ability to get an employee of many years punished simply by making a complaint, even a false one.  

As we’ve noted in the past, the woman who coined the term “white privilege” did it to deflect away from her absolutely colossal class privilege. And I’m not saying, flat-out, that it’s a psyop to cover a fairly deliberate class war…

…but if it were, it’d be hard to figure what they’d be doing differently:

The gentry class is in firm control of most of the institutions in America, from big corporations, to media organizations, to, most especially, colleges and universities. The Democrats are the gentry class’ party, as the GOP increasingly becomes a diverse coalition of working-class and small-business people. And the gentry class is letting the working class have it.

Barack Obama boasted about driving coal mines into bankruptcy; Joe Biden tells miners they need to learn how to [build solar panels]. There’s talk of forgiving student-loan debt, which would effectively transfer wealth from high-school educated truck drivers to social workers with graduate degrees. Biden’s open-borders immigration policy will once again open the “immigrant spigot” to push working-class wages down. Piling ruin upon ruin.

The US – at least, the “blue” parts of it – are starting to resemble Britain in the 1600s.

At best.

3 thoughts on “Berg’s 20th Law Is Omniscient And Omnipresent

  1. “Racial Conflict” is a cover for “Cultural Conflict”

    That may be true for reprobates. They are steeped in racist ignorance, but too cowardly to admit it. Take for instance, this exchange between Tom Cotton and Vanita Gupta, Pedo Joe’s pick for the #3 position at the DOJ, about past comments she has made to the effect “all Americans have implicit racial biases”:

    “Against which races do you harbor racial bias?” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked the nominee.

    “I believe that we all have implicit bias,” Gupta said. “It doesn’t mean that we are harboring any racism at all, these are unconscious assumptions and stereotypes that can get made.”

    Cotton pressed her, asking the same question over again.

    “I hold stereotypes that I have to manage,” Gupta responded. “I am a product of my culture. It’s part of the human condition. And I believe that all of us are able to manage implicit bias, but only if we can acknowledge our own, and I am not above anyone else in that matter.”

    But the senator was out to make a point. Cotton named three Trump administration judicial nominees, each a racial minority, whose confirmations Gupta opposed.

    “Should members of those communities be worried that you harbor racial bias against them, because you oppose those judges’ nominations?” he asked.

    Gupta balked at the implication. In her prior position as CEO and president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, she said, the organization supported and opposed nominees based on their records.

    Cotton treated that as a “gotcha” moment, saying that Democrats and journalists “immediately jump to charges of racism” when politicians oppose certain nominees.

    The senator concluded with Gupta having said that every institution in America suffers from institutional racism.

    “Ms. Gupta,” he asked, “Does the Biden White House suffer from institutional racism?”

    “Senator, given the history of this country — of slavery and the long period of Jim Crow and the ongoing scourge of racial discrimination — I think that it remains very much a live problem in America today, and that the effort to address racial discrimination in all of its forms, discrimination of any sort, is something that all of us have to work at in the institutions we are a part of,” Gupta replied.”

    Gupta is racist af. And, being an East Indian, she also suffers from class hate. So speaking for herself and her leftist ilk, she is right; she is just to cowardly to say it out loud.

    As to “America’s” racial bias, sure there’s lots of people who judge solely based upon skin color, but to the chagrin of our dusky would-be masters, most thinking observers judge them on the content of their hearts, their behavior, achievements and contributions, or lack thereof, rather than their melatonin content. Expect MLK Jr. to be memory holed at their earliest convenience.

  2. Senator Cotton is a pretty smart feller.
    But it won’t make any difference.
    Pointing out to the Bolsheviks that Lenin was middle bourgeois and Stalin was lower bourgeois wouldn’t keep you out of the gulag. We are long past the point where public officials are informed by reason rather than lust for power.

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