Our Genius Ruling Class

Rep. Eric Swallwell – “Duke Nuke ’em” of yore, who is trying to be his own honky Squad – may be, along with the Squad, one of the great boons to the GOP in 2022.

This, about Neela Tandon whose Twitter feed got her booted from a cushy appointment as Biden’s budget director:

I dunno, genius – maybe tell them to look at the sitting VP?

And then for a good example, the former governor of South Carolina, former UN ambassador and possible future president, Nikki Haley?

Normally about this point when a Democrat politician or talking head said something this daft, I’d throw in something about them really knowing better, but being able to count on the typical Democrat voter not knowing the difference, and being so bereft of any critical thought after years or decades of “progressive” reductionism that it makes no difference.

But I’m genuinely not sure Swalwell is actually smart enough to qualify for that exception.

11 thoughts on “Our Genius Ruling Class

  1. Ha! Yea, this is real funny coming from a guy that had an affair with a ChiCom Asian woman. Maybe he can tell them that they can grow up to be spies for enemies of the U.S. then compromise feckless morons like him.

  2. The Califnia district Swallowell represents was owned by a real piece of work named Pete Stark for dozens of years.

    Stark was perhaps a little smarter than Swallowell, but then again so are my parakeets, but he was every bit as much of a pompous, obnoxious asshole as Swallowell is. Stark once told a reporter to get out of his office, before he threw him out the window.

    It’s no coincidence those people keep electing the dregs to represent them. They choose among themselves.

  3. Tell those little Asian girls that if they study hard in school to get good grades, they can go to Harvard. Oh, wait, no, they can’t. At Harvard, Asians with high grades are excluded for having low personality ratings such as ‘courage’ and ‘likability,’ a racist practice misnamed ‘affirmative action’ and vigorously defended by Democrats including . . .

  4. Every person desires a moral pole star, a truth against which other truths can be measured.
    Racism and Trump hatred make terrible moral pole stars.

  5. Wasn’t Neera Tanden just experiencing that “culture of consequences” that Erin Maye Quade brought up (in yesterday’s post)? Or is this yet another example of “it’s different when we Democrats do it”?

    Btw, Mitch, not spelling the bint’s name correctly is a well-known tell for racism.

  6. You see folks, being anything but white absolves you of any untoward action – be it murder, mayhem or hate.

  7. Funny how for libturds, outcome and purity™ of intent justify any means. Including murder, mayhem and hate.

  8. Tanden has repeatedly tweeted support for wacky election fraud theories.
    This is double plus ungood wrong think, according to Biden.

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