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  1. News from yesterday

    The reprobates in control: We must take away the keys to the nuclear arsenal; Joe isn’t sane.

    Also reprobates in control: Time to bomb Syria

    Pedo Joe: Be careful not to make Iran angry!

    Oh, and they’ve renamed Mr. Potato Head so trannies are not offended.

  2. Not totally sure as to the “why” (Mr Potato Head) but I bet Tucker Carlson and Fox News will devote a lot of time to it.

  3. I’m going to guess that’s a troll post Mitch. I say that since it is fairly articulate and lacking in screeching.

  4. Whatever it is, it is definitely funny.

    It reminds me of a time during the non PC years (late 70s) when my date and I were waiting for our table at a restaurant. A very tall black man was leaving and she exclaimed, “Damn! A woman could give him a (oral sex) while standing up.”

  5. A fraudulent President’s own party demanding he turn over control of the nuclear arsenal because he’s not mentally fit…

    The resumption of bombing in Syria within 36 days of the reprobates stealing the election…

    These things really happened.

    The Potato head thing was real too, but I threw that in there because I just knew it would be the thing that Reek focused on.

    lol…fucking dimwit swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker

  6. Yep, Her Doktor Professor Strunk, it is indeed dispiriting to see Biden speechifying: https://youtu.be/9F2_QzH3it8
    The speech slurring is probably a result of brain damage & general cognitive decline. Whoever is making decisions in the Biden administration, it ain’t the guy who took the oath of office.

  7. MO, take note that whenever Pedo Joe makes an appearance, Kameltoe is always lurking in the back. That is not signaling support, it is intended to get the public used to seeing her in “Presidential” surroundings. It is intended to keep the lowest IQ members of American society (most are Democrat) onboard when Pedo Joe is tossed under the 25th amendment bus.

    Kameltoe will say she has been working closely with Pedo Joe, and is ready to take his place. In that she’s not lying; she is surely one of the key shot callers that are running the country while Joe naps away most of the day.

    The reprobates stole the election to get a senile pedophile into the White House *temporarily* the plan was always to get that leftist slut behind the Resolute desk.

    But that might not work…

  8. Joe’s dementia is no secret. The reprobates have admitted as much when they decided they had to take the nuclear launch codes from him.

    That means they are fully aware that the man in the White House is not fit for office….but not one will say it, because it’s too soon to spring the trap on old Joe.

    When they do, the old “What did Kameltoe know, and when did she know it” will be key. She is part of a conspiracy to keep the seriousness of Joe’s obvious dementia from the public. It is a deliberate act that puts our national security in grave danger; possibly the gravest danger ever in history.

    That is an impeachable offense.

    If we can take the Senate, and the House, we can save America.

  9. 👆Someday I might encounter someone who uses the term “dimwit” non-ironically who is sufferable and worthwhile.
    But not today.

  10. I think the term “dim wit” is well applied to a person if that person has claimed that Manchin’s refusal to endorse one of Biden’s more left-wing appointees was due to corruption, rather than the fact that Manchin’s constituents went for Trump over Biden 70% to 30%.

  11. Manchin’s refusal to endorse one of Biden’s more left-wing appointees was due to corruption

    MO, if it doesn’t further leftist goals, it must be due to corruption! Everybody knows that only committed leftists are always “principled” and never hypocritical.

    Never mind Tanden deleted about a 1000 tweets in November. How was that principled? Seems to me that either she deliberately sanitized the more controversial pieces of her past social media activity (knowing she was in line for a nomination), or she truly regretted tweeting out the controversial stuff. The latter portrays her as unstable, the former as Machiavellian as Clinton on her worst day.

  12. Dr. Pete has some great points. To wit; WTF was the Ho doing talking to world leaders, instead of Pedo Joe? I’m sure that either she told them that she would have a lot more flexibility after Joe is out of the way or, she was lining up dates (or both).

  13. Hillary slept her way up the career ladder, so did Kamala. I wish that these libs would work out their bourgeois family psychodramas somewhere away from the world stage.

  14. One thing we know for sure, MO, is that she didn’t service Willie Brown because she admired his manly physique or good looks!

  15. Once Crooked Hillary found out that she was knocked up, she knew that her meal ticket had been punched.

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