A Crisis Not To Be Wasted

Covid is acting exactly like any other respiratory virus.

It bursts onto the scene, kills a bunch of people who have no immunity, then fades into the background as the vulnerable host population dies off and the immune population go on with their lives.

So where’s the big emergency that justifies the dictatorship, again?

Joe Doakes

Title line says it all.

7 thoughts on “A Crisis Not To Be Wasted

  1. Once a conspiracist, always a conspiracist.

    There should be an STiD disclaimer at the beginning of each of your posts similar to that of OAN prior to Mike Lindell’s screed.

    Carry on…,

  2. Sez the guy who pushed the “Trump colluded with Putin to steal the 2016 election”, conspiracy theory, day after day, month after month, year after year.

  3. RIP Congressman Ron Wright. He had lung cancer. Hospitalized in September for complications of cancer therapy. He was Covid positive. Will the death certificate read lung cancer or Covid as cause of death? According to the way I was trained, Covid would take precedence on the document. Lung cancer a significant comorbidity. I’d postulate if he didn’t have lung cancer, he wouldn’t have died. Now he’s tagged by the media as just another Covid victim. Not that simple.

  4. True, MO, but that was a Good conspiracy theory because it hurt the Bad Orange Man. Same with the Attempted Coup conspiracy theory which is the basis for the second impeachment, and the We’re All Going To Die of Covid If We Don’t Vote By Mail conspiracy theory which made it easier for Democrats to steal the election from The Bad Orange Man. Did I say ‘steal?’ I meant ‘fortify.’

    Mine is a Bad conspiracy theory because it confirms that while the existence of the Covid virus is not a hoax, the panic response was a Democrat hoax to make it easier to steal the election from the Bad Orange Man. Dang it, “fortify.” Why isn’t spell-check correcting that for me?

  5. RIP Congressman Ron Wright. He had lung cancer. Hospitalized in September for complications of cancer therapy. He was Covid positive.

    The tolerant Left on Twitter have been touting his passing as though it’s some vindication of their “Party of Science” memes. But they get quiet or resort to name-calling if you point out he likely contracted COVID-19 while he was in the hospital. Isolated from family. Surrounded by health-care professionals. Wearing masks.

  6. Bat flu is the flu. We have always had flu virus; we will always have flu virus. We have never killed a virus; ever.

    People that wear masks are either low IQ, uninformed and uninterested in learning, mental deficient or rat fucking leftists going along with the program.

    The bat flu kills the elderly, and people already dealing with some nasty medical condition…just like all flu. Young, healthy people may get it and not even know they have it, or they may have a sore throat and a coof.

    The bat flu vaccine is killing young, healthy people with no underlying conditions.

    I encourage Reek to get his vaccine ASAP to pw3n the righties.

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