I Don’t Want To Speak Too Soon

I was debating whether to call this episode….

…”Peak ‘Urban Progressive Privilege” – 100+ overschooled/badly educated, middle-on-up class, likely 20/30-something junior members of “the elite” media who have experienced so little struggle and dissonance in their lives that they consider publishing a Ben Shapiro column a mortal threat, and feel entitled enough to whine about it in public.

Is it “peak”?

If I say so, there will be another, worse example tomorrow.

This next two years, at the minimum, are going to be for Urban Progressive Privilege what 1977 was to white polyester suits and mens necklaces.

13 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Speak Too Soon

  1. We should stop all public discourse. Any opinion either contradicts the truth, and so must be suppressed, or confirms it, and amounts to wasteful redundancy.

  2. MO
    yes of course:
    “If it differs from the Quran, it is heresy, destroy it. If it agrees with the Quran, it is superfluous, destroy it!”

  3. I’d be remiss not to ask; Who gives a fuck what happens at Politico? They could set fire to themselves, literally, and I wouldn’t read the accounts.

    Fuck these people.

  4. Congratulations to Politico. They published a guy who is basically a far-right message board troll whose entire schtick is whataboutism and bad faith arguments purely crafted to “trigger the libs” to maximum effect.

  5. Shapiro graduated cum laude from HLS, just like Barack Obama.
    Unlike Obama, Shapiro did not receive the benefits of affirmative action.

  6. I’ve seen plenty of footage of Shapiro speaking and it all seems like conservative boilerplate. He makes a point about topic X, in a way that people who don’t know much about topic X can agree with because it fits preconceived notions built up by other conservative misinformation outlets, then doesn’t bother to mention all the other information that might cause people to think the issue isn’t simply black and white. He’s Ann Coulter without the sarcasm.

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  8. Ben Shapiro can do something you cannot, Emery: he can express himself both logically and reasonably, and in doing so he can persuade people.
    He can do so without insulting people.
    He can do so without inaccurate, inept, or hyperbolic comparisons.
    He’s a human being, so while he does not always succeed in being persuasive, he is usually regarded as a likeable person. *looks at Emery*
    Ann Coulter is like the “insult comic” of conservative punditry. She’s better at it than you are. Maybe she can give you some tips?

  9. Best way to judge Ben Shapiro is to listen to a few of his public talks. He is very good at explaining his thought process regardless of whether you agree with him or not.

    There is no need for anyone to re-interpret what he means.

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