A Day In The Biden Administration

“Know what’d be better for halting Covid than wearing a mask? Wearing two masks. Let’s all do it.

But wait – you know what’d be better than wearing two masks? Three masks! Let’s get on board…

Hang on – you know what’d be better than wearing three masks? Four masks! That’s like four times the protection! So…

Jst a doggone minute – you know what’d be better than wearing four masks? Five masks! Bam!

Whoa, dudes, dudettes and non-binariliy-duded – you know what’d be better than wearing five masks? Si masks! Let’s smoke this brisket…

But…ay caramba – you know what’d be better than wearing six masks? Seven masks! Holy cow, we got the virus on the run now…

But hold your horses, hombres – you know what’d be better than wearing seven masks? Eight masks! Can you smell the victory…

Wow – wow wow wow – you know what’d be better than wearing eight masks? Nine masks! This must be what Jonas Salk felt like…

Oh, maaaaaan – you know where I’m going, right? 10 masks! Let’s get on board…

D’oh – I’m such a silly. Why stop at 10 when 11 masks are sitting right in front…no, wait, 12! 12 masks!

33 thoughts on “A Day In The Biden Administration

  1. Who ever thought that walking into a bank with a mask on would not only be ok, but mandatory.

  2. “This must be what Jonas Salk felt like…”

    I don’t know why, but this reminds me of The Koolaid Report.

  3. But…but…da SCIENCE!!! Put a plastic bag over your head for a certain amount of time and you won’t need a mask at all.

  4. Simple thing would be just to stop breathing, thus solving the manmade-CO2-caused Climate Change problem as well! Democrat leadership needs to lead by example!

  5. That suggestion comes from the highest paid Gov employee. He must be REALLY smart to be the highest paid, no? So settle down you rubes!

  6. No, the right things are objective. Wear a mask when out, socially distance, wash your hands often, and limit travel. Nothing subjective about it, unless subjecting others to increased risk is for some reason acceptable rather than perverse.

  7. I must admit that I don’t mind wearing a mask when it’s close to zero or lower, but the fact of the matter is that as a COVID survivor, I am extremely unlikely to catch or transmit the disease for a few months. Moreover, transmission in outdoor interactions is also pretty unlikely.

    Hence no, it is not a gimme or objective that the right thing to do when the mask it out. It depends on the situation and the COVID status of the person involved, and yes, there is a tremendous amount of virtue signaling out there.

  8. No, the right things are objective

    You are SOOO right, Emery. There can be no objective argument that requiring everyone to drive rubber cars that can go no faster than six mph will save lives.

    Children’s lives without a doubt.

    SOOOO, why doesn’t Uncle Joe mandate slow rubber cars?

    Because maybe, like just maybe, the costs would be too high and the benefits merely marginal.

    Gosh, think of that.

    At some point, maybe, just maybe a bright bulb within the inner-circle of the Great and Wonderful Walz or maybe with the current senile on steroids administration might just want to consider weighing costs against benefits.

    Government used to do that…..way back when.

    Note: according to a recent Mayo Clinic study, wearing a mask at a six foot distance from a wheezing, coughing machine only reduces the transmission of exhaled particulates by less than 1%,

  9. Emery still believes in the magic of treating the healthy as though they are sick.
    Normally restrictions on our constitutional rights,especially the bill of rights, and especially the first amendments, are subject to a “rational basis” test.
    We know that many, maybe all,of the masking\social distancing mandates could never survive such a test.

  10. The reason that we know that the various governors’ masking\social distancing\lockdown edicts would not survive a test in the courts (or be passed by the people’s reps) is because the governors are reluctant to submit them to such tests. Calm deliberation in the light of reason is the sworn enemy of Walz et&.
    Laws passed by legislation and confirmed by the courts would add immeasurably to the mandates’ legitimacy, the wannabe tyrants in governor’s mansions want to rule the most intimate aspects of our lives by simply issuing orders.

  11. At first, I was going to mock E-I but on further investigation, I see he was correct. The Founders specifically provided for government officials to impose the 13-Mask Rule.

    Declaration of Independence:

    . . . life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and being free of persons subjecting others to increased risk . . .

    Preamble to the Constitution:

    . . . in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, be free of persons subjecting others to increased risk, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish . . . .

    Article 1, Section 8

    The Congress shall have Power To . . . suspend this Constitution at any time on the pretext of preventing persons from subjecting others to increased risk . . .

    You could have knocked me over with a feather.

  12. The problem with appeals to the general welfare clause is that if it allows anything it has no constitutional meaning.

  13. I want to know if Butthead Biden is going to have the Border Patrol and ICE handing out masks to the South American horde “marching” to our southern borders? Hopefully, the masks will protect us from the myriad of diseases, including a new strain of tuberculosis that is resistant to treatment, that these unvaccinated, illegal aliens will bring into the country. Hell, Emery I, maybe you, your other brother Emery, Kraephammer and Paddywhacker can all volunteer to assist in that effort. Better yet, maybe each of you could sponsor one of the poor, under privileged families in your palatial estates. After all, we can’t have children being trafficked into the country put up in Obama cages.

  14. Bosshoss, that was the moSt racist comment that I have ever read. It was like hearing the audiobook of Mein Kampf as
    translated by David Duke & read by George Wallace’s even more racist cousin.

  15. Fauci’s final proposal will be:

    4 masks
    A welding helmet
    A ball gag

    The proper sequence of use remains in development, pending input from Gov. Whitmer and Zombie Professor Irwin Corey. Early reports indicate Michael Osterholm is concerned that this regimen will not be sufficient.

  16. Does the ball gag go where the sun doesn’t shine?

    Can’t speak from experience on that one; perhaps one of the trolls will know.

  17. Say Reek? Can you provide a link to the peer reviewed, controlled scientific study that convinced you wearing a diaper does anything but make you look like a dick? We know it must be out there, because you’re not a dick…right?

    I can pull up at least 10 to prove washing hands kills biological agents, so I do that. But I can’t seem to find that one for the face depends. Help me out, Reek.

    AllenS, my bank has a sign on the door that says “No masks; no hoodies”

  18. Boss, Faphammer is out. He caught a bad case of PTSD during his 2 week sojourn here. Reportedly he’s under his kitchen table in the fetal position, mumbling “I *am* smart; I *am* smart”.

    Sad, really.

  19. Geez PS… let the sleeping trollbots lie… Do you absolutely HAVE to drag them here? Have you no dignity or desire for an intelligent discourse? You are just as guilty of threadjacking as they are!

  20. Dr. Pete’s 2:49 made me laugh until I realized that I’m the one who’s supposed to be calling out logical fallacies around here.

    Appeal to Authority is when the speaker says, “X is so because I said it’s so, and I’m an authority, so that proves X is so.” No, it proves the speaker claims to be an authority; it proves nothing whatever about X.

    The whole world has been falling for this exact logical fallacy for an entire year. “Masks work because Dr. Fauci says they do, and he’s an authority, so that proves masks work.”

    Sorry, guys, I should have been on top of this earlier. I’m so embarassed. Thanks, Dr. P, for picking up the slack.

  21. I forecast that masking wasn’t going away after January 20. The new motto of the USA is not E Pluribus Unum. It’s Mask up, Shut up, Pay up.

  22. I have not and will not wear the face diaper.

    I have not and will not eat the bugs.

    I have not and will not live in the pod.

    Biden did not win and Epstein did not kill himself. 😑

  23. I think the article was written in jest, but it’s coming true – Virginia Tech did a study on using 2 masks and now CNBC’s Contessa Brewer is saying if 2 is good then 3 will be better announcing, “A three layer mask could block up to 90% of the particles.” Brewer then pulled out a Chinese KN95 mask, which apparently has five layers and is so tight it leaves a mark on the face after wearing it.’

    Five layers and counting….

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