8 thoughts on “The Only Thing…

  1. Formerly with CBS News, NPR, BBC News and Scripps, Dick Meyer is the author…

    Why is this not a surprise?

  2. Wouldn’t it be “democracy archon”?
    I may help to differentiate from the upcoming “communism czar” and “fascism consul” the author will probably suggest.

  3. Apparently there are some prominent lefties who think that “the other people” (the deplorables) don’t really understand what ‘Orwellian’ means.

    Um, projection anyone? Isn’t that a Berg’s law?

  4. Do you think the Democracy Czar should operate out of the Ministry of Love or the Ministry of Truth?

    Worst. Elites. Ever.

  5. Worst. Elites. Ever.

    Except there they are. In all sorts of positions of leadership (aka power). I would argue that you need to define what constitutes “best” or “worst” because, clearly, if taking power by whatever means is a criterium, they seem to be doing pretty well.

  6. McConnell has agreed to give the reprobates control of the Senate without a written agreement not to torpedo the filibuster.

    Tell us again, Merg. Tell us how good is better than perfect. Tell us to trust the RINOS. Tell us to “trust the plan”.

    This is our 20 August 1968.

  7. The prayer from Fiddler on the Roof comes to mind:

    Oh Lord,bless and keep the Czar….far away from us!

    Seriously, the very fact that someone wouldn’t immediately figure out the obvious contradiction in terms between “democracy” and “czar” seems to indicate that history education is even worse than I’d have guessed.

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