Surprising Nobody

Migrants waiting in Mexico to get into the United States are thrilled that Joe Biden is now President.  

Two more migrant caravans are on the way.

Their optimism is based on news reports that President Biden will issue executive orders affecting immigration.

Maybe if I brush up my Rosetta Stone Spanish, I can get some yard work done cheap.

Joe Doakes

Unless, of course, they wind up subject to the $15 an hour minimum wage – which means most of them will never find legal work, and will wind up on the dole.

According to plan.

Joe, you might have to hire a neighborhood kid. If American neighborhood kids still do yard work…

2 thoughts on “Surprising Nobody

  1. As I have mentioned a few times, apparently the WuFlu is no longer a problem, either. After all, neither slow Joe, nor his ignorant mouth piece, Jen Psaki, see fit to wear one, in federal buildings, per his Executive Order. Time to ditch the masks.

  2. Silly boss… WuFlu is no more and never had been! Have you not read the latest EO?

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