Around The MOB: Brad Carlson

Next up on  our trip around the MOB is Brad Carlson, one of the longer-running blogs in the MOB.

Brad always surprises you.  The first time you meet him, you think he’s one of those mild-mannered, workadaddy/hugamommy conservatives from Ramsey…

…well, OK, he is that.  But he was also one of the mainstays of the Twin Cities’ late, lamented “Protest Warrior” chapter – sharp, funny, friendly.  And he writes a darn good blog.

I liked this piece from last month, about Tiger Woods’ fall from “grace”:

But then I quickly asked myself why I was so taken aback. I mean, I didn’t know Tiger personally. I merely saw the utter phenom who did things on a golf course that had literally never been seen. So from that, how is it I could draw the conclusion that he was a man of integrity, a model citizen if you will? It’s not unlike how I felt when I learned of the secret life of Kirby Puckett. I saw a gifted, jovial athlete on the baseball field but knew of literally nothing that took place in Puckett’s personal life. And that is a life lesson that I have learned the hard way. No matter how genuine and polished a person may appear, we never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Support your local MOB blog.  You never know what you’ll be running into!

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  1. I was actually thinking of kicking out more than my several months-long pace of one post per week. This is the incentive I needed. Thanks, Mitch!!!

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