Ricardo Lopez: Middle School Reporter

Ricardo Lopez writes for “MN Reformer”, which is a website in the tradition of the old “MN Monitor” – basically a propaganda site funded by progressive plutocrats with deep pockets,

Further proof that not only the Democratic party, but its pet media (and the Reformer is nothing but a paid PR lapdog for Ken Marti) can assume that their audience isn’t an especially critical bunch of thinkers.

Because, say what you will about Miller’s letter, logically or epidemiologically, but other than choosing the word “Exchange” over the more apposite “Exposure”, he got the mechanics of how we currently know Covid is spread pretty right.

It took Lopez’s apparently eighth-grade sense of discernment to read “sexual transmission” into a choice of words that, otherwise, got things basically correct.

But in a world where Samantha Bee is among the left’s top journalists, it doesn’t not make sense that someone like Lopez would do…well, this.

4 thoughts on “Ricardo Lopez: Middle School Reporter

  1. Check his profile.
    Lopez is 31 years old and is MN Reformer’s “Senior Political Writer.”
    Also, he was in an inpatient drug/alcohol treatment last fall.
    Minnesota, say hello to your next governor, Ricardo Lopez!

  2. This reminds me of how the WI Department of Health recommended that lovers make love wearing face masks. I suggested trying that to my wife, but for some odd reason she wasn’t good with it.

    So at least one or two states were of the opinion that Bat Flu was sexually transmitted. I guess reporters don’t get out and read the papers much anymore, not even the Beeb (thanks JPA!).

  3. Wisco dept of health official: “Wear a mask while on a Zoom meeting!’
    Me: “That is dumb.”
    Wisco dept of health official: “You people who don’t take covid seriously are the people spreading the disease! This is not a joke!”
    Me: “Then stop acting like it is a joke.”

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