Grabbing While The Grabbing’s Good

On the one hand, Democrats have (aside from any contrariness Joe Manchin may express) complete control of Federal government for the next couple of years.

What does this mean for law-abiding gun owners?

Well, they are certainly floating the trial balloons already. And Biden (and, perhaps more importantly, Harris) were pretty clear during the campaign: they want to ban “assault weapon”, clap arbitrary limits on magazine sizes, and make it possible to register guns and allow pretty much anyone with a personal beef to get your guns confiscated.

It’s in their DNA, of course. But I suspect there’s going to be a certain urgency about it.

For one thing, even before 2020 there was a solid case to be made that gun culture” is winning the culture war.

And while the mainstream media will never dig into it, there’s a solid case to be made that gun ownership and the culture that goes with it broke even farther out of its traditional white/male/30-60/rural niche and went even more widespread in society.

“First-time gun buyers favor Biden over Trump,” the Dallas Morning News reported of pre-election Texas survey results. “In fact, 51% of first-time purchasers surveyed favored Biden, while 43% favored Trump.”

As you might expect, this complicates matters for Democrats who have long used gun restrictions as an easy way to bash political enemies while doing minimal harm to their own constituents. With gun ownership becoming a nonpartisan taste, restrictive laws threaten to inconvenience and anger supporters as much as opponents.

Sure enough, “Americans’ appetite for gun control is the lowest it has been since 2016,” according to Gallup. And while a large majority of Democrats still favor tighter restrictions, support has declined even in that group by five points. New gun owners, along with long-time shooters, are likely to respond to stricter gun laws with prickly defiance.

And this bit here – which is something I’ve been hoping would evolve for a loooong time:

“Previous studies have proposed two sides of gun culture: one focused on recreational use and a second on self-defense. But the new BU study identifies a third mentality, made up of people who view the defense of the Second Amendment as necessary to freedom in the United States,” Boston University (BU) announced last summer. “This so-called ‘gun culture 3.0’ has increased the most in states that have strengthened their gun laws to the greatest degree, suggesting it may be triggered by perceived threats on individual liberty by the government.”

So my thesis – call it aspirational, if you want, because you’re not wrong – is that the Progs who now control the wheels and levers of federal government need to make their move now, because they may not get another chance.

And given that depending on Joe Manchin’s sympathies (and perhaps a few other relatively moderate Dems in the Senate), the difference between a bill being “Law” and “Oppo research ready for the 2022 campaign to extinct every non-metro anti-gun candidate between the Hudson and the Sierra Madre” might be one vote? That might just moderate the push.

I’m hoping not, of course – I want the progs to put their cards on the table, and have it blow up in their faces in two years.

50 thoughts on “Grabbing While The Grabbing’s Good

  1. Better start thinking of plan B. Because now that libturds have the power and have proven they can cheat and manufacture votes on demand without repercussions, what’s there to stop them? Your illusions about Manchins and fair elections going forward are starting to border on absurd. HOPE IS DEAD! BURIED! Do you need me to find the link to the dead parrot skit, or can I pass?

    Oh, and how long do you think Conservative radio will remain on the air? Better sharpen your pencils.


  2. The ATF raid on an 80% lower manufacturer a few weeks ago is a good indicator as to how it’ll go.

  3. From what I’ve read, smh, the ATF raided that manufacturer because they were selling 80% “kits”, complete with jigs and tools. Seems like a stretch to me, but they’re likening it to selling semi-auto trigger groups bundled with manuals on how to make a full auto seer.

    The law is clear; we have the right to build our own weapons. Those weapons do not need to be serialized as long as you do not sell them or give them away.

    The alphabet goon squads will certainly try and tighten the rules (see AR pistol arm braces), which will force us to be more vigilant, but given the anger out here I really think weapon confiscation is the last thing they’ll try. I could be wrong, but that’s my take, rn.

    There are millions of AR and AK pattern rifles in private hands. Can they ban the importation from out of the US? Yeah, they can. But that’s not going to work this time. Can they declare weapons purchased and possessed lawfully? Don’t see how. The SCOTUS has ruled regarding weapons in common use…nothing more common these days than an AR.

  4. The anti-government, apocalyptic worldview of these MAGA paramilitaries has a friend in SiTD….

  5. You must live in the Twin Cities, Mitch. I live in Polk County, WI, and we have a conservative Sheriff. When Governor Evers (Dem) called on everyone to wear a mask, and hinted on making it mandatory, our Sheriff said he would not enforce any law he considered unconstitutional such as mandatory mask wearing. Pretty sure he would not enforce an unconstitutional law enforcing the outlawing of guns.

    If Emery wants to give up his squirt gun, then, so be it.

  6. Pete – I think SCOTUS ruling according to Constitution may be a thing of the past. EO comes out, and they’ll say “no standing” to complaints.

  7. smh, they have certainly broadcast their intent. Constitution is dead. Law is dead. The Republic is dead.

  8. It strikes me that this is why Joe Manchin is so important, as he seems to be the main bulwark against court packing and a lot of gun control going through and being upheld. That is, if John Roberts hasn’t already been “persuaded” to join the other side on gun control like he flip-flopped on an abortion case.

  9. bike, et tu? You REALLY believe Munchin is more than a mere Munchkin who will not do ANYTHING his Dem masters tell him? And you STILL think Roberts is a conservative? Dude, where have you been?! I have some swampland to sell you!

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  11. Yep, he will be pressured by his party, the president, the speaker of the house, and the media, but JOE MANCHIN will hold out! Because he has integrity!!

  12. President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. denounced the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday as the violent expression of President Trump’s refusal to accept his defeat, calling it “an assault on the citadel of liberty”
    Coming after January 20 from the “citadel of liberty”:
    New restrictions on your right to own a firearm
    A masking mandate
    New restrictions on free speech
    An endorsement of governors’ suspension of the Bill of Rights
    Mandates to institute racial and sex discrimination throughout the nation

  13. The anti-government, apocalyptic worldview of these MAGA paramilitaries has a friend in SiTD…

    Not the dumbest thing you’ve ever written, Emery. But among the most pointless.

    I direct you to look back at the garment rending on the left this time four years ago, and just shush yourself.

  14. Yep, he will be pressured by his party, the president, the speaker of the house, and the media, but JOE MANCHIN will hold out! Because he has integrity!!

    Even if I didn’t believe in God, I would pray my guts out to him that that pans out for the entire nation.

    Of course, if Murkowski ends up flipping, it may be all for nothing – until hopefully Alaskans can retire that hag.

  15. This thread has gone too far without someone trotting out the boat accident line like its fresh and original

  16. Mitch, do you know how to spell “sarcasm?”

    S A R C A S M.

    Do you know how to spell “I don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s sarcasm, it’s the literal truth”.

    Or is, until Murkowski switches parties.

  17. You REALLY think Max was serious about Manchin? I know you are, because you still live in alternate reality where law and order exists and the Constitution matters. When you wake up, you’d be praying for a rat’s ass ’cause that’s all you’ll have to eat in Minnezuela.

  18. Whether he was sarcastic or not is irrelevant.

    I am not.

    “alternate reality?” I call it as I see it. Don’t agree? Make your point.

  19. As I was helping my brother move this morning, his daughter (my niece) overheard us talking. “Wait, the new President is going to ban guns?”

    “Well, yeah, that’s what he promised. More gun control.”

    “But that means I won’t get my deer. My brother got his deer, and my sister got her deer, how come I can’t get a deer? That’s not fair. Gun control sucks.”

    The next generation is fine. The kids are alright.

  20. Mitch, I have made my point umpteen times. Spelled it out even. Unlike you, I KNOW how it ends. I HAVE seen it. I LIVED it. For you, there will always be a next election cycle, because maybe this time Lucy won’t pull the football. You call THAT reality? Welcome to the banana republic, comrade.

  21. “Joe”, you and your brother then allowed this child to think the upshot of Joe Biden’s support / promise of gun control is that there’s not going to be deer hunting?

    Now, there’s the bad parenting there…. but I recall you as claiming to be a lawyer in these threads going back years… and I just can’t believe it.  It’s got to be a lie.  I just don’t see the requisite brainpower.

  22. You call THAT reality? Welcome to the banana republic, comrade.

    Sure, perhaps.

    It’s entirely possible.

    I’m certainly going to expend some energy trying to avert that for whatever it may be worth.

    If that’s quite all right.

  23. By my leave. Do your best. But better hurry. How long do you think Conservatives will be allowed on the air? How long will it be before WordPress shuts you down?

  24. WordPress? Never. I use the app, not the service. My host is famously conservative and unconnected to Big Tech.

    If they shut down conservative talk radio, the First Amendment will be so gone that the lack of talk radio will be the least of our problems.

  25. So you think banning Trump from Facebook and Twitter platform is a jest? Are you fucking kidding?

  26. the First Amendment will be so gone

    It is fucking gone! Wake up and smell the napalm!

  27. Here is a clue for you. Watch “Moscow Saga” if you can find it with English subtitles. THEN, let’s talk. Ok?

  28. The Bill of Rights was suspended in March of 2020.
    The media narrative is that the blame for the January 6 riot falls on:
    A) Trump
    B) Free speech
    C) Christianity (David French is pushing the idea that the rioters were a “Christian Army”).

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  30. “Unlike you, I KNOW how it ends. I HAVE seen it. I LIVED it.”

    Your hyperbole can’t / doe’s not bear a remote relationship to reality justplaindipshittery, but do tell about the freedom of speech, 2A cancellation, Kremlinification, Orwellizattion that you’ve observed and experienced in your life as an American bubba in the 20th century.

    Seriously, illustrate this point.  You’re obligated.

    Mitch will be on SiTD as long as he wishes to write.  There will be no snap gun bans.  

  31. JK, you ignorant slut! I was born and grew up in the Soviet Union. Please do tell me how that krap sandwich tastes?

  32. ^ I’m perfectly willing to make concessions on points, and am taken aback here that you might be able to make personal, relevant analogies.

    Go right ahead.

  33. Max, the way I see it, The Republic is dead. It had a nice long run, not as long as a Roman or British empires, but like all of the ones that preceded it – it is no more. History foretells that all good things come to an end. The question is, what now?

    Here is my crystal ball, and I dearly hoped I would not live to see the day, that it would not happen in my lifetime, but here we are. I do not know how long it will take, but the USA will split up, roughly along the lines of the Union and Confederacy, with west coast becoming a Chaz – history repeats itself, heh? And all you good folks living in MN will be stuck in the Union, slaves to the woke proletariat.

    Why am I so angry? I am sick of seeing all the cars from CA with hitches in the neighbourhood. Some are good people of course, but I am afraid most are done shitting in their back yard and are looking for a bigger yard to spread their manure. And there you are, sitting in MN/WI (yes, when the country falls apart WI will be annexed to the Union just from the geographical standpoint), thinking that next time Lucy will hold the football for you, instead of relocating and bolstering the Confederate ranks to counter the coastal migration. Because if CA kooks take root, there will be no Confederacy, just the Union Of Socialist States.

    Sounds cynical and self-servicing for asking you to uproot? You bet, because there is nowhere… left… to… run… Make a stand, with your feet, now, sooner rather than later, if you want to preserve freedom.

  34. JK, one of the differences between Trump positive and Trump negative conservatives is their different takes on the history of the post Reagan years.
    If you see the last thirty years as conservative failure, you are almost certainly going to be Trump-positive.
    If you see the last thirty years as conservative success, you are almost certainly going to be Trump-negative.

  35. Max, if you think post-Reagan years was a conservative success, you are not a conservative.

  36. JPA, this is what most #nevertrumpers believe.
    I actually heard Jonah Goldberg say on his podcast that one of the great successes of the conservative movement in the post-Reagan years has been the advance of free speech rights.
    What all the #nevertrumpers need to come to grips with is the “why” of Trump’s election, first as GOP candidate, then as president.
    Acknowledging that Trump’s wins in 2016 were legitimate forces them to acknowledge uncomfortable truths about the failures of doctrinaire conservatism.

  37. Imagine there is no internet. Imagine there is no television. Imagine you get your news from your local newspaper.

    Now imagine a scum-sucking Communist ink manufacturer tells your newspaper editor “We do not like what you print, so we’re not going to sell you the ink to print it with.”

    Next day, a scum-sucking Communist paper mill tells your newspaper editor “We do not like what you print, so we’re not going to sell you the paper to print it on.”

    Next day, a scum-sucking Communist electrical Co-op tells your newspaper editor “We do not like what you print, so we’re not going to sell you the electricity to run your presses.”

    This is EXACTLY what is happening to Parler today.

    This is not going to end well for the degenerates. This I promise.

  38. Faphammer? You still here?

    I thought you were going to take your butthurt back to what ever slimy little cave you inhabit with your imaginary friends.

    Your low IQ pal, the cheese whiz troll had sworn he was going to spend the rest of the winter hiding in the woods in the UP of Michigan…but he’s still here, exhibiting his mental deficiencies.

    What’s going on, buddy?

  39. So have fun. Send an anonymous report that Avery has been selling ghost guns and let the state try to sweat them out of her.

  40. If you see the last thirty years as conservative failure, you are almost certainly going to be Trump-positive.

    See also; set your children on a trannies lap at the library day, degenerate sexual curriculum in public schools, “Peace poles” replacing US flags at public schools, the banning of wearing shirts with US flags in public schools, official day off to protest (fill in the conservative issue of the day)_______ et. al.

    The Neo-cons sold us down the fucking river to protect their treasure. That’s the long and short of it. They bent over and took it up the ass from the reprobates in order to maintain the status quo, and in turn they fucked us all.

    Well, fuck them. We’re taking a slightly different approach.

  41. JPA, I feel your anger. Focus it in productive areas. Organize; talk to your friends; have meetings; plan.

    The key to beating these leftist assholes is in their own tactics. They have shown how to do it; quietly and patiently until ripe.

  42. Eh, Faphammer? Faphammer? You still here, or taking a bit of “me time” to satiate your degenerate sexual urges?

  43. In 2008 the GOP ran McCain/Palin. They lost to a freshman senator with no real history of leadership, but who was the darling of the media. McCain was a moderate. Palin, like McCain, was notable mostly as a moderate willing to buck the GOP establishment.
    They lost.
    In 2012 the GOP ran Romney/Ryan. Romney was a moderate businessman. Ryan was the choice of the US Chamber of Commerce.
    They lost.
    In 2016 my candidate of choice was Cruz. I had no illusions that he could actually win against Hillary. Hillary was the chosen successor to Obama. Cruz could easily be fit into the media template that was used with McCain & Romney. Cruz, in my opinion, would have lost to Hillary by the margins we had seen with McCain & Romney.
    Everything you want to know about Trump is revealed in his early press conferences, especially his antagonistic attitude towards the press.

  44. I was busy all day Swiftee. It was your wife that was fapping me. I’m a very low IQ black guy, but she can’t resist the D.

    MO – A Republican party that wins the presidency every 8 years, or so, is not conservatism in retreat and liberalism in ascendance. What’s truth and reality is there are cycles, and the wisdom to take from that is not every defeat is an apocalypse.

  45. Which GOP victory has not been an apocalypse for conservatives, JK?
    I can think of only one.

  46. This thread has gone too far without someone trotting out the boat accident line like its fresh and original.

    My guns died of old age. I held a personal and private funeral and buried them with full honors, under a small, not readily noticeable monument.

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