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Q: “Mitch – you said during the campaign that Biden – and, indeed, all Democrats – were campaigning on messages that couldn’t possibly be true, but that it didn’t matter, because people susceptible to voting Democrat are gullible herd animals with no critical thinking skills who vote based on knee-jerk emotion and reaction to chanting points, knowing that nobody will ever call them to account on their promises once the dust settles and everyone gets inaugurated. Why?

A: Because it’s true. Every time.

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  1. Nailed it, Mitch.

    Neither side actually wants to resolve illegal immigration problems. As the article clearly spells out, both sides, but primarily Democrats trying to secure both more illegal and legal votes, use it for campaign fodder. Of course, many of those same Democrats, talk out of both sides of their mouths.

  2. Reprobates do not vote out of knee jerk emotion. They vote for the reprobate that posits the most anti-American, destructive, debased and de-humanizing platform.

    Pedo Joe didn’t win the election, but most reprobates that voted, voted for him. They don’t expect him to churn up the filth to their liking, but they know he will facilitate its churning by others.

    There is thought behind their actions. It’s twisted and wholly illogical, but its there.

  3. But we are told that Trump, whose grandfather was an immigrant, whose mother was an immigrant, who was married to two immigrants, and whose daughter, son-in-law, and their children are Jews, is the most anti-immigrant, bigoted president the US has ever had.

  4. Actual conservatives that I know condemn liberal Democrat/GOP immigration policies because they are unlawfu, and condemn the pre-Trump consensus on refugee and Migrant Protection Programs because they had become corrupt. They were not in compliance with laws passed by the people’s representatives. The people of the United States control immigration, not immigrant rights attorney, bureaucrats, and trans-national NGO’s.

  5. Susan Rice knows opening the southern border during a pandemic is a Loser, just as she knew the democrat handmaidens in the media would kill the Benghazi story. She’s lots of things but not stupid. In time they’ll get to it. Got to turn more Red states blue, and what better way than flood them with barely legal immigrants?

  6. I spent the holidays north of Hayward near Seeley WI on the Birkie trail. The truth is that we live in a divergent country. In the city where I live, the economy has been growing gang buster over the last decade, with new constructions popping up at every corner. Everything is either shiny and new or historic. We are booming in many high tech sectors. I cannot help but be optimistic looking forward and I believe this decade will be a good decade for us. This is my America and I think it amazing.

    Driving down through the rural areas, you see the opposite. It’s not the quaint countryside of Europe. It’s run down and it’s stuck in the past. The people are nice and polite though — I do not wish to paint them in a negative manner.

    I empathize with Trumpism. If you drive into a small town a look around, you will see and feel a strong sense of stagnation — even regression. They clearly are not the recipient of the economic boom that I am enjoying. We all know the frustration of seeing others leave us behind in the dust at one point or another in our life. Combine that with the internet echo chamber (by the way, that includes us), foreign misinformation, fake news (Gateway Pundit, Epoch Times) and Fox News, it is no surprise that you end up with Trumpism.

    While I find Trumpism troublesome to say the least, I cannot deny that were I to be in their shoes, without access to great education, good job prospects and interaction with people from all corners of the world, I could very well grasp for Trumpism. Perhaps I would not embrace it fully, but I would support it tacitly.

    How do we solve our dilemma? I don’t know, but I’m sure we can all agree that it is not a shallow hole to get out of. We are so fractured that this schism has turned from a policy disagreement into what is now a culture war.

  7. It’s nice that you get out, E-I. No doubt the little people in flyover land appreciate your visit.

    I’d appreciate knowing more about this “Trumpism” you describe. What do its adherants believe that you sophisticated urban elites do not believe?

  8. It is clear that “globalism” increases wealth in the aggregate, but on the smaller scale, when considering regions within an economy and between demographics, globalism increases inequality and exacerbates existing social tensions.
    Of course, the capitalists down played or denied that this would happen, or that the embrace of “globalism” was a policy that produced winners and losers. Q. What happened to Paul Ryan’s terror of the government picking winning and losers? A. It evaporated when he saw that his guys were going to be the winners.

  9. Also linked from the linked article; Iran seizes South Korean oil tanker, promises to enrich uranium to 20%. It’s not the 90% you need for a bomb, but it’s a lot closer than the 3-4% you use for power generation. And the Iranians want the South Koreans to free funds impounded due to their terrorism.

    Looks like the Ayatollahs heartily approve of the Biden administration, and even before he’s been inaugurated, it looks like the world is getting to be a much more dangerous place.

  10. Regarding immigration, I think the trouble is that on both sides of the aisle, the managerial/entrepreneurial class likes to hire low wage labor, and too many of them are not troubled at all that the wives and daughters of the men they’re hiring are being raped by the coyotes who bring them across the border. Why are they not troubled? Well, one of the other benefits of illegal workers is that if they give you flack about anything, you can subtly report them to Immigration and get them deported. So they’re pretty cool with abusing their workers.

    The rest of us don’t object too much because we know that without illegal labor, we’d be paying 10-20% more on home repairs and restaurant meals. The whole charade will end only when people start saying “I am going to care enough about people from Mexico (etc.) to pay a little bit more for my food and home repairs.”

  11. bike,
    And yet these same lefties that decry the mistreatment of poor immigrants, allegedly escaping for a better life in the U.S. don’t bat an eye as they use their electronic devices, manufactured in China, by children and adults making slave wages.

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