Prime Gaslighting

Berg’s Eighth Law of Diversity states: “American Progressivism’s reaction to one of “their”constituents – women, gays or people of color – running for office or otherwise identifying as a conservative is indistinguishable from sociopathic disorder.”

And given the news that Trump had the highest share of the African-American vote since Richard Nixon in 1960, I’m going to suspeect that an awful lot of progs are going to be working extra-hard at gaslighting people back into compliance. Heck, it happened during the campaign, from Biden himself (“You don’t vote for me, you ain’t black, maaaaaan”), and becoming incredibly vicious when directed at actual “out” black conservatives on the retail level.

Gaslighting, by the way, is pretty much all you get from this piece on the subject in Medium (Motto: “Like Tumblr for pretenious and often narcissistic fops”).

It was hard to find a single pullquote that simultaneously encapsulated both the piece’s awfulness and its barometric nature for Big Left’s assigned role for black progressives. They all pretty much suffice.

So I cut to the conclusion (since I don’t want you all to have to try to stomach it):

And yet, the Black Republican bridge in 2020 is a bridge too far. There is too much “I” in their statements, too much “mine.” Too many personal anecdotes, too much misrepresented history presented as evidence. If you only want to go for yours, just say so. Or better, don’t say anything; people can read between the lines. Just stop citing Black survival as a reason for siding with a party that is wiping Black people off the map.

And is there a better statement to sum up all progressivism – “there is no “I” in “Unity”?

22 thoughts on “Prime Gaslighting

  1. I have to check the latest course offerings at the Indoctrination Facilities, Condescension 101 and Entitlement 101 must be requirements.

  2. [“And given the news that Trump had the highest share of the African-American vote since Richard Nixon in 1960,]

    Trump lost in a stunning landslide for an incumbent. He got a lower share of the popular vote than Romney did in 2012 and barely more than McCain did in 2008 — worst such beating since 1932….

  3. I am so tired of the threadjacks.
    But if you don’t respond, you let the lie or purposeful misinformation stand, uncorrected, and today’s threadjack is indeed misinformation.

  4. While all black GOP voters should not be put into the same basket, I believe that there are strong differences between white working class conservatives and black conservatives. Black conservatives tend to be much less proud of America’s history, much more trusting of the feds, and much less trusting in popular democracy.

  5. Back to the subject, it strikes me that if the left gets their way on things like minimum wage and taxation, and tens of thousands of blacks and hispanics lose their jobs, the GOP can indeed point to this and say “see how leftism is working out for you?”

    The trickle could become a torrent if New York State actually follows the advice of “economists” (in reality mostly law professors) who advocate a wealth tax done in one of the worst ways–mark to market (e.g. “fire sale”) valuation of securities. $23 billion in taxes in the first year alone might well induce either the NYSE or NASDAQ to leave Gotham for good.

  6. White liberals are uniformly vicious bastards — not that long ago, they might feign to be kind or willing to accept contrary views for the sake of appearances, but those days are gone. And if you are in a demographic they choose as a protectorate and don’t agree with their nostrums, you are in for a world of hurt.

  7. Bike, you are missing the point – the end game. GOP can indeed point to this and say “see how leftism is working out for you?” No, because lefties will make you dependent on the goobernment to survive, and only libturds are willing to enslave the worker to pay off the voter. No Bike, libturds know exactly what they are doing and no gotcha, no matter how grounded in reality will ever mean jack shit.

  8. The black conservative is well spoken, and concise. His or her message is eloquent and immediate understandable. They are not only clearly educated, but exhibit the spark of intelligence..

    Their message is ” We can”.

    The black leftist either rages incoherently, spewing hatred and resentment in the most base terms, or apes his intellectual better, spewing an inchoate salad of many words, but no discernable intellectual meat. There may be signs of education; there may be guile or craft, but never any intelligence.

    Their message is “Gibs us”.

  9. I’ll allow the bit about the EC – it’s sorta related.

    The crack about the Epoch Times?

    Deleted, and all due respect but FU besides. That was a “Dog Gone”-level bit of unearned condescension.

  10. 👆Good example of how 95 percent of the time “cancel culture” just means “I’m getting a lot of criticism and I don’t like it.

  11. Good example of how 95 percent of the time “cancel culture” just means “I’m getting a lot of criticism and I don’t like it.!!!

    *Throws crayons at the wall, tears up coloring book and crumples to the floor weeping*

  12. JPA; point well taken, and hopefully we will find a younger “Giuliani/Hoover” who is all there mentally to take care of our Democratic Cosa Nostra.

  13. Hunter Biden will presumably be the Benghazi of the 2022-2024 election season. It’s going to be 4 years of batshit crazy Glenn Beck whiteboard connections, no evidence but just constant “I’ve heard from people”….

  14. Yeah, Emery, by no means is it at all suspicious when a guy who got drummed out of the Navy for drug use starts taking home a seven figure paycheck right after traveling to Ukraine and China with his dad, then the Vice President. Could have happened to anyone.

    Hardly any of those super smart Yale grads don’t earn that kind of money, which is why average pay for a Yale Law grad is $110k or so.

    And by the same logic, there is certainly nothing amiss about how Michelle Obama’s pay was tripled right after her husband was elected to the Senate, nothing amiss about Tony Rezko buying a vacant lot that just happened to be something he couldn’t use and was the second half of a lot where Barack Obama was going to live, and nothing whatsoever was amiss about large Russian payments to the Clinton Foundation. Nor was there anything wrong with a sixty million smackeroo payment to Barack Obama for his memoirs.

    And if you buy that, I’ve got a bridge I’ll be willing to sell to you cheap, Emery.

  15. MBerg wrote: “The crack about the Epoch Times?Deleted, and all due respect but FU besides. The crack about the Epoch Times?“

    Does this leave OAN as the only reliable safe space for dead-enders?

  16. Does this leave OAN as the only reliable safe space for dead-enders?

    Well, tell us, Emery; does it work for you? That’s the only way we’d know.

    Seriously, I think you need to learn that if your goal is to come in and take pot shots, what the heck do you think is going to happen? Let’s try being on topic. What do you think of the increase in black and Hispanic voters voting GOP?

  17. The Democratic left has to reckon with the facts and voter data: their message bombed not only in rural America, but also underperformed in cities and with minorities, and they are responsible for the Republicans taking more state legislatures and having the upper hand in redistricting yet again.

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