3 thoughts on “Dear Democrats

  1. BTW, Mitch, today is “safe harbor” day, meaning, any further attempts (without evidence) in any court to prevent the college of electors voting on 12/14 to elect Joe Biden President, have to be resolved today.

    SCOTUS sent a resounding message, much stronger than Obama on AOC, to Trump and his trumpeteers, your fact-less, baseless claims of fraud were the ACTUAL fraud. In no court has Giuliani, when pressed, presented evidence and in most cases he has said he is NOT alleging ANY fraud. He did that because making a baseless claim in court can get you in serious trouble, including if you present something you know (or should know) is false, having criminal action taken against you (according to one lawyer to whom I have been listening). So, while you attempt to distract to AOC, sorry bud, but the country is looking at the colossal failure 1-38 (now 39) losses for Trump, losses because he has no proof, just like YOU have had NO proof of dishonest conduct (conspiracies) by election judges, Democrats, or anyone. Stop demonizing. It’s disgusting.

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