5 thoughts on ““In It Together“

  1. I keep waiting for one of the crack journalists attending Walz’s press conferences to ask about how he determined the costs of the lockdown are worth the results.
    Guess I’ll be waiting a long, long time.
    That kind of discussion & debate is what you get in a democracy, not what you get in one-man rule.

  2. We could follow the Oregon model, decriminalize all drugs. You won’t believe what happens next. I’m being sarcastic.

  3. Big increase in ODs, big increase in suicides, and nobody in St.Paul (DC, Lansing, Albany, Springfield, etc..) has apparently figured out that the definition of quarantine is to isolate the sick, not the healthy.

    And then nobody’s coming up with a model of how many lives are in effect extinguished by the gargantuan bailouts in DC. I’m guessing millions, assuming mean life product per capita of a couple of million bucks. But since those bodies don’t show up in morgues in an identifiable way….

  4. I did not check, but am willing to bet most suicide were by firearm. Conclusion – ban firearms.

  5. jpa,
    You are probably right. I learned on Saturday that an old friend of mine passed away last week (surprisingly, NOT from WuFlu), so I was looking for his obituary in yesterday’s Red Star. During my scan, a picture of a young man caught my attention. This young man turned out to have committed suicide by “a self inflicted gunshot wound.”

    That got me curious, so I read a few others, where their pictures indicated they were younger. It’s apparent that some people try to skirt around the issue, because they list no cause of death, but they describe “a kind, loving, generous person they were. I believe that is the default description to ease the guilt of the families for not being able to help the person.

    It is my opinion that the people that have the courage to honestly list a cause of death from what is mental illness, are helping more people to seek help than they will ever know about. They are to be applauded for their candor during a time of unimaginable grief.

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