10 thoughts on “I Heard It On The NARN

  1. Siri: show me people who aren’t tired of losing…

    Trump and his allies have lost/dismissed 46 cases in his post election court cases. The wide appeal of victimhood is an interesting sociological feature of our society at present.

  2. Emery Incognito on December 6, 2020 at 11:36 am said:
    Siri: show me people who aren’t tired of losing…

    Wrong about Hillary losing the 2016 election, wrong about “Russian collusion,” some people never tired of being wrong.
    And, of course, it wasn’t just that Trump lost in 2020, America lost as well. We now have a man with senile dementia in line to be president. Never forget that Biden has brain damage (a pair of aneurisms that bled into the brain). Those things tend to get worse as one ages.

  3. SA became a political publication years ago when its editors proudly announced they would never publish anything that cast doubt on climate change.
    No matter how much it was supported by science.

  4. The Narcissistic injury to Dear Leader and his followers is understandably traumatic. To have been beaten in a landslide by a candidate (according to armchair neurologist Dr Woolly) who exhibits signs of dementia as well as being on deaths doorstep is too great to admit defeat…..

  5. You would have voted for Biden if he was in a coma. So don’t be so squeamish about voting for Biden with dementia.

  6. Trump elicited more anger, more contempt, more disgust, and more votes among Democrats than any Republican leader in modern times.

    Trump isn’t a tragic figure. He had a unique opportunity to bring the most positive change to the country — he squandered it all from day one, focusing on demanding adulation and settling scores, and never tried to do the job he was elected to do.

    The Trump administration was a tour of vengeance and I can’t wait for it to end. It didn’t have to be that way.

    As someone said, he may not be the worst President the country has had, but he’s the worst person ever to serve as President.

  7. If his theft is successful, Sniffin Joe will be the first man to ever occupy the Oval Office while a majority of the country believes he and his ilk cheated his predecessor out of an obvious victory. Even Kennedy’s perfidy wasn’t widely known until well after he was pushing daisy’s.

    Hilarity is sure to ensue when and if the Ol’ Sniffer moves to throw his “mandate” around.

  8. Any chance Durham could interview Trump after he is no longer President?

    For those keeping score: Trump and his allies are now 1-48 in post-election litigation.

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