Cautionary Tale, 2020

Dennis Prager notes that everything The Left touches, it destroys.

If you’re a conservative, in a well-run conservative state like the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Carolina, Idaho, Utah or most of Montana, Texas, Oklahoma or Indiana, be careful.

All these people fleeing the mess their own politics have made do screw up your politics. You’ve seen it in rural New England, where Boston refugees pretty much zorched everything forty years ago.

Colorado? Virginia? Lost to refugees from California and DC over a decade ago.


It’s becoming mini-California.

The Seattle Times reports that the refugees from California, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Minnesota, Nevada, Florida, and Utah, in that order, fled to the state with Cactus League baseball, more conservative politics, the Grand Canyon, and the Red Rocks of Sedona. And then they approved legal pot, the state’s highest tax increase ever, and put Democrats in the highest offices – the Senate and White House – to ensure their new home will be every bit as expensive and over-regulated as the one from which they fled. Toke up, ‘Zonies!

You’re seeing this in Fargo and Grand Forks, as colonies of academics from all over the blue-o-sphere set up residence, and then start turning the area into everything they fled.

Watch out, Hudson.

15 thoughts on “Cautionary Tale, 2020

  1. Talking to a buddy in Idaho. People are moving there, and it sounds like some are getting a talking to. You’re welcome here, as long as you recognize that this is not the shCC hole you moved from. These are the norms…

    Meanwhile, there is a community that I know of in Montana that is mostly made up of Tier 1 guys. It’s where a lot of them retire to. It’s almost like a country club – I could move there, but since I don’t have a tab/scroll or Budweiser, I’ve got to have a few sponsors. They don’t care race/religion/creed/gender/preference. They care if you can contribute.

  2. From what I have read, Texas is mostly still gun-totin’ cowboys, but reprobates are flooding Austin, DFW, and Houston. Dell being HQ’d in Austin, and its corporate hangers-on are also sucking in high tech libs from Silicon Valley and Seattle.

    My Dad has lived in Oklahoma for almost a decade. It’s much like Texas with libs increasing in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but its even more rural/redneck population keeps a lot of them out.

    I think Nevada is also being overrun with Californian refugees who can’t see their past patterns will doom their future relocation destinations a few decades down the road. Since corporate Vegas mostly steamrolled the mafia 20-30 years ago, how else can you explain Harry Reid’s recently ended tenure?

  3. One side of the issue is that when Californians or liberal Minnesotans move to your area, there is a certain amount of retraining needed before they can become productive citizens in their new home. The other side is that if you’re unfortunate enough to live among liberal Californians or Minnesotans, they may be re-trainable so they can become productive members of society. Pointing at discarded needles and piles of feces and asking “so how’s that leftist democratic mayor working out for us?” might be a good start.

  4. I hate to say, but in Houston, it is not just Harris Co that had turned blue. And it is all fucking CA transplants, escaping tyranny and yet bringing it here. If you look at the Texas election by county map, it had never been redder, but the islands of blue are the most populated ones. Ugh…

    And no bike, liberalism is a terminal disease – there is no cure for it. Once you get it, there is no retraining.

  5. Living among decent Americans in conservative states requires a gardener’s careful attention.

    When you detect weeds, make it known they’re not welcome. When you license plates feom shit hole states, comment to a friend on the rot that those people drag in with them loud enough for them to hear.

    They’ll often show up to city council meetings to express support for some lunatic plan; speak up and make it as personal as possible.

    Be vigilant during elections and for God’s sake do not ignore school board candidates, that’s a favorite breeding ground for leftists.

    Don’t be friendly to weeds in your garden.

  6. We left Colorado just in time, it went bad fast. Unfortunately we landed in Minnesota. Can’t believe how bad this place is, we’ve been trying to get out for years but just can’t…yet.

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  8. Thanks, jdm. I never had a good alternative to give New Jesrsey migrants to go to.

    What’s your zip code?

  9. It’s happening all around us and I expect it to gain steam as the blues rush to escape the hell-hole they have created in Mpls and St. Paul, move farther out in the suburbs, and even rural. Rats abandoning a sinking ship of their own creation. You will know the extent of the migration when they expand the Met Council to further out counties.

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