Liberty Is Destiny

An initiative to overturn a state ban on affirmative action in California…


And it failed largely due to the votes of Latino and Asian voters.


Yet on Election Day, the proposition failed by a wide margin, 57 percent to 43 percent, and Latino and Asian-American voters played a key role in defeating it. The outcome captured the gap between the vision laid out by the liberal establishment in California, which has long imagined the creation of a multiracial, multiethnic coalition that would embrace progressive causes, and the sentiments of many Black, Latino, Asian and Arab voters.

Variations of this puzzle could be found in surprising corners of the nation on Election Day, as slices of ethnic and racial constituencies peeled off and cut against Democratic expectations….Asian-American Californians opposed the affirmative action measure in large numbers. A striking number of East and South Asian students have gained admission to elite state universities, and their families spoke to reporters of their fear that their children would suffer if merit in college selection was given less weight. That battle carried echoes of another that raged the past few years in New York City, where a white liberal mayor’s efforts to increase the number of Black and Latino students in selective high schools angered working- and middle-class South and East Asian families whose children have gained admission to the schools in large numbers.

“There’s more texture to California blue politics than you might think,” said Lanhee Chen, a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford University and policy director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run. “Identity politics only go so far. There is a sense on affirmative action that people resent being categorized by progressives.”

Latinos, too, appear sharply divided. Prominent Latino nonprofit and civil rights organizations endorsed the affirmative action proposition even as all 14 of California’s majority-Latino counties voted it down.

The fact that some “POC” (and lord, do I hate that term) are defying their progressive overlords’ orders – most notably in the election – has got to be giving Democrats indigestion.

What gives me indigestion is wondering how the Minnesota GOP will screw this opportunity up.

3 thoughts on “Liberty Is Destiny

  1. “What gives me indigestion is wondering how the Minnesota GOP will screw this opportunity up.”

    Me too. But, even if they don’t screw it up, the Liberal Minnesotans will be much louder at twisting words to make it look like they screwed up.

  2. A lot of people realize that all men being equal before the law & the US constitution is the best protection the sheep have from the wolves.

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