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  1. 1978 ACLU – These nazis in Skokie have the right to speak, even though we find their message disgusting. Free speech means there will be things said you don’t agree with.

    2020 ACLU – This book says something we don’t like (not that we read it, that’s just what we heard). So, it’s good that it’s being censored.

    Was watching Blues Brothers last month with a younger friend. Had to explain about Illinois Nazis to her.

  2. The ACLU was good at one time defending the 1st Amendment, but they’ve never been any good about defending, much less understanding the importance of the 2nd. The writing was on the wall even then (mene, mene, tekel – heh).

  3. In many cases these once liberal institutions have been taken over by young, woke feminists.
    Ditto for corporate HR positions. Cancel culture would not be possible if the cancelers did not have ideological allies within media corporations.

  4. MO,

    You are correct about the HR departments and woke women. A couple of friends of mine, both in their early 60s, were looking for jobs over past couple of months. Everything was great, until either the in person or video interviews, they got rejected several times. It’s funny how many companies virtue signal their EEOC policies, yet don’t practice them.

  5. These was a time when the SPLC was Less blatant in its hatred of Christians and white people, but at no time were they useful to anyone but reprobates.

  6. The SPLC has been a racket since the 1970s, at least.
    They are a direct mail scam, they send fundraising letters to elderly liberals living in cities on the coast, explaining that the SPLC is the only keeping Billy Bob & Elroy from driving up from Alabama & throwing them in death camps. The idea is to divide Americans, to make people feel as though their fellow Americans are there greatest enemy.
    Think of the SPLC as the nasty cousin who shows up at every family gathering and is not happy until everyone is at each others’ throat.

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