Further Proof…

…not only that Berg’s Seventh Law is universal and immutable, but that Democrat politicians can and do count on their voters being unthinking lemmings who know neither history nor critical thought.

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama – who won a Nobel Peace Prize before spending eight years making “Hellfire” a more common precipitation in the Middle East than rain, and who did more to clamp down on critical media than anyone since Woodrow Wilson – bags on Trump, who made the first serious progress on Middle East peace in decades, and who ramped down military adventurism..

…the way the increasinly Wilsonian-looking Obama promised, and failed, to do.

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  1. This, as well as “coverage” of the Trump legal team’s conference yesterday, tells me that a) people in control of the D’s are scared and b) there’s a lot of people that are going to wake up someday in the middle of a shooting war and wonder “how did this happen?”

    When you refer to the unthinking lemmings, lacking critical thinking and historical knowledge, I start wondering how we get to a voting population that isn’t idiots. I keep coming back to Service = Citizenship from Starship Troopers. There will still be idiots voting, but less of them.

  2. “This, as well as “coverage” of the Trump legal team’s conference yesterday”..]

    There’s a reason Giuliani and Powell are laying out their case in a press conference instead of a courtroom.

    “Your question is fundamentally flawed when you’re asking where’s the evidence,” ~ Trump Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis

    Pretty well sums it up. It plays like farce, but it reeks of demagoguery.

    The whole purpose of all this is to be able to sustain the ‘election was stolen’ story for four years.

  3. He’s selling his new book, so I didn’t expect anything different. Projection is a feature, not a bug.

  4. Ah, forgot about that, doc. $45 apiece if I’m not mistaken. Didn’t Babylon Bee have a headline about how Obama is now working on his memoirs about working on his memoirs?

  5. Yup! Book deals are the Democrat’s way of laundering money and pay off their loyal minions. Of course, the NY Slimes aka Emery’s bible, dutifully manipulates their alleged “best seller list” accordingly.

  6. “Maybe you should start your own blog, Emery.“

    As with everything Trump has done to subvert democracy, his scheme to overturn the election results would be catastrophic if it succeeded and yet it is nevertheless being executed in a way that could be set to the Benny Hill theme.

    Trump is also exposing the people who pose as conservatives but don’t really believe in those things.

    The greater threat to America is not Obama or the group of petulant thugs trying to burn everything down on the way out the door; it’s the tens of millions of people applauding them for it and the tens of millions more indifferent. There’s no coming back from that.

  7. ROFLMAO – Dems are lemmings??!! Bwuahahahahaahahahahahahah!!!!

    Trump says he can shoot people in Times Square and they’d still vote for him, he engages in a quid pro quo shake down of the Ukraine, he says fraud is happening when it doesn’t – you guys are NOTHING if not cult politics but DEMS are lemmings???? BwWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!! OMFG!!! BWUAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!

    Project Much?

  8. So, Mitch, Trump lost by 6M votes of lemmings? or is it that he didn’t lose but there were 6M cases of fraud?

    The Repugs have lost 7 of the last 8 Presidential elections by total (popular vote). Why haven’t you guys been able to prove this fraud? I mean, you’ve had 20 years (and more), where is the wide-spread, national conspiracy that Giuliani alleged and you allege?

    In fact, nearly all of the coordinated (and it’s been VERY small time) coordinated fraud has been committed by Repugs (Woody Jenkins in LA, the Rep in NC in 2018, in Indiana and in Wisconsi).. you get told there’s fraud, so you Repugs think it’s easy and just “payback” so you go and engage in it (like lemmings) get caught (because fraud gets investigated and prosecuted) and then you go to jail, in your lemmings suits.


    Even Repub pols have noted just how lemming-like you Trump boosters are..

    Wow, I need to wipe my eyes I’m laughing so hard. I don’t know if you’ve ever said anything more absurd. With respect to your supposed laws, I have to say, I’ve got 20,107 laws about the misconduct of Repugs but unlike yours, mine are actually true.

    Laughable. Truly.

  9. “‘Exhibit Q’: Lawyer Lin Wood Submits that Michigan Is Really Minnesota in Failed Pro-Trump Election Affidavit”

    Yes, the pro-Trump lawsuit affidavit that everyone is talking about this morning is actually labeled… Exhibit Q.

    Isn’t Lin Wood the very same attorney representing young Rittenhouse who is accused of murdering a protester?


  11. No doubt that Trump’s lawyers are not exactly shining with brilliance–keep in mind that it’s intentionally difficult to prove vote fraud, and the kind of small scale fraud for which we have some evidence doesn’t turn the election–but the topic of this thread is, ahem, the breathtaking chutzpah of former President Obama in decrying supposed totalitarian tendencies regarding President Trump that Obama showed in spades while he was resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Just sayin’. Don’t you liberals care that a chief killer of innocent civilians in drone strikes, and the guy who tried to enable Iranian terror for a generation with pallets of euros, is saying this kind of horse manure?

    And yes, it is pretty darned scary, fraud or not, that a man giving clear signs of dementia got millions of votes. Knowing the distancing from reality that often accompanies dementia, some people are just not thinking of how bad it could be that Mr. Biden would have both dementia and access to the nuclear football.

    That, and we have millions of voters voting for a guy who pretty obviously used his former position as Vice President to enrich his coke addict son and himself. Yeah, I’m going to dare say that this will have some repercussions at the Department of Justice, or, more specifically, it already did.

  12. Trump has never valued American democracy. But I can remember a time when the Republican party did. People who don’t remember the Nixon administration cannot know what relief it was when that contingent of Republican senators marched to the White House and said, “Mr. President, it’s time to go.”

    Trump lost a free and fair election. He has almost entirely lost his court challenges, reinforcing the reality of his defeat. Now he’s asking fellow partisans to simply hand him the presidency.

    What Trump is getting away with is only possible because of the lack of ethics in the entire Republican party.

    This is one of the central themes in Hannah Arendt’s books on totalitarianism—in one word, “complicity.” You do not end up in a country with a full blown authoritarian government without significant numbers of your population and governing bodies being complicit with obvious breaches of democratic and moral norms.

  13. The trolls seem kinda frantic today. A bit like the NR and/or NeverTrumpers like Kevin Williamson.

    Putin hacked the election and stole it from Hillary.
    Stacy Abrams is governor of Georgia.
    How dare Trump use our institutions to address his concerns that the election may not have been fair.

    Oh, for you old guys. Remember when Reagan was declared to be too old to be president? Joe Biden turns 78 today, set to become the oldest US president.

  14. BB – I’d agree that DOJ needs some cleaning up and coming clean. Actually, I’m at the point where a lot of light needs to be shined on just about everything involved in government if they (government at about any level) wants to maintain consent of the governed.

    I see that Dominion backed out on a request in PA to appear and explain the issues being raised with their equipment. And, can’t be reached for contact. And that Amy Klobechar and Liz Warren had a court case last year regarding Dominion issues. Oh, and NPR was reporting on issues in October 2020.

    That’s not to say that this is all Dominion. I think there’s plenty of other issues. But, I looked at the Trump team yesterday, and they are PISSED. Just pure rage at what they’re finding, with (it appears) ZERO curiosity in the press corps about it. If this fails in the courts, I wonder if DJT will just lay out everything to everyone and let chips fall where they may.

  15. I wonder if DJT will just lay out everything to everyone and let chips fall where they may

    Be still my beating heart…

  16. “Joe Biden turns 78 today, set to become the oldest US president.”

    I am impressed with Biden’s quiet strength in the face of this. Not a whole lot of bombast from him. It’s great to see him projecting calm in the face of Trump insanity. But still it is hard not to feel some panic after all we are going through. The strength of the United States has always been the orderly transition and the (mostly) upholding the rule of law. It has what has made us a super power among nations. Dependability. You’d think that most law makers would recognize that Trump’s efforts completely undermine this and recognize that Trump is out for Trump, and not for the United States of America. At the same time there’s this pandemic, and you’d think there would now be some sense of urgency.

  17. “I wonder if DJT will just lay out everything to everyone and let chips fall where they may”

    I’m suing Powerball. They stole my lottery jackpot because I wasn’t allowed to clearly see the ping pong balls as they were selected. Plus, there were fraudulent ping pong balls in the machine. I know this because the numbers drawn were not on my ticket. What’s especially suspicious is that I bought my ticket on a Saturday, yet the drawing did not take place until Tuesday! Why the delay? Obviously it was so they had more time to rig the drawing.

    This country is going downhill fast.

  18. JPA – My guess is that it helps prove Berg’s law. Mitch may be writing a textbook, and is using their posts as examples. BTW, textbook is for 4th graders. Mitch can write for higher levels, but those knuckleheads are a great example for that age group.

    JDM – Imagine if he called for floor time at the UN. And went on there and laid out, in detail, what that software has done around the globe (if it has in fact done so). Lays out how these (3, 4, 5?) countries had their elections stolen. And who was responsible. Oh, and proof of collusion. I keep looking at that 2018 EO and wondering when we’re going to see something about that, and figure it won’t be till the court cases are concluded. I can see it happening before electors determined though. You have to watch it on Al-Jazeyra or Newsmax, since CNN and Fox won’t cover it.

    I can dream a little bit, but I’m not seeing any other way to bring things to light and get some trust going again.

  19. “I am impressed with Biden’s quiet strength in the face of this. Not a whole lot of bombast from him. It’s great to see him projecting calm in the face of Trump insanity.”

    Yes, his quiet strength in the face of this. Kind of like his quiet strength the entire campaign…

    Also, thinking that Powerball and the elections are the same thing? Holy crap. You and I agree this country is going downhill fast, but for different reasons. Powerball is a voluntary activity. It’s state provided gambling. And, they have cameras and auditors all over the place. Have you seen the pictures and read sworn affidavits of the Detroit facility covering their windows so people couldn’t see? Kicking people out? How can you imagine free and fair elections in a situation like that? Ever been part of a chain of custody? I have. And, there is no way there’s anything close to chain of custody on those ballots.

  20. How can you imagine free and fair elections in a situation like that?

    Oh, smh, they’ve never cheated (aka been caught cheating) before? How can you be so cynical?

  21. JDM – I blame my cynicism on the Army, my love of reading history, and powers of observation. But, probably mostly on the Army. A sense of cynicism is issued at the same time you get an anthrax shot and an intro to the big green weenie.

  22. Successful coups are fueled by the people’s revolutionary fervor, not by constantly grifting them. ~ DPRK News Service

  23. Comparing this blog to, well any leftist internet presence is very instructive.

    Leftist “news” and social media platforms block accounts at the first hint on divergence from hive think. They realize their target audience is weak minded…hell that’s how they ended up there I the first place…and they know they are incapable of fending off any sort of counter argument.

    This blog welcomes 1/4 wit degenerates, and allows them unfettered access. The blog owner believes it’s a show of strength; “conservatives” easily bat down the dimwits with facts and logic…except that’s not how the game is played.

    Padded cell boi and the cheese whiz troll are not here to debate you…hell, they don’t even acknowledge you. They’re here to shit in your supper; piss in your beer.

    Pointing out the fact that they have offered nothing but waste products, while asking for a second helping is, well…I’m embarrassed for Mr. Berg.

    He’s an example of why the degenerates running Cali and NY can crush the plebes with mandated shut downs, order them to stay in their houses, while they enjoy the night life without the fuss of having to run elbows with them.

    SITD illustrates why the reprobates didn’t even put any effort into stealing the election. Sure, they know you saw it but the don’t give a fuck because they know you’ll do nothing about it.

    The degenerate press and social media can shit on you because they k ow you’ll log in tomorrow.

    But hey; you still got them guns!!

  24. shaking,
    In addition, on Election Day, there were over 200 profiles of Dominion employees on LinkedIn. Within the past week, almost 50% of them were removed. Dominion is not answering the phone at their offices and their employees are scattering like cockroaches in the light. Further, the VP of Engineering at Dominion, one Eric Coomer, has been caught on a video conference he participated in with AntiFa leaders, saying that he made sure that Trump would not win the election. It was captured from his Fakebook page. When this came out, his bio was scrubbed from Dominion’s web site. They got caught subverting and tampering with a U. S. Election and since Dominion is a foreign owned company, they engaged in an act of war. Let’s use Obumbler’s strategy. Queue up the drones!

  25. Boss – was tracking on all that. But, a nice recap! Actually, trying to find information on this (not just MSM articles) is difficult as you likely know. The journalists of 2020 have to have the least curiosity of any reporters in history. I think Pravda reporters showed more desire to investigate. Thank goodness for AoS.

    Regarding Coomer, there is a sworn statement that that happened, but I don’t know that it’s recorded. Regarding his facebook, he’d made plenty of statements, but I don’t know that that was one of them.

  26. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be former President Obama.

    His parents abandoned him. His grandparents raised him in comfort. He was admitted to college on Affirmative Action instead of grades or achievements, then admitted to Law School and made Editor of the Law Review again on Affirmative Action, not grades or achievements. He coasted through higher education and was handed his diplomas.

    His only experience as a lawyer was junior associate on racial shakedown cases, then he was recruited by the Chicago Democrat Machine for state legislature, helped into the Senate by courthouse scandal and later, the DNC shivved Hillary to give him the nomination to run for President.

    His Nobel Peace Prize was sewn up before he even stepped foot in the Oval Office and during his time as President, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Samatha Power ran the country, particularly foreign affairs including Benghazi. He left office with the worst economy in decades and dozens of armed conflicts ongoing.

    A few speaking gigs, a phony book, a big house in a ritzy neighborhood and . . . now what? He’s 60 years old and never accomplished a thing on his own, everything was handed to him because of his skin color.

    He’s never flown an airplane, gone skydiving, climbed a mountain, written a book (on his own, without a ghost-writer), sailed a boat, finished a basement, shingled a roof, cleaned a carburetor, sat on a deer stand, fired a rifle, carried a pistol, or purchased a 2 x 4 at any time in his life.

    The only thing he’s ever done is talk big and nowadays, nobody wants to listen to that.

    It must be the most humiliating life in the world.

  27. Regarding Dominion employees hiding on LInkedIN, I’d guess that there are indeed some nutcases out there who have threatened a few of them, and hence large portions of them are going quiet. It does not mean much at all about the company and whatever role they did or did not play in turning the election one way or the other.

    Regarding Obama, I’d agree that his foreign policy was a disaster, leading to the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands, but the economy he gave President Trump was actually pretty decent.

    Moreover, I would characterize his Presidency as very effective in doing what he wanted to do most; shifting culture. In that regards, he succeeded at further weaponizing the bureaucracy against conservatives, further entrenched the government as a player in and controller of medical care, and put things into Constitutional law that would have been unthinkable even 30 years back–e.g. homosexual marriage and trans rights. Keep in mind, this is a guy who, when courting his now wife, actually is quoted as questioning (from inside a church context no less) whether marriage really has a place in modern life.

    Yes, I would dare say his goal never was a sound economy or prosperity. If that happened on his watch, so be it, but my thought is that his real goal was to move the culture. He succeeded in that to a huge extent.

  28. Emery-“As with everything Trump has done to subvert democracy….”. Please tell us where democracy has been subverted by Trump. Good luck

  29. They’re here to shit in your supper; piss in your beer.
    Roght-O, Mister Strunk. I wish wordpress had a thing like disqus where you can just blank out specific commenters by name.

  30. Funny that you should mention that, MO. I just had a comment deleted as SPAM over on James Lileks Bleat.

    Thoughtful analysis of possible electoral fraud is . . . hate speech? Who knew?

  31. When a leftist calls you a “Rupug”, a “MAGAT” or a “Trumpster”, they’re calling you a “Nigger”.

    Of course, they don’t have the stones to insult a black like that…which just shows how much less they consider you.

    Don’t forget that.

  32. Obama’s record shows that he regularly acted as an authoritarian.
    He prosecuted leakers, threatened journalists who printed leaked stories, and of course executed American citizens without a trial.
    Trump has done nothing like that.
    AP fact check:
    The Obama administration used the 1917 Espionage Act with unprecedented vigor, prosecuting more people under that law for leaking sensitive information to the public than all previous administrations combined. Obama’s Justice Department dug into confidential communications between news organizations and their sources as part of that effort.

    In 2013 the Obama administration obtained the records of 20 Associated Press office phone lines and reporters’ home and cell phones, seizing them without notice, as part of an investigation into the disclosure of information about a foiled al-Qaida terrorist plot.

    No wonder the Obama Squad is thread jacking. The truth is their enemy.

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  34. “[Regarding Dominion employees..]”

    Enough fraud!! We are calling on all true Republicans and MAGA to BOYCOTT the upcoming elections. Don’t buy the games of the Radical Left and the RINOS and give your info to Dominion! ~ Operation MAGA

    That’ll show Hugo Chavez a thing or two.

  35. The threadjacking continues.
    Why should Emery start his own blog? He’s got this one.

  36. Really, though, he doesn’t.

    If we analogize to the classroom, Mitch is the professor who has dedicated a significant part of his life to enlightening others. Various commenters like to think we’re his teaching assistants although it might just be that we’re motor mouth sycophants, hard to tell for certain.

    Emery is the kid making fart noises under his arm.

  37. Whatever it is, it is not the topic of the post, which was about the authoritarian actions taken by Obama, that Trump has never so much as approached. Emery didn’t want that to be the topic, so he threadjacked.

  38. Obama grew up in two place under one-party rule: Hawaii and Indonesia. This may be where his authoritarian streak comes from. You don’t compete for voters’ affection, you rule, and divvy up the spoils among your loyalists.

  39. The Alt-right has often accused Obama of being a secret Muslim. I look forward to finding the hidden Muslim messages in his memoir.

  40. You can safely ignore the Left’s complaint’s about Trump lying. It is not a position that comes from integrity, from a dislike of politicians lying.
    In the run up to the passage of Obamacare, Obama famously told Americans over thirty times that “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
    Of course this was not true. What is worse, there was never any reason to believe it was true. Obama didn’t write the legislation, he left that up to Pelosi & Reid. He literally had no idea what was in the law when he signed it. Yet our media has never called Obama and his supporters on their lies. And they are abbeted by a compliant “unbiased” media.

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