Your Lyin’ Eyes

SCENE: Mitch BERG is standing, socially distanced, in line at the Q-Fanatic Barbeque in South Minneapolis. Focused on the smell of the delicious brisket, he’s caught by surprise as Avery LIBRELLE walks in behind him.


BERG: Oh, shhh….sure enough, it’s Avery. What’s new…

LIBRELLE: You wingnuts are paranoid. [Switches to that condescending coo-ing voice that “progressives” use as they parrot this particular chanting point] Nobody is coming for your guns.

BERG: Why do you say that?

LIBRELLE: You said the same scare tactic of Obama, and he never came for your guns.

BERG: Obama had some blue seats in red states to defend – had he let slip his inner id on guns, he’d have extincted them. Well, extincted them faster, because in a lot of America a “blue state Democrat” is a little like a “dodo bird driving an AMC Gremlin”.

LIBRELLE: So – he didn’t come for guns!

BERG: He was a lot of things, but not politically stupid.

LIBRELLE: Biden is even more centrist on the issue than Obama was. So no [switches back to the condescending coo-ing voice] Nobody’s coming for your guns.

BERG: So that’s your final answer.

LIBRELLE: Of course. Paranoid wingnut.

BERG: Got your phone handy?

LIBRELLE: I lost it. Let’s use yours.

BERG: Naturally. [Pulls up Joe Biden’s campaign site, scrolls down to paragraphs 6-10]. Go ahead and read that.

LIBRELLE: [Silently mouths the words]

BERG: Either you’re lying and he is coming for our guns, or he’s lying on his campaign website.

LIBRELLE: Well, of course he’s coming for…those guns.

BERG: So in one line, you’ve gone from [mocks the cooing tone] “nobody’s coming for your guns” to “we’re coming for the guns a bunch of people who don’t know the difference between a firing pin and a crochet needle think you don’t really need to have“. That was fast.

LIBRELLE: [Mocking tone] All right, you got me. Joe Biden’s gonna break into your house and take your guns.

BERG: So in two lines, we’ve gone from “Nobody’s taking your guns” to trying to mock me for catching in covering, badly, for your own lie.

LIBRELLE: Trump banned bump stocks.

BERG: Bad Trump. Don’t change the subject.

LIBRELLE: Hey, can you lend me ten bucks?

BERG: Why?

LIBRELLE: I need to run over and buy some spray paint to paint to paint “Meat is Murder” all over this place.

BERG: Ask them [BERG points a thumb toward unamused counter guy]

LIBRELLE: Oh, great idea. I…

But BERG has already left.


14 thoughts on “Your Lyin’ Eyes

  1. The Biden policy doc is full of hard-hitting, impeccably reasoned arguments like this: Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children.

  2. Once again, because you can’t come up with ACTUAL evidence, you have to make stuff up. Like, for example, the claims of fraud – in the cold light of day, you (the right wing tin-foil hatters or is that haters?) could not muster the evidence, which is required, actual PROOF, you know, those pesky little things call facts – and you/Trump couldn’t. So..

    He dropped all his cases..

    As Trump once said, “who ya’ gonna believe, me, or your lyin’ eyes.” The irony being, the title of this blogpost where you made sh$5 up, and the actual facts that Trump’s (and your) claims were thin air, or worse, lies.

  3. I like how Biden trumpets his work on the Brady bill without mentioning that most of the refusals to purchase involve database errors, and trumpets his work on the assault weapons ban without mentioning that it had zero impact on crime. He’s every bit as much a fabulist as when he was plagiarizing Neil Kinnock, it seems.

  4. Once again, because you can’t come up with ACTUAL evidence,


    Did you see that blue, underlined thing? It’s a link. I’ll put it here, so you don’t have to scroll up.

    Click it and it goes to Joe Biden’s “Gun Safety” policy.

    I noted that one should read paragraphs 6-10.

    Go back and do that. It’s, as you say, ACTUAL evidence of the point I’m making.

    Like, for example, the claims of fraud

    Threadjack denied.

    My point was about the Democrat sheeple who say Biden’s not coming for your guns.

    He is. In his own words.

  5. You gun nuts crack me up. You just had an election stolen from right under your noses. White leftist terrorists and low IQ blacks have been burning and looting your towns while the cops literally stand back and watch. They’ve been beating the shit out of your friends and families with impunity.

    Our electoral sytem is trashed; we will never again have an uncontested election. We have government officials admitting openly that they lied to the President, billionaire tech oligarchs are disappearing anyone to the right of Hugo Chavez. The leftists are promising to abolish the electoral college, stack the SCOTUS, grant statehood to thousands of welfare dependent territories, end the filibuster, make some adjustments to the 1st amendment (aka STFU whitey) and civil society is crumbling.

    So where’s all those militias? What good did your guns and all that ammo do you? What have you protected?

    Pfffft…fucking ejiits.

  6. Yeah, Biden is saying he’s coming for our guns, but let’s be fair to him; how would he know about, you know, “the thing”?

    I am SO looking forward to four years of a senile old man with the nuclear football. What could possibly go wrong? Thanks, Democrats!

  7. Oh, and btw. A 17 year old kid actually *did* use a firearm to protect himself against a mob of filthy leftists. He’s rotting in jail for want of $1 million in bail set by a crooked judge out to make a name for himself.

    Where is the support from that patriotic Minnesota 2A Forever crowd? Had any fundraisers? Sent $10 to the kids legal defense fund? Written to your state representatives? Written the kid a fucking letter?

    lol…hell no. We too busy writing shit on the blogs.

  8. “Sent $10 to the kids legal defense fund”

    Got a link? I’m in for $20.

    He’s got Lin Wood doing his case pro bono. I think he’s in good hands.

  9. Sometimes you just have to thank liberals for being so stupid

  10. “Got a link”?


    No, padded cell boi. Get your own fucking link. You’re real handy with digging up inane Bullshit from heretofore unknown lefty web sites, use your super power in the other direction .

    Lin wood is giving his services for free…maybe he doesn’t have a spare mill for bail. And why should he have to with Brave 2A defenders like you out there? ….oh right, you don’t have a link..

    That kid would choke you with his balls. While you sat on your fat ass, he put his up front and on the line.. But hey, you keep them blog Poasts coming, skippy, everyone is real impressed.

    No wonder you let leftist 1/4 wit trolls run your blog…you’re no match for their commitment.

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