Let’s Be Clear, Here

“Anti”-Fa is an “idea”.

So are ISIS, Al Quaeda and every other toxic ideology in the history of the world.

Here’s the new documentary, “Antifa – Rise of the Black Flag”. It traces “Anti”-Fa’s roots back to the Communist Party of Weimar Germany…

…and straight through to the present day, right here and now.

Watch it:

This is not just an idea. It’s also not just a bunch of crazy kids. It’s not even just a domestic terror group. It is an insurgency.

Watch it.

Pass it along.

Make sure the Democrats, especially the MN DFL, owns it.

25 thoughts on “Let’s Be Clear, Here

  1. So what happens when a group calling itself “The Real Antifa” starts assaulting college professors, social workers & politicians along with any of the cosplay Antifa they encounter?

  2. They will be thrown behind bars the moment they step outside and key will be thrown away. In THIS version of America, there are those who laws apply to, and those who do not, silly Jay. There are those who cast votes, and those who count them.

  3. A Minnesota judge has declined requests from the former Minneapolis police officers charged in the death of George Floyd, ruling that all four will be tried in a single proceeding which will be televised despite state prosecutors not consenting to any audio or visual coverage in the courtroom.

    Wow, a show trial no less. Kangaroo court that can only be found in a third-world country ruled by piss-pot dictators. Wait, I think I just described MN. Do you think this will be a fair trial? Do you, punk? And you think Anti-Fa is the problem?

  4. Another Jack Posobiec alt-right political conspiracy theorist production.

    Well played MBerg — or rather getting played 😂

  5. So is democracy, so is bi-partisanship, so is supporting second amendment rights. Yet, you feel the need to lump THIS idea, the idea of being opposed to fascism, because you of course know it means Anti Fascist, is somehow a terrorist movement. Sure, and so is the 2nd amendment rights movement, except that the latter, actually is and has engaged in terroristic acts far more often than the former.

    Get a grip.

    Also, Biden Wins!!!

  6. Also, Mitch, do some reading, Al Qaeda is an organization, and often, so was/is ISIS – the IDEA is terrorism as a mechanism for change – THAT is hard to make war on or stamp out, so your war on terrorism was a massive waste.

    You are deeply dishonest on two fronts. There is NO organization coordinating Anti-Fascist protests. Are you pro-fascism?

  7. Let’s be clear, Steve Bannon advocated beheading Chris Ray and Anthony Fauci.

    Who is it that is embracing the ideas of Al Qaeda and ISIS, again?

  8. “There is no organization coordinating the protests.”

    And you know that, how, exactly?

  9. Biden hasn’t won anything. He’s not even sure what day it is.

    America hating reprobates have simply implemented a well coordinated plan, and not very artfully, I must say. Everyone saw what they did.

    Biden will never “win”. He never could win. The best reprobates can hope for is their coup slips through judicial review, and the populace doesn’t rise up.

    The latter is very unlikely, somewhat less than 1% of the population is passionate enough about their freedom to get up off their asses and do anything. Even the reprobates couldn’t rally more than a few thousand of their drug addicted trash, who have nothing to lose, to action.

    But the former is not entirely out of the question. Thanks to Trumps legacy of judicial appointees, we may pull through this yet.

    In any case, the doddering puppet is toothless. Nothing he or his handlers will get anything of consequence through the Senate, even if it manages to get through our strengthened US House caucus.

    Only the most ignorant of reprobates are celebrating today….champagne, padded cell boi?

  10. Must hurt Hillary: they committed massive voter fraud for Biden, but they wouldn’t do that for me?


  11. Let’s analyze who, and what, President Trump beat, shall we?

    Initial refutation of his election to the Presidency, calling it “illegitimate”

    2 years long “investigation” by Mueller found ZERO.

    Failed impeachment.

    Mediots who carried the water for the Dhimmis.

    “Anonymous” leaks about “what he said”.

    There are dark clouds on the horizon.

    Check it chump

  12. With the conclusion of the first successful coup in the US, it is worth considering that 90 million people in the US (25.7%) lack basic literacy skills. That is an ability to read, write, and speak in English, compute, and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job, in the family of the individual, and in society.

    “Latinos” top that list, with Negroes running a close second.


    These are the people responsible for the ascendancy of the left over the past 60 years. Unsurprisingly, these are also the people the left wants more immigration from, legal or otherwise.

    The only value to society, if you care to call it that, these unskilled illiterates bring is their ability to follow directions in a voting booth.

    Most are incapable of anything but the most menial work, and none are capable of providing meaningful, legal employment to anyone else.

    Keep in mind, for a solid majority of these illiterates, more or “better” education won’t improve their skills. They simply lack the cognitive ability to learn.

    So, when leftists cheerfully remind you that white people will be a minority in America by 2035, remember they are telling us our kids will be tasked with financially supporting an ever increasing percentage of unproductive illiterates who exceed only at reproducing themselves.

    Welcome to 21century ‘Merica

  13. Here’s a fun tool from the National Center for Education Statistics to estimate the number of illiterates, as a percentage of total population, that call your state, county and city “casa”, or “crib”.

    Mind you, this is only an estimation of how many people are unable to support themselves and their offspring. It doesn’t include the number who are simply unwilling, which unsurprisingly, is another growing demographic within the reprobate sphere of support.


  14. Another Jack Posobiec alt-right political conspiracy theorist production

    Blah blah blah.

    Where is it wrong?

    Be specific.

  15. “There is no organization coordinating the protests.”

    And yet they are quite clearly coordinated.


  16. @MBerg
    Mr Posobiec needs to support his claims with facts and evidence. I would imagine the Trump DOJ would be extremely receptive to such evidence.

    Why aren’t alternative facts and alternative claims allowed in the courts? Surely this is discrimination against people who live in parallel universes and/or Internet/social media bubbles?

  17. Why should I be ashamed of something someone else did?
    The inability to use logic and reason is at the heart of your mental illness, Peeve.

  18. Hey Trumpalo — is it true that Lame Duck Donnie is going to lose the electoral college in a landslide to Obama’s backup with dementia who spent the last year in his basement? And all with the best economy in history? Wow, he really is a loser.

  19. It would have been interesting to see Paddyboy’s response to the Mob back in the days before Hoover and others figured out how to breach the code of omerta. “Well, we don’t know who the hypothetical ‘Godfather’ is, or who works for him, so therefore the Mob is not a thing. Duh.” Come on, Paddyboy, just because nobody has figured out exactly how the word is getting out about Antifa–to the point everybody’s acting about the same–doesn’t mean it’s not real.

    It’s also, um, “delightful” to see him compare a verbal threat to actual riots and arson. Can Santa provide him with a dictionary for Christmas? Also “delightful” to see how seriously CNN takes a verbal threat, but actual riots were, in their view, “mostly peaceful.” Maybe Santa can bring them a dictionary, too.

    And the left wonders why we think the mainstream media is biased. Good grief.

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