Straight Ticket

I was 24th in line at Saint Paul Ward 4 Precinct 14 when the polls opened at 7AM this morning.

It was brisk, but a beautiful morning.

How did I vote? A straight second amendment ticket. The right to keep and bear arms is the canary in the human rights coal mine. A politician who holds your *God-given right* to defend yourself, your family, your property, your community and your freedom with contempt, will eventually show their spots on all the other liberties.

I voted for Jason Lewis, naturally.

And even though I’m still sore for him somehow beating Sia Lo in the primary, and thought for a while about using CD4 as my write-in vote for a third party (there was a pot party candidate as well), I voted for Gene Rechtziegel for Congress, because while I have no idea where he got the money, he must have spent well into five figures in ads at the Pioneer Press in this past week That’s commitment. Here’s hoping Sia Lo comes back in 2022.

Finally – for MN Supreme Court, given a choice between a DFLer who makes Bernie Sanders look like Jim Nash, and a woman who I believe aided in someone kidnapping a father’s children (something I neither forgive nor *ever* forget, and hate with the heat of a thousand suns) and has been beclowning the GOP for years, I wrote in my cat, Pickle Berg.

I made the right call on that one.

Brad Carlson, Lee Michaels and me will be on the air from the Doubletree from 8PM until it makes no sense to go any later, on AM1280 The Patriot tonight. Hope you can join us.

38 thoughts on “Straight Ticket

  1. Gene R. was running against some chick named Betty McCollum. I never heard of her – not one campaign ad, radio commercial, television spot. Somebody claimed she was the incumbent – is she still alive?

    It must be nice to “run” for Congress without lifting a finger, knowing your reelection is assured.

  2. The Supreme Court election might be the most dismal choice possible. There is no way a guy like Thissen should be on the Supreme Court, but his opponent is a loon. Pickles Berg may be my choice as well.

  3. The way I see it (and I’m a moderate by temperament), it’s either the republican party as it exists goes, or our democracy goes. My vote is for democracy.

  4. Man that looks cold! And people wearing masks – outside, in the cold. science™! I wish Pickle luck – sounds like he(she?) has more common sense than the competition.

  5. Just got back. Straight Repub and also Pickle Berg! … well, I wrote Pickles Berg… do you think they’ll connect ’em up? Hope so, so there will be a strong late day vote surge.

  6. Election morning and nobody has announced they’ve won yet. Feels like that’s a promising start.

  7. 👆The GOP closing argument: “we may not be competent enough to suppress all of the votes we’ve targeted, but we promise we’re doing our best.”

  8. JDM, I suspect he’s off-script and winging it.

    The Covid Crisis chanting points only ran through yesterday. The Tax Fraud Impeachment chanting points don’t start until Biden loses. So today there are no chanting points; he’s adrift and trying to be funny. You know, like when he was in sixth grade and everyone laughed at him.

    He still doesn’t understand why they were laughing AT him, and not WITH him.

    Sad, really.

  9. The longest amount of time voting was spent writing in none of the above for all the judicial races and filling in all the appropriate boxes.

  10. JD, Hah! I thought the very same thing. I suspect we’ll see that odd “big brain on bread” comment soon. That seems to be the Emery ace-in-the-hole when all else fails.

  11. Look at the dirty leftist shit going on at polling sites, that James Woods is documenting.

    If these lousy MFers are willing to do this kid of shit, right out in the open, just imagine what they’re doing behind closed doors….and you’ll have to imagine it…they’re refusing certified GOP poll watchers entrance in Philly, too.

  12. BTW, you look really cute, maintaining your DFL mandated soci@l distance. We were piled up like ticks on a dog, laughing and conversing in real America.

  13. Silly swiftee… there has never, NEVER™ been any instance of voter fraud. Just ask the resident trollbots, they’ll set you straight.

  14. you look really cute, maintaining your DFL mandated soci@l distance.

    I actually prefer it to standing bunched up with most of my DFL-voting neighbors, tbh.

    We were piled up like ticks on a dog

    Well, good for you!

  15. Hello, everyone, new guy here, AllenS reporting from Star Prairie WI. Voted Oct 22 at the Alden Town Hall. Straight Republican ticket. This is Trump territory, where the lawn signs and Trump flags out-number the dumb vote by about 10 to 1. God loves us.

  16. Keith Ellison tweeted:
    Keith Ellison
    · 29m
    If you’ve voted, great! Can you please call a friend? Spend a little time getting friends, fams, and folks out to the polls. We don’t have all of the votes we need quite yet. So, help a friend (even a brand new friend) vote. Right now would be awesome.

  17. AllenS – from your mouth to God’s ears. If WI goes red again, this is gonna be a serious election.

  18. Rural Minnesota may indeed be the key this year. I was in Cannon Falls today and like Star Prairie, there were Trump signs and flags everywhere, especially businesses and farms. I came back on Highway 19 through Northfield. About a mile from the I-35 interchange, there were combines on both sides of the Highway sporting Trump flags. I’m betting that the heads of the apparatchiks at both Carleton and St. Olaf, were exploding. On 52 and a couple of the county roads between Inver Grove Heights and Cannon Falls, I counted more than forty trucks and even a motor home all decked out in Trump signs and flags.

  19. Pete,

    As usual, those mailed in votes, were exactly how the Commies manipulated the results. It’s too bad that feckless reprobate party droogs keep getting elected, but, the citizens of the state have a chance to fix that in 2022.

  20. Hoss, I understand that. But crying about it isn’t gonna get the job done. The reprobates are proud of their skill at cheating, and they should be; they’re good at it.

    Our side needs to get our smartest people rallied together to tackle the problem, and come up with methods to out-cheat them.

  21. We don’t want to out-cheat them. We want to figure out ways to make the cheating obvious enough so that even liberal cities will be compelled to screen their voter rolls, monitor voting patterns for irregularities, and the like. One thing that comes to mind for me is that I’ve got the names and zip codes of a number of deceased relatives, and I can track whether they voted since their deaths. Those who have ancestors living in the Chicago area, Philadelphia, Detroit, and the like might do well to do the same.

    Get enough clear evidence of ineligible ballots being cast, and then we are going to be able to insist on basic audits that the Democrats have consistently opposed, even going to court to prevent it.

  22. at this point I fear 2000 on steroids. If we have a president-elect before December 1st I will be stunned.

  23. Because Democrats encouraged mail-in voting and the ballots are from mostly blue areas with larger populations.

    How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction ~Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

    In Belarus, when the President announces he’s won an election he hasn’t won, he serves another term.

    When that happens in the Unlted States, we keep counting.

  24. Talk of mail in voting all one wants, that’s the 2nd time I’ve seen that comment today but it doesn’t seem to be as secure.

  25. The election ends when all the votes are counted. Not when the polls

    The voters get to determine the winner — not the candidates.

    That should be etched in stone and a copy placed at the center of government in every democracy.

  26. The election ends when all the votes are counted. Not when the polls

    Cliche noted.

    It’s interesting, though, how:
    1. “Red” parts of the country can count their ballots quickly and accurately, and
    2. “Blue” cities, otherwise famous for their corruption and civic blight, never, ever can, and
    3. When they fail to finish the job, “somehow” the ballots that turn up invariably favor the Democrat.

    Nothing to see here, peasants.

  27. 👆 More baseless claims from a Trump follower which erodes faith in the system and specifically this year’s results. Absent evidence, it takes a special kind of cynicism to do that for political advantage

  28. The election should end when all the honest votes are counted. I’m starting to leaning more and more to a “blockchain” tracking of ballots to make sure one person doesn’t vote twice, dead people don’t vote, people don’t vote from fraudulent addresses, and the like.

    Until we get a system like that, honest voters who want their votes to count ought to be taking a serious look at whether their votes were actually counted, whether their dead relatives are still voting, and the like. With enough complaints, real attempts at cleaning voter rolls will be undertaken.

  29. bike, we put a man on the moon more than 50 years ago, but have not learned how to NOT count dead people, not allow ballot harvesting, to make sure people do not vote twice, to verify one person vote, to make sure people who are not allowed to vote, do not. It’s like there is a reluctance to assure fair and accurate voting process. The only thing that matters is to count as may votes as possible in your favor, without the scrutiny – because we have to count EVERY vote, but ONLY if it is for the demoncRats.

  30. JPA; do we not know how to do it, or are we not willing to do it? Somehow all the companies in the country seem to do proxy elections without this kind of thing. It’s not like the knowledge isn’t there.

    My take is that until we’re willing to insist on doing things by law, our main alternative is what I mentioned above. Check our own voting records, that of our deceased relatives, maybe volunteer as an election judge, etc..

    Side note for Emery; yes, when the state of Michigan (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) is not allowing the legal representatives for the GOP in for the count, as is required by law, the clamor will be to stop the count. That should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

    If you’re shocked by this, you ought simultanously be shocked when the sun rises in the East.

  31. Very good walleye bite this morning in the shallows using a jointed Rapala (J-07)

    Getting the sense Trump isn’t going to attend Biden’s inauguration.

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