In Case You Were Wondering

In a shocking late-breaking story, Roseville – a first-tier northern suburb of Saint Paul – has broken with its long-standing tradition of embracing and upholding racism, and has undertaken a bold stance:

Sign in front of Roseville Central Park.

It’s good to see cities swim against the current.


Of course, I drove further, and on seeing the single coolest jungle gym I’ve ever seen in my life, something that actually made me want to be six years old again, I had to wonder…

…if their next bold stance would be against militarism, and phallocentric patriarchy.

Because you just know one of the Karens that’s taken the suburb over is going to go there, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. I am shocked that playground equipment like that is still around. I think back to my youth, and playground equipment like this rocket, or see saws, or huge climbing domes.

    There should be a study conducted – outlook on life (self reliance vs government control) compared to the playgrounds of your youth (dangerous equipment and sent with friends by parents vs safe equipment and supervised by parents).

  2. Good points, smh.

    It occurs to me that if Roseville really wants to take up the fight against anti-racism, it would randomly select houses owned by whypeepel and burn ’em down. Too much? OK, then go to those same houses and kick out the residents and replace them with anyone John Thompson approves of. Still too much? OK, OK, how about build Section 8 housing right near those houses so the residents want to leave but can’t because the property values are so low the residents can’t afford to leave? That’ll show ’em the dangers of being racist.

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  4. As opposed to all those towns that accept and celebrate racism!
    A few houses down from me there is a house with a sign that has one of those “Hate is not welcome here. We accept and welcome all” signs.
    Really? You accept Nazis and KKK guys? Give them a hug, do you? Wish them God Speed?
    Those neighbors of mine are full of hate.

  5. A buddy lives in Roseville. He’s working with Planning and Zoning to get a building permit to add a porch that encroaches into the street setback.

    The planning office claimed they’ve had zoning in Roseville since the early 50’s. Really? The Minnesota Municipal Planning Act didn’t take effect until 1975.

    No, what you had before that was Restricted Residence Districts.

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