Not The Best Look

I’d like a list of the 25 former GOP members who crossed the aisle to keep Governor Walz’ one-man-regime in power, in exchange for endorsements from trade unions who will benefit from the spending bill.

Please include home addresses, so I can send fruit baskets to thank them for selling out the people of Minnesota.

Joe Doakes

Not gonna lie – and if you are a MNGOP staffer, by all means feel free to pass this on to Jennifer Carnahan, Paul Gazelka and Kurt Daudt – but the whole “acting like DFLers” thing wasn’t amusing even before the state got swallowed up in a DFL coup.

It’s not been an easy few weeks to be a Minnesota Repubican.

8 thoughts on “Not The Best Look

  1. Yesterday, I voted. I did so by mail because my township will not open the polls on election day, despite the fact that no covid cases have been reported here.

    But that is neither here nor there.

    What bothers me is that I left half the ballot blank because I knew nothing about the judges and school board members who are running in my district.

    Most people do what I did every time they vote

    Thanks GOP.

    Let’s have more critical race theory in the classrooms and lack of law and order in the courtrooms.

    Who gives a flying F**K what goes down in Saint Paul or Washington if you can’t influence what happens right here.

    They say all politics is local, well apparently not.

    How about sample ballots?

    You could post them online……..Gosh, it wouldn’t cost a dime to do it.

    How about vetting the candidates?

    Isn’t that your job?

  2. There is still such a thing as a MN republican? Surely you jest! But enough about that. Let’s talk about what’s important – masks and Wuhan Flu around the world. There is no other story than that, dontcha know. Not judging by the way every thread on this blog goes to shit with tacit endorsement of the host.

  3. Speaking of “not the best look” and I’m not shocked you haven’t brought this up.

    About 2 months ago you made a (completely misleading) offer of a bet of $.25 that NY would have more deaths than TX by 11/3. Why it was sohpistry, is that YOU and everyone who isn’t an idiot, knew NY state (and especially NYC) suffered horribly in the early days of the pandemic, and suffered a tremendous number of deaths because the treatments were still being discovered.

    I countered that TX would almost certainly have many more in total cases (even adjusting for population) and many MANY more in ICU/hospitalized.

    One week out, here’s the score.

    TX just tied California for the most number of cases. CA is a BLUE state with more than double the population of TX. TX also has 5600 (approx) hospitalizations, NY State has less than 1,000. Also, since you want to fatuously focus on deaths, over the weekend NY had 21 deaths, TX 169.

    Once again, this isn’t a BUE state vs. Red State problem, it’s a problem for the USA, but it IS a problem that you try SOO hard to divide this into the “Us” who are doing a “great” job, vs. “them” who aren’t, so screw them. Fact is, you GOPers are SUCKING like a Hoover managing this, while Blue states are doing far better (per capita), but unlike you, we actually want to help you. It’d be helpful, though, if you stopped denying it was a problem and more importantly, that your response to it was anything other than a colossal, catastrophically inept series of failures.

  4. Also , this ‘vaunted’ health care system you all refuse to see reformed, in part out of fears of rationing,

    Well, Utah (as a state, you know, a RED state) is very close to having to ration life-saving care, and so is El Paso, Texas.

    Good work.. you’ve clearly got this under control.

    To quote Trumpy-boo, SAD!

  5. Bike, I said compare ICU rates on 11/3 between NY and TX, and it’s not even close.

    Wanna try that one again..

    I compared California because TX just tied that state (which used to have the most cases and is larger than TX (and is Blue). TX has FAR FAR more cases than NY (now) when they were near tied when I originally posted.

    Increase your reading comprehension.


  6. Paddyboy: the challenge was deaths, and that’s due to the incompetence or sorse of New York’s governor. You compared California because the numbers were convenient. As has been noted elsewhere, the highest death rates are where you have Democratic governors who can’t figure out that you need to sanitize the filthiest places during an epidemic (the subways of course), or that you need to keep people with contagious diseases away from nursing homes.

    Or, worse yet, the Democratic governors you favor knew this full well, but didn’t care what they were doing.

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