Expect 30 Minutes Of Tina Smith Ads Per Hour For The Next 12 Days

Usual disclaimers about “the only poll that counts is on November 3 [1] inserted here.

But pessimist that I am, I really didn’t see this coming


Polls finding more-likely voters, ones who’ve actually been paying attention?

We’ll see.

I’ve heard more than a few fellow D-list pundits exclaim disbelief at “12% undecided”. I’m going to chalk that up to some misdirected Pauline Kael syndrome, from people who “write”/tweet about politics constantly, thinking everyone is the same as they are. Smith has tried hard to follow A-Klo’s model of being innocuous and invisible. We’ll see if it works.

Lewis beating the Butcher Of Vandalia would be an early Christmas present.

[1] And, let’s be honest, as we saw in 2008 and 2010, it still may not count, really, but let’s try not to go completely down the rabbit hole.

9 thoughts on “Expect 30 Minutes Of Tina Smith Ads Per Hour For The Next 12 Days

  1. I think the D’s have likely lost northern MN, outside of Duluth, thanks to the mining and environmental policies. Plus Tina has barely ventured north of Coon Rapids with her campaigning. Likely not enough by itself to swing this for Lewis, but after the summer performances of Walz, Frey and Carter there could be enough of a metro shift – either folks voting Republican or, more likely, Green – to make the difference. I think that’s the point of Tina’s advertising now; she doesn’t need the money – she’s trying to scare the wavering Greenies to stay in the fold.

  2. Perhaps Bloomberg and Soros are getting out their checkbooks, yes. By the way, aren’t there limits on campaign contributions? Might be a very interesting thing to look into.

  3. bike;

    Unfortunately, PACs and other shadow organizations, don’t seem to have the same restrictions.

  4. Simple question: how much does a Tina Smith ad cost…….say, expressed in sold baby parts?

  5. my experience of women Tina Smith’s age has been that if they have a face like hers they have a serious alcohol intake, usually vodka or gin.

  6. Pig; if I’d made my fortune killing babies, I’d be drinking heavily, too. Or worse.

  7. Not to mention all of the bank she and her husband have made off of their investments in companies that were affected by her votes.

    On another note, I saw some report on other Dems that were tied to the Biden Crime Syndicate. I’m still trying to verify the information, but suffice it to say that there are other representatives of the state involved.

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