Straight Outta Wonderland

First it was Kanye West – one of rap’s most consistently creative (and yes, unbalancee) figures. [1], endorsing Trump three years ago.

Then it was Ice Cube – formerly of NWA, and more famous as an actor these days – not so much “endorsing Trump” as asking blacks what the Democrats have done for them lately, and getting a lot of “because shut up” from white progressives as an answer.

And now, Fifty Cent- who realized that under the BIden tax plan he’d just be Thirty Cent:

While I remain resolutely apathetic about celebrities’ political opinions, let’s look below the surface. Say what you will about rap [1], but at a time in the election season when celebs are supposed to be threatening to move to France, you’ve got three incredibly successful black men, actively telling their own community that the party that has considered their votes their property for two generations, doesn’t deserve ’em.

So what? Other than a lot of adenoidal progressive white and academic black critics saying Cube, Kanye and Fifty Cent were never all that good anyway, , I mean?

I’m wondering if part of the reason Biden – who, the media polls tell us, has an eleventy-teen digit lead over Trump in Minnesota – is spending to much money in an ostensibly safe state is the Democrats are worried about the black vote slipping away?

Remember – it’s been estimated that if the Dems’ take of the black vote ever drops below 80%, they are sunk nationwide. Not the whole black vote; one in five.

Is that in striking distance?

[1] Don’t care for rap? That’s fine. Not really the subject. I’ll have some future posts for commenting about musical aesthetics.

7 thoughts on “Straight Outta Wonderland

  1. I heard a rumor that 50 cent was going to play for Trumps victory party, along with Nickelback. 45 baby, 45.

    Dad jokes aside, I read through the text in that, and see that “he doesn’t care that Trump doesn’t like black people” (so, buying into that hype), but can also realize that Trump is the only option that won’t have his tax rate go way up.

    Also, is Kanye still a supporter of Trump? I see he’s on the MN ballot running for president. Does that takes votes away from R or D? Or, not even matter?

  2. A country where Kanye West pulls 2%. At least Pat Paulson was in on the joke.

    Looks like he pulled the 2% from Trump. Seems about right.

  3. I recently saw a montage of rappers, including Eminem, praising Trump as a successful rich guy, in their “songs.” Of course, those songs were all published before 2016, when Trump became a racist over night.

  4. A new rap East coast \ West coast war?

    Why not? They got the colors right already.

    btw…What the hell is the cheese whiz troll babbling about now?

  5. Swiftee – it’s a coded math problem. 48+38+2+2 = 90. Half of 90 is 45. It’s a declaration of support for President DJT. That other 1% in there? Ignore it (like you ignore that those all add up to only 91%), since math is a racist fabrication.

  6. Looks like he pulled the 2% from Trump. Seems about right.

    Sorry, has the election happened? Because the only polls that matter (and end up being right) are the ones on Election Day.

    You know you’re not persuading anyone here, right? And you seem incapable of educating yourself, let alone others, so I have to surmise that you do it for the cheap thrills. Or maybe the attention?

    Once a troll, always a troll.

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