Biden Ad – Part 2

Saw another Biden ad. Did you know Trump plans to eliminate Social Security? Really. But never fear, Joe Biden’s got a plan to save it. Good for him. You go, Joe!

Except. . . what, exactly, is that plan? Everybody knows Social Security is insolvent, but as far as I know there are only three solutions and all of them suck, which is why nobody in Washington is pushing them, not even Trump.

We could raise the retirement age high enough that people die before collecting. That would save money.

We could cut benefits low enough that there’d be enough for everybody to get a check, though maybe not enough to live on.

We could raise taxes on our kids’ incomes high enough to fund current benefits and current retirement age, but that would leave our kids destitute.

You know, Joe, before I pull the lever for you, I’m going to need some more details on this ‘plan’ of yours. Care to be more specific?

Joe Doakes

I keep yelling that at my TV/computer, several times a day.

Their pollsters just have to know that “Joe has a plan!” can only resonate with idiots.



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  1. Apparently under Trump the economy grew 2.5% per year compared to 2.4% the 3 years before his election. Tax breaks which would supposedly help with investment in new jobs did not do much, deficit is up and manufacturing was negatively impacted by protectionism and tariffs.

  2. So Emery was wrong about the 2016 election, wrong about Trump crashing the economy, wrong about Trump colluding with Russia, and wrong about Biden and Ukraine.
    Kind of makes you wonder why a person should pay attention to anything he writes here.

  3. Really, you might as well read the informed opinions of the #nevertrumpers who predicted a big Trump loss in 2016, now predicting a big Trump loss in 2020.

  4. Actually, there is one more alternative. First proposed by then-Sen. Rod Grams. It involves gradually (over 40 years) phasing out SS in favor of mandatory private accounts. It has a few advantages: 1) It keeps the promises made to everybody near or in retirement– no “cuts” ever; 2) the “trust fund” NEVER runs out of money and in fact actually grows to repay some of the national debt; 3) gives a tremendous boost to the economy; 4) pays benefits even if somebody dies before retirement; 5) does not require a mandatory retirement age– retire when you can afford it; 6) can be optional, so people who want to stay in SS may do so (fools!); 7) most people will reach retirement age with far higher “benefits” available; 8) young people, rather than /knowing/ that “SS will not be there for me” can be guaranteed the retirement benefits they have now only been falsely promised– promises impossible to keep.

  5. Their pollsters just have to know that “Joe has a plan!” can only resonate with idiots.

    And the first reply promptly proves the point.

  6. Joe,

    The only way to address our insolvency problem is to FULLY fund education, implement universal healthcare and the Green New Deal as well as pay reparations to ALL historically oppressed people.

    Oh…did I forget the homeless? Gosh, my white privilege is showing.

    Only after we achieve full racial and environmental justice by eliminating all disparities (regardless of cause) can we afford to fund the affluence of seniors.

    That’s Joe’s plan.

  7. J, but then libturds will not be able to use SS as a cudgel. It is not about the sheeple, as you know, but libturd and other unscrupulous pols’ hold on power.

  8. Greg – once you’ve got the universal healthcare death panels, no need to worry about senior affluence. They’ll all just get denied for treatment, so no need to pay them anymore.

  9. I was hesitant to mention death panels, but now that Head Shaker brought them up . . .

    Old people collect Social Security; and
    Trump let Covid run wild to kill old people; therefore,
    Trump is using Covid to kill old people to save Social Security, just as Hillary’s Death Panels would have let them die to save end-of-life medical expenses.

    Conclusion: Liberals should be praising Trump’s handling of Covid as a Good Thing, because it will save Social Security.

    Why aren’t they?

  10. Sometimes one wonders if many Americans are unable to face reality. The pandemic can be mortal. Face masks and social distancing are imperative to allow the economy to recover. The high unemployment rate is a direct result of the negation of these realities.

  11. Still waiting on the Foxconn plant to sprout and blossom in Wisconsin due to the corporate tax cut.

    What “Foxconn calls an LCD factory — about 1/20th the size of the original plan — is little more than an empty shell.”

    Last month, “Foxconn received a permit to change its intended use from manufacturing to storage.”

  12. Face masks and social distancing are imperative to allow the economy to recover.
    Emery is babbling again. Actually, it is question begging.
    In Hawaii, they have strict enforcement of social distancing & face covering edicts (they weren’t voted on by anyone). The Hawaiian economy is in the toilet, with very high unemployment compared to the rest of the states, and plummeting GDP & state revenues.
    Tough to pay taxes on your business profits when your restaurants & nightclubs are running at 25% capacity, and it is forbidden for people from different groups to socialize.
    So, once again, Emery could not be more incorrect, as he was about the 2016 election, Trump’s booming economy, Russian collusion, and Biden and Ukraine.

  13. @ Pseudo Epidemiologist Marimba Overload

    I can’t believe the people who have been obsessed with Never Trump for four years were wrong about their irrelevance.

  14. “The pandemic can be mortal. Face masks and social distancing are imperative to allow the economy to recover. The high unemployment rate is a direct result of the negation of these realities.”

    This is drivel.

    “Pandemic” is a description of an event, like “earthquake” or “thunderstorm.” It is neither alive nor dead. A pandemic cannot be mortal.

    The disease that is being tracked in the pandemic can, indeed, kill people, but only a small at-risk population and not very many of them: zero percent of the population, to date. It is not a public health crisis for the general population.

    Face masks, social distancing and high unemployment are not caused by the virus, they are caused by politicians over-reacting to the virus. Had the politicans chosen traditional quarantine, face masks and social distancing would not be a factor in an economic recovery and there would be no unemployment.

    It is not ordinary Americans who are unable to face reality. Look around – everybody knows the mask requirement is stupid and we resent being forced to play along at the grocery store. It’s Liberals who are unable to face the reality that their political hoax has failed.

  15. Agree with JD. In other words:
    [B]ased on no meaningful “science” whatsoever—but rather guesswork and computer modeling of the crudest kind—most governments adopted the Chinese ant-farm approach, treating their citizens as captives, muzzling them, and charging them with crimes should the comrades step out of line.

    This way is unbecoming to the free peoples of the West, an insult to personal sovereignty, a flagrant violation of both the law and the social compact, and an act of hostile aggression against the citizens of the democracies.

    Having unwisely acceded to this flagrant bait and switch, Americans and others now find that the goal posts have been moved from last Easter to some indefinite future in which either a vaccine will be found against a disease that kills almost nobody, or the virus itself is eradicated—a fool’s errand if there ever was one.

  16. You don’t have to be an epidemiologist or in Woolly’s case — a ‘pseudo-epidemiologist’ to understand why “population herd immunity” won’t work. Anyone with a scientific or an engineering background would be skeptical because it just doesn’t make logical scientific sense.

    First it will not work because the theory that it requires that only 20 % of the total population acquire immunity from the virus by having gotten it. While anyone can see that there may be some impact on the driving force for contagion, the notion that a 20% reduction would eliminate transmission is absurd on the face of it. Those experts who will hazard a guess say that even 70% contagion level would reduce contagion rates but not end the disease.

    The theory also requires that imparted immunity must be permanent, we have no indication that it extends behind a few weeks if at all.

    The most grievous error of all is a practical one: How are we to treat all the people who get sick at one time? If herd immunity is to work, lets say 70% of Americans will have to get sick. That is about 210 million people. About 6% of those who get ill will require hospitalization, that’s 12 million, give or take a million! 20% of those people will die, that is about 2.4 million people dead. All of this assumes that overloaded hospitals, EMT’s, doctors and nurses can continue to perform under such horrid conditions. Many more will die due to lack of treatment.

    I am not willing to see that many people die for something that will not work. Wear masks, test and social distance.

  17. To help Emery’s attempt at epidemiology out a bit, if you’re at R = 1.2 or less, yes, a 20% reduction in the likelihood of transmission makes all the difference–it takes an epidemic into the “mild nuisance” regime. It’s a basic geometric progression that all of us should have learned in algebra 2 in high school.

    Just sayin’.

    Also worth noting is that if indeed the likelihood for serious problems/death among the young is at 1% or less (I’ve heard 0.1% and believe that it’s actually much lower), society can absorb an awful lot of COVID cases before saturating ICUs. The trouble you get is that those ICUs fill up a lot quicker when the state health department insists that nursing homes accept patients with active cases unless the nursing home is declared COVID-free. (which is exactly what my daughters, who work at one, were told)

  18. Man, I’m old. I’m so old that I remember that back in March/April of this year that Herd Immunity was what was going to save us all. Just need to Stay at Home to Stop the Spread for 2 weeks. Then, some dials got turned on the student designed software in MN, and it was a few more months in lockdown to help Herd Immunity.

    Then, someone decided that one death was too many. Herd Immunity won’t help everyone. Gotta have a vaccine.

    I’m nothing but a knuckle dragger. I have no degree in engineering or medicine. But, I can look at what is talked about and remember what was said previously. I can sometimes (thanks to the world wide web) go and find the exact words and context, to include the date. I get suspicious when the message changes, and I’m told that the cool thing last week just doesn’t work (or is dangerous) now. So, when I hear that Herd Immunity won’t work, I wonder if that means that MMR, Polio, Dyptheria, etc that we get shots for to protect ourselves and others (herd immunity) will become non-required also?

  19. “‘pseudo-epidemiologist’”
    I am no kind of epidemiologist, not even a pseudo epidemiologist. I also have never voiced an opinion on “herd immunity,” though this is the 2nd time you have accused me of promoting a thing called “herd immunity.”
    So you managed to be wrong twice in the opening sentence of your @11:00. I am beginning to believe it is impossible for you to state something that is true in any of your comments, Emery.

  20. So for the herd immunity crowd, let me ask this… What is the upper limit on the fatality rate of a communicable disease where you all would decide this is not the good route to go down?

    I would argue that philosophically proponents of herd immunity need to be able to answer this question before spouting these theories.

    Herd immunity is reached only if all efforts to combat the virus fail. It is not a cure, it is capitulation.

  21. Herd immunity makes no logical scientific sense? Tell that to a rancher. It’s been common knowledge in agribusiness for a century.

    When the herd gets infected with a new illness, some die, others get sick but don’t die, some don’t get sick at all. Those who don’t die generally don’t get sick or die from that particular sickness in the future. The herd is immune to it.

    It’s too early to tell if Covid is one of the illnesses to which the survivors develop actual long-term immunity (meaning no symptoms at all, like measles) or if survivors can catch the illness again but aren’t vulnerable to it most of the time (like influenza). The technical difference between “immunity” and “low vulnerability” is important to medical researchers but not to the general public. For practical purposes, once people stop dying from the sickness, the population ignores that sickness and moves on with their lives, just as we treat influenza.

    And that’s exactly where we are now, in America, with Covid. Eight million people have tested positive and the number of positive tests is skyrocketing as more tests are conducted; but hospitalizations and deaths are declining. This is what happens when a population gets a new illness, same as when the herd gets a new illness: some die, some get sick, most catch the bug but have no symptoms, and eventually, it dwindles to being a nuisance so we ignore it.

    For all practical purposes, America already has acquired herd immunity to Covid. That being so, there’s no reason for masks and social distancing and closed businesses. It’s over. We won. Open everything.

  22. Trump’s closing message? Attack one of the most well-liked and respected men in his administration.

    Gazelka and State GOP leaders may get their wish if Trump fans truly believe Trump has proven COVID is next to harmless, and moreover have decided all doctors and authorities saying otherwise are lying.

    After-wards it may be interesting to correlate deaths-data with party-affiliation.

  23. Sorry, but this quote hacks the whole Blue Flu Gordian Knot to pieces.
    Open everything and forget about it. Our immune systems will handle it or they won’t. It’s life people. Death is an unavoidable part of it.

    And this one explains why.
    For another, a society that has moved from “pay any price, bear any burden” to “if it saves just one life” is no longer capable of facing or dealing with reality. With atheism ascendant, the extension of life (except for that of the unborn, of course) has become the cardinal social virtue.

  24. Emery, that question can just as easily be turned around against you.

    People die in car accidents every day. We could eliminate those deaths if we eliminated cars. What is the upper limit on car accident deaths are you willing to tolerate?

    Substitute for “car accident” pretty much any cause of death. Bath tubs. Alcohol abuse. Lightning strikes. Even vaccines, which is why the US has a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, to pay for the medical bills of infants whose lives are destroyed by mandatory pre-school vaccines, approximately 1 in every million children innoculated. What’s the upper limit on them?

    The general public aren’t engineers but we also aren’t stupid. We know live is full of compromises and trade-offs. We accept there’s a risk of getting killed every time we get behind the wheel, a risk of lightning every time we’re outside in a storm, every time we take a shower. We evaulate risk by lived experience. Right now, looking around the neighborhood, I’m not seeing the piles of dead Covid bodies. Asking around my neighborhood, I’m not finding anybody who knows anybody who died with a positive Covid test. Based on that experience, I evaluate my risk of dying from Covid as miniscule and I’m ready to take that risk.

    Balancing cost versus benefit, risk versus reward, is what statesmen do. Sure wish we had one in charge of this state.

  25. Without edicts from public officials (not laws, no sirree), people would look after their own interests. Most people would take common sense precautions (hand washing more frequently, mask wearing in crowded spaces or avoiding crowded spaces altogether, etc). If the death toll climbed they would raise their standards of personal hygeine and reduce their exposure to crowds and strangers.
    The idea that some “public health official” knows better than I do what my risks of getting covid are and how I can avoid it is ridiculous.

  26. The Minneapolis and St. Paul City Councils, which have everything else so well in hand, have determined that to be “safe” they have to reduce the speed limit in their cities to 20 mph. Everything they do is designed to make life more unbearable. Of course, if they have their way there won’t be any cops around to pull over the speeders. Oh, wait – it will all be handled by robot cameras (even though the same group of civic leaders thinks shot-spotter technology is racist).

  27. JD and Max, you are arguing with an idiot who had proven itself wrong on every subject. Don’t let yourself stoop to that level so we can avoid… oops too late… yet another threadjack.

  28. Night Writer – in regard to the City Council’s 20mph plans, I keep waiting for the announcement that streets will no longer be plowed since no one should be travelling anyhow, and that snow laden streets will ensure no one can speed. Plus, they already spent the money on hotel charges for the homeless. Oh, but if you don’t shovel your sidewalk or ensure trash cans are dug out, you’ll be fined…

    The beneficiaries of this will be the white supremacists, of which so many live in MSP. They have snowmobiles and 4 wheelers, so will be able to get around to hold up banks and create havoc and discord. Same holds true for alleys in St Paul, since residents have to take care of that anyhow.

  29. jpa and night – you guys are correct, of course, but consider:

    There are others who read SITD but don’t comment, shy, perhaps, or maybe smarter than me. I flatter myself that responding to Liberal idiocy gives other readers the arguments they can use to respond to Liberal idiocy in their own lives. It might also reinforces their self-respect, in cases where they knew it was bullshit but maybe couldn’t articulate why. Maybe now, they can. Or maybe they could all along and I’m just puffing myself up to feel good. Whatever.

    Rush has spent 30 years teaching people this stuff. I’m no Rush – I’m barely a wanna-be – but he’s onto something.

    We are not alone.
    We are not crazy.
    The lies are just that.
    We will win in the end.
    We just have to stay strong.

  30. After-wards it may be interesting to correlate deaths-data with party-affiliation.
    Again with confusing correlation with causation.

  31. JD, I hear you and respect you for your tenacity. But it sure would be interesting to hear from these shy readers once in a while.

  32. With the reassuring expertise of Dr. Atlas backing him up, President Trump now promotes herd mentality. Or is it immunoherdity?

    Every time I catch a bit of a Trump Rally on TV I think: There’s the proof. Donald Trump pushed for herd mentality and has achieved his goal.

    But then I ask myself: Did Trump create this herd mentality? Or was this herd really a flock already waiting to be fleeced?

  33. At least Emery has stopped accusing me of being some kind of epidimiologist or promoter of ‘nerd immunity’ (whatever that is).
    But of course, Emery was still wrong about Hillary winning in a landslide in 2016, wrong (by his own admission) about Trump wrecking the US economy, wrong about the Russian collusion hoax, and of course, wrong about Joe Biden’s Ukrainian influence peddling.
    Wrong about a host of other things, as well.

  34. Hunter Biden email to his daughter, Naomi:
    But I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary.
    Nothing this damning has ever come out about DJT’s relationship with his son or son in law, despite the media/democrat party ludicrously accusing Trump of being the most corrupt president in US history.
    And, for of you who have a hard time understanding the written word, this comment is not a defense of Trump, it is an attack on Biden, the Dems, and the media.

  35. Max, how dare you quote from a fake e-mail stolen from a non-descript computer on which there are non-PG pictures of underage girls together with the person whose computer this is not? Dontcha know this is all Russian™ disinformation?

  36. If you want to track the desertion of Trump’s team of Republican enablers, watch Bill Barr. He now has only a few weeks left to provide Trump with his October surprise. A few days ago he said there would be no charges brought against Biden before the election.

    Each day that goes by without some surprise Justice Department charges against Biden or Hilliary or Obama or whoever, is increasing evidence Barr is keeping his head down and looking for as quiet an exit as possible, hoping for no criminal charges against him. Maybe he is hoping he can trade not bringing trumped up charges after the election against President Elect Biden in exchange for his escaping prosecution?

    I can’t help but believe that some of the many patriotic and highly professional lawyers at the Justice Dept have collected solid legally actionable evidence showing Barr’s criminal abuse of the powers of his office. And I bet Barr knows this also.

  37. Yes, Emery, I’m sure that Barr has done something legally actionable, but nobody in the DOJ leaked it to the press. That totally fits the pattern we’ve seen for the past 30 years. No culture of backstabbing in the DOJ and DC, that’s for sure.

    /sarc off

  38. Trump has a “Secret Chinese Bank Account”

    “The Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management L.L.C., which the tax records show paid $188,561 in taxes in China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015.” ~ NYT

    That right there? That’s the killer.

    Trump paid more tax in China, in 2 years, than he paid in America in 20 years.

    Whenever Trump accuses someone of wrongdoing it seems he has been there first. In other words he knows his own tricks best. There must be some strategy in this because it draws attention to his own dealings shady or otherwise. There is nothing he can accuse others of doing wrong that he has not done himself. I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    At Thursday’s debate, the minute Trump brings up Hunter Biden Joe had better say, “And you have a secret bank account in China where you paid three times more taxes than you did here.”.

  39. Huh. Emery confuses Trump International’s business taxes with Donald Trump’s personal taxes, and then suggests that there is something amiss in a comparison of apples and oranges without any evidence to prove it.

    Word to the wise, Emery; don’t sign up to work for H&R Block with that kind of tax knowledge. You’ll get to know lawyers on a professional basis at ruinous expense.

  40. “In 2017, the company reported an unusually large spike in revenue — some $17.5 million, more than the previous five years’ combined. It was accompanied by a $15.1 million withdrawal by Mr. Trump from the company’s capital account.” ~ NYT

    Imagine, imagine what Republicans would have to say if a democratic president withdrew $15.1 million from a Chinese bank account in the first year of their presidency.

    Just imagine.

    The only people who are “soft on China” are the Trump family. Remember that the Trump Organization is not a corporation but rather a group of LLC’s making profits, and losses, that flow directly to the owner with no stop for corporate income taxes. That owner would be Donald J. Trump who retains control of all his LLC’s.

    There are stories about Hunter Biden’s business relationships in China and Ukraine that are being splashed across the media with questions about what else the Bidens are “hiding.” Now, let’s ask those same questions about the Trump crime family and you’ll realize one thing: Trump is president and his kids, who hold top security clearances and numerous business entanglements with China, work at the White House.

  41. I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little notion, isn’t it?

    I said that vote cheating failed to keep him out of office. Impeachment over Russian collusion failed to throw him out of office. Crashing the economy over Covid isn’t going to prevent him from returning to office. So as soon as the recounts are over, Democrats will move to impeach again, this time something to do with taxes.

    And here we go, they’re already starting the spade work to prep for it. I wonder how many other people get the same emails that Emery gets, telling him what to write and say? Is there a Junior League Journolist for trolls?

  42. Tell me more about the President’s free lawyer:
    Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film.

    The #1 clue that you’re the target of a “honey pot” is when you’re a guy in your 70s and she’s a woman in her 20s. Also the funny accents.

    Impossible for the Russians to be manipulating Giuliani, say supporters of a man who was apparently hoodwinked by Borat…😂

  43. Gosh, Emery, was the FBI and DOJ also hoodwinked by Borat? They’re saying the same thing, buddy.

  44. How many IRS officers went through Trump’s returns every year, and signed off them, year after year . . . a half dozen? A dozen?
    But some commenter or L wing pundit has found a smoking gun?
    Beyond stupid . . .
    Now they may have found some perfectly legal accounting, in the eyes of the IRS, that will look bad if played up by the media. Exactly as the media could do with Obama’s returns, or GW Bush’s returns.
    What about Biden’s returns? He was always a ‘poor senator’ until he ascended and became Obama’s VP. Then all kinds of money stuck to him. He is now very wealthy, and it was from speaking fees.
    No interest about this from our non-partisan media? Nope. None at all.

  45. Regarding the Mediaite article, it’s worth noting that Giuliani didn’t say he went to the Post because they wouldn’t check whether it was true. He went to the Post because he felt that even Fox–and Mediaite’s source, Chris Wallace, is a Democrat at Fox–would “they would spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out”.

    In other words, not due diligence, but the evidence would be given a full body cavity search. If you want to see that in action, visit CNN.

    And really, let’s face facts. Hunter Biden has never held a job where there was not a strong hint of his father’s influence being involved. Never. We should be surprised to find a paper trail….why?

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