Body Count

A “security guard” with lefty sympathies allegedly killed a pro-police protester, in Denver over the weekend.

The video is disturbing:

The “guard” – who apparently lacked a security guard license – was contracting through Pinkerton Security, one of the big rentacop jobbers, to Denver’s NBC affiliate.

The Denver Police quickly leapt to Big Left’s defense, disclaiming any “Anti”-Fa or BLM links…:

…although crowdsourcing showed quite the opposite – Dolloff appeared to have left-of-center sympathies. More on that will come out in the near future, I suspect (although you won’t get any of it in the mainstream media). Unconfirmed reports after a bit of social-media sleuthing indicate…:

Which, if proven by a county prosecutor (assuming Denver’s left-leaning administration allows a serious prosecution), could all be used as evidence that Dolloff was a “willing participant”.

Whatever Dolloff’s sympathies, Big Left was certainly clear on its feelings about the death of :

Be careful out there.

16 thoughts on “Body Count

  1. Anybody willing to bet how long Pinkerton will stay in business? And I, for one, will not shed a tear based on what happened here.

  2. Pinkerton now claiming that the shooter was not a direct hire but an employee of a contractor they engaged.

  3. The attempts to elevate the level of violence keep happening. And, the optics are never going to be friendly to the right.

    Regarding a BLM/Antifa affiliated security guard – why wouldn’t you? The majority of people getting beat on are beat on by the progressives. Having your security as part of them means they are also a guide and safe passage. You’ve just got to ensure that no actual reporting of what they’re doing gets into your broadcast.

    Finally, who’s the tough guy in the Black Guns Matter shirt? That seems to be set up as a provocation point or a distraction. Maybe both.

  4. I am reminded of something my carry permit instructor said; you do not get to pick a fight and shoot your way out of it once you start to lose. I am predicting manslaughter at most for this one because the perp is sympathetic to the police, and hence the investigators don’t seem to be particularly motivated here. Kinda like the FBI with Larry Nassar after the easy prosecution (child porn) was done.

  5. Watch the video. The guy who was arguing with the pro-police protesters was not being threatened, hence the guy who did the shooting can not be said to have felt threatened. If there is not a murder one conviction, it’s most likely that the Denver PD dropped the ball.

  6. BB – that’s what I’m saying. The guy that is yelling “F around and find out” was definitely the aggressor in the video. And then the shooting happens in the background, unable to even tell where the shooter was before. Unsure if the one that was shot was the one going toe to toe with him previously.

  7. The restoration of dueling would solve a lot of these problems. Impugn a man’s integrity? Dawn by the river.

    That way, there is no misunderstanding, and the combatants can come properly equipped to settle their dispute like gentlemen.

  8. One very sad aspect to this is that a major Denver media outlet felt the need to send an armed guard with its reporting crew. Maybe if they were in Syria or Yemen, but it shouldn’t have to happen in a major metro in the US.

  9. “The restoration of dueling would solve a lot of these problems”
    I wonder why dueling was made illegal?
    Here is an interesting publication on the topic:
    To make a long story short, Dueling had been illegal in the English speaking world for centuries before it died out in the early 19th century. It was an affair of aristocrats and military officers, not the common people (tho no one would have noticed if it had been).
    I can see that their is an feminist argument in favor of dueling. A lady could claim an assault on her honor (true or not) & so force her husband into challenging the claimed assaulter to a duel. There is also an argument that it became too wide spread in the military, two centuries ago, because dueling was a means of gaining status.
    There is rough consensus that dueling died when the social power of aristocrats died.

  10. You know a country is working well when you have groups of private individuals barely able to spell their own name walking around ‘policing’ activities they don’t understand with military grade assault rifles. Anyone supporting this type of behavior must be totally ignorant of history and the US constitution, or a fascist.

  11. ” military grade assault rifles”

    You’re just trolling, now, aren’t you?

    Got no time for that.

  12. By the way – the “progressive” murderer used a common handgun. His victim, common civilian-grade pepper spray.

    Next narrative!

  13. Stephen Kruiser notes that the Dems are incentivized to continue the riots.
    I agree. Primarily because of biased media coverage, the Dems see no downside for continued riots in major cities. It is not as though the governance of their political machines will be challenged. If there is a clear Trump win, the riots & violence will continue. If Biden wins, same thing. If there is lengthy vote counting process, the riots continue.
    The one thing that would stop the riots is holding the ring leaders accountable.
    As always, these ringleaders are solidly middle class.
    Ruin their lives with a felony conviction.

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