This Is Your Twin Cities Media

The flotsam and jetsam of the left’s social media legion of the invincibly depraved has legs so tingly this morning at the news the POTUS and FLOTUS have Covid, they had to drag themselves hand over hand to the kitchen to make their avocado toast.

Of course, they were in Duluth before the news broke, so the Twin Cities media has jumped into high gear to investigate, not ballot harvesting (oh, good heavens, no) but just how close Minnesota’s GOP congresspeople and candidates actually were to the President.

Strib columnist Jennifer Brooks:

Don’t worry, Jen. John Thompson is on it.

If the FCOTUS recover without complications – fingers crossed, prayers being prayed – I’m almost tempted to send all these “journalists” sympathy cards.

56 thoughts on “This Is Your Twin Cities Media

  1. New Zealand has had 1854 confirmed cases of COVID, Taiwan 517, and Vietnam 1096. Currently, 377 people work in the White House.

    Verdict on Emery’s “statistics”; bulls**t. Hint; Emery, we can google this stuff, so you might do well to consult a search engine before you copy and paste again. You should be ashamed that you’ve written such nonsense anywhere, especially here.

  2. Gosh…it’s almost as if…and work with me here…that Trump’s empire of mendacity has a cost.

  3. Trump popped off Marine 1 and strutted across the lawn, and bounded up the stairs last night.

    Leftist reprobates in the media went absolutely bat shit crazy when he doffed that stupid mask. The talking point “he was gasping” could almost be seen flying across the internet, into the mouths of the slobs at MSNBCNN.

    What went over their flat heads was, he was gasping because he was exerting himself while wearing a stupid, ineffectual piece of paper across his breathing apparatus (mouth and nose). His breathing became perfectly normal after he got a couple clean breaths after he put their charade where it belonged.

    The MSNBCNN muffin heads were literally stepping on one another to spew their outrage. I detected actual sputtering… I was crying with laughter, no kidding.

    Then he paused to make a quick campaign video! The man is a marketing genius, AND the kind of Master Troll that the two witless derps that soil these comments could only dream to be.

  4. BTW. Let me go on record as saying the only thing better than boiling nothing burger Duluth would be hard boiling San Francisco, or New York City, or any of the other leftist super-spreaders of degeneracy and mental illness.

    Hell, they’re already steam cleaning the sidewalks of most all large California cities…why not just disinfect the whole fetid place by dropping loads of boiling water on them. The planes are already in place…just heat the water up.

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