The Customer Is Always Evil

Fans booed the players in the Kansas City – Texas NFL game [a week or so back – Ed].  Players, announcers, coaches and owners insist the fans are wrong.  No live anthem, anti-racism messages on the scoreboard, players kneeling instead of standing for the flag, banning fans from cheering with the tomahawk chop and war paint, NFL allowing “victim” names on helmets . . . it’s all justified and necessary and the fans should just get over it.

The NFL is already worried about losing billions of dollars if the fans can’t attend because of Covid.  But what happens if the fans won’t attend because they’re insulted?

What’s that saying again?  The customer is always . . . racist?  The customer is always . . . wrong?  The customer is always . . . it’ll come to me.  It’s on the tip of my tongue.  Gimme a minute.

Joe Doakes

The customer, whatever their politics, is always conservative – at least when it comes to spending their entertainment dollar.

Which the NFL is.

Well, used to be.

2 thoughts on “The Customer Is Always Evil

  1. the current received wisdom in corporate upper echelons is that conservatives and republicans are a vanishing demographic that lacks disposable income so it doesn’t matter if you alienate them, they weren’t going to spend any money on your product anyway. Identity politics is where the profit margin is; thats why they fawn over BLM/Antifa/LGBT interests. Apple Corp and Amazon are the gold standard here, even though the BLM/Antifa/LGBT crowd “hates” big rich corporations they all have (or aspire to have) Apple phones and computers, Alexa and a Prime account (its called Market Capture).

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