Orwell Was A Pollyanna, Part MCLXII

Freedom is slavery.

Truth is lies.

And, to Los Angeles Democrats – in this case, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti – homelessness is prosperity:

Babylon Bee can’t keep up anymore.

17 thoughts on “Orwell Was A Pollyanna, Part MCLXII

  1. Panicked Woman Scrambles To Write Down ‘$750’ Before 24-Hour News Cycle Wipes Memory Clean

    I wondered why a businessman President who owed billions in debts on loss making properties mainly based on retail or hospitality was so intent on keeping a pandemic lockdown so limited, leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    Adds a little bit more context to the push to open things up as quickly as possible despite the known risks involved.

  2. Let me see? Does the previous post have anything to do with LA? Homelessness? Dem policies and/or stupidity and evil? Life imitating BB? No? You gotta get up really early to start threadjacking. And that is about and threadjacky as ever.

  3. Emery is tasked by his masters with daily defending their good names or lacking that, besmirching the names of their enemies. He has no other meaningful purpose in his life – he lives to serve!

  4. Nice threadjack attempt, Emery. For my part, Garcetti’s idiotic comments miss the reality of homelessness that he should be intimately acquainted with; there is a portion that is economic where people can be made homeless by excessive rent and joblessness, but really, the main part of the issue is mental illness and drug addiction, and those are not necessarily linked to the economy–except to increase as joblessness goes up.

    And if we must discuss taxes paid, I’m glad to have a President who’s smart enough to hire good accountants to minimize the damage when business goes south, and he’s doing a LOT better at his job than, IMO, the previous FOUR Presidents. Worth noting is that the one prior to that was mocked as a B movie actor and an “amiable dunce”. Trump is in good company, and I thank God that the positive impacts of Trump’s economic policies are helping people out of homelessness.

  5. Amy Alcon had a great column last week about what Garcetti’s policies have done to her formerly quiet and safe residential street in Venice Beach.

    Can’t wait to see the reality program featuring The Actor Formerly Known As Prince Harry and Megan’s life living in their house in Mendocino.

  6. What do most people want from their city government?
    Basic services, like police, fire, garbage collection, road repair. All without headline-creating corruption.
    What do city politicians believe that their job is?
    Something very different than the above.

  7. When the economy is good, people have more money to pay for rent, so rent goes up, which people can’t afford to pay, so they become homeless.

    Wait, what?

  8. Nothing is ever really new and unique. You might investigate the history of James Michael Curley and the notion of the Curley Effect:

    James Michael Curley, a four-time mayor of Boston, used wasteful redistribution to his poor Irish constituents and incendiary rhetoric to encourage richer citizens to emigrate from Boston, thereby shaping the electorate in his favor.

  9. Here’s something from Forbes via the No Pasaran blog from almost eight years ago that starts with the Curley Effect and keeps on driving.

    The short of the long is that Blue Cities are as awful as they are because the majority of the residents like it that way. Apparently.

  10. When I read Curley Effect, I was thinking Moe, Larry, and Shemp’s colleague.

    Seriously, one thing I noticed when visiting California a few years back was that Palo Alto did not have RVs on the street like Mountain View did just to the south–they’d re-arranged roads to pretty much eliminate on-street parking and “informal housing” for vagrants and new arrivals to Silicon Valley. But you can only do that if you’re totally buried in money, like Palo Alto.

    Most of the RVs are inhabited by engineers with Cisco or Google or something like that. Some are inhabited by vagrants. Your safety may depend on which it is. That’s the California dream these days, having bums in your neighborhood, but you can’t do anything about it.

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