Great Job, Fredo

Just remember – according to the mainstream media, Andrew Cuomo is the smart governor.

Nearly 90% of New York bars and restaurants didn’t make their rent last month:

Eighty-seven percent of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and event spaces in the five boroughs could not pay their full August rent, according to data from 457 businesses surveyed between Aug. 25 and Sept. 11, in a new study released Monday by the nonprofit NYC Hospitality Alliance.

It’s a 7 percentage-point increase from June and a four-point jump from July, darkening the dire picture for eateries desperately seeking relief following six months of partial — and in some cases total — closure due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

Some 34 percent of this group said they could not pay rent at all last month, and only 12.9 percent were able to meet full payments.

With winter coming up, and an administration of Karens running things, NYC’s restaurant and night life scene may just start looking like the proverbial “cold Omaha”.

Although Omaha is faring much better these days.

8 thoughts on “Great Job, Fredo

  1. A lot of TC area restaurants are going to go OOB this fall & winter.
    A few connected businesses will get grants that see them through, temporarily.
    With entertainment & hotel taxes falling dramatically, property taxes & debt will increase.
    Hennepin & Ramsey county homeowners will find themselves paying higher taxes & getting fewer services in return.

  2. Hennepin & Ramsey county homeowners will find themselves paying higher taxes & getting fewer services in return

    I can’t speak about Ramsey county, but Hennepin is a rather large county that spans an awful lot of ground from downtown Mpls to the farms of Loretto and Corcoran. And diversity. Real diversity. That span of ground is matched by a span of politics as well (Corcoran is very conservative).

    Paying for the sins of Minneapolis won’t be popular.

  3. You know, I remember the movie “Escape from New York,” where they fenced in NYC as a prison. Maybe the new version will be a fence to keep people *out*.

  4. Close the restaurants and schools to protect the healthy, but refuse to clean the subways and send COVID patients into nursing homes to protect the weak and vulnerable. Great job, Mr. Cuomo.

  5. Cuomo was acting on the advice of epidemiologists and public health officials. He sent the old folks with covid back to their death trap care facilities in order to stop the hospitals from being overwhelmed, which is what the epidemiologists & public health officials feared.
    That never happened. That never would have happened.
    The “experts” were wrong, wrong, wrong.
    You also had the typical SNAFUs that occur when bureaucrats put their own goals over the common-sense actions of people. When ridership fell off in the subways, the number of trains was reduced to save money. This forced people into closer contact than they, themselves, would have chosen.
    What we have seen, in NY & elsewhere, is a spectacular failure at all levels of our ruling class.

  6. Worth noting is that around the nation, rural hospitals have been closing because of Obamacare. We could have opened COVID wards in as many of them as needed to isolate patients and then kept the standard hospitals mostly open.

    Oopsie. Great job again, Fredo.

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