Generation Plath

Consider the possibility that humans evolved over millions of years. Consider the possibility that survival traits selected for evolutionary value are different for women than men. Consider the possibility that the most evolutionary successful survival traits for women include the herd instinct, and maternal instincts.

College teaches women to be strong, independent, career-oriented people who have children late in life, if at all. Everything about modern feminist education directly contradicts the millennia of hardwired evolutionary instincts. The endless mental conflict between what society tells you to do and what your instincts tell you to do, is exhausting and depressing.

But that’s all silly, isn’t it? That’s just white privilege and mansplaining and patriarchal oppression. 

Isn’t it?

Joe Doakes

To answer your observation of the contradictions, shut up.

11 thoughts on “Generation Plath

  1. Darwin’s thesis was never “evolution” – it was adaptability to surroundings and survival of the fittest. But Darwin is the poster child for science™ vs divinity crowd and it looks like everything feminists are doing goes against nature and evolution. The progressives are literally trying to subvert evolutionary process. Science™!

  2. Until the First World War, men and women lived separate lives outside of marriage; family was the only institution where men and women freely mixed. Men worked with and for other men, women were culturally homebound. It was assumed (probably correctly) that an unrelated man and women left alone together for more than a few hours would have sex.
    Now we have workplaces where men and work together.
    The result? There is a lot of illicit sex going on. We focus on the pervs like Weinstein, but of course women sleeping their way to the top is probably more common than men demanding BJ’s from the women who work for them. Sleeping your way to the top is not illegal, demanding sex in return for a raise or a promotion is illegal.

  3. but of course women sleeping their way to the top is probably more common

    I was recently berated as a sexist pig for pointing out that Commala slept her way to the top.

  4. College teaches women to be strong, independent, career-oriented people

    You have to kinda wonder what so many of these young women think when they are plopped down in a cubicle somewhere with the prospect of a successful career that is essentially moving to bigger and better cubicles.

    So many women mislead by the leaders and founders of modern feminism who themselves were/are creepy, mentally ill, never satisfied b1tches.

  5. Tied into this (minus the Grrrl power) is that almost everyone is told they need to go to college. I know at least a dozen guys that went and got a bachelors, tried the office life, and are now doing construction or other trade with no regrets. I’ve only met one woman who voluntarily left the corporate path – she was an accountant and went back to being a bartender (much happier).

  6. Yes, smh. With a bullet. That go-to-college scam was going strong back in the 70s when I graduated from HS. Career guidance counselors actually kinda looked down on those who went the vo-tech route (or whatever it’s called now) as lesser beings. And then over the last 50 years, colleges decided not to teach, well, anything anymore if you hadn’t signed up for something medicine or engineering.

  7. jdm, well, there is still this science (as opposed to science™) thing being taught in college. I think what you are talking about is the preponderance and emphasis on “studies” as opposed to “ologies” and professional trades.

  8. jpa, that’s what I tried to say. Poorly apparently. On the other hand, I wouldn’t rest easy when progressive idiots are circling the wagon train of “ologies” declaring that “math is sexist” and “2 + 2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4”.

  9. “math is sexist” and “2 + 2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4”

    Well, since EVERYTHING, including divinity, in the universe(s) can be expressed by a mathematical equation, it just follows that math, the only true, unambiguous, foundational science, should bear the brunt of the attack of progressive science™ accolytes. “Truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

  10. The reasoning of today’s Left lacks intellectual rigor. That is why they go to such lengths to stifle debate.
    If everything is a social construct, isn’t the belief that everything is a social construct also a social construct?
    Axioms are things that are assumed true as a starting point for discussion, or are so obvious that proving their truth would be a waste of time.
    The idea that everything is a social construct is neither of these.

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