The Democrat Party’s Stormtroopers

On this, the anniversary of the last major catastrophic attack from without, it’s time to look at a potentially vastly more devastating attack from within.

Worse than 9/11?

Very likely, yes.

“Anti”-Fa – which, we are assured, doesn’t actually exist, except in the earnest hearts of a bunch idealistic kids – is worse than a “terrorist organization”. It is an invading army.

Read this account. While the website it’s on my whisper “sketchy”, the narrative presented should scare the living bejeebers out of you, if “defending freedom against “Progressivism’s” direct action arm” is your goal.

The final graf:

Bottom line: don’t go to an Antifa protest where you can put yourself in that situation. And if you find yourself in that situation, expect them to employ tactics that take away your situational awareness, and complicate the use of force continuum.”

But you should read the whole thing.

Worst part?

There are two, really.

First – the Normals, Real Americans, believe that because the good guys have most of the guns that Big Left – which they see as a bunch of aging hippies, Grievance Studies professors and shrieky, spoiled, over-schooled / undereducated millennials, and not without justification over 90% of the time – will lose if civil society ever does collapse and anarchy reigns.

But there are things more important than just having the guns. A plan. Some semblance of training, leading to some semblance of teamwork under stress. Infrastructure to support your operations.

Big Left has all these. And, now, guns.

The Second Amendment alone isn’t enough.

And, we’re told, either is the First Amendment – where Big Left’s information analogue is doing to “journalism” what their neo-Brownshirt arm is doing to opposition on the streets.

It’s high time Real America took this seriously. This isn’t “protest”. It’s not even “rioting”. This is an armed, trained, organized insurgency. It needs to be treated as such.

57 thoughts on “The Democrat Party’s Stormtroopers

  1. I dunno, Emery. Joe Biden sounded awful confident in the campaign ad. He has the same data as everone else and he’s drawing strong conclusions from it.

    I just want to know how he’s going to defeat the virus, what his March plan was that he’s still going to implement. I’ve asked you repeatedly to tell us what should be done but you never answer, which leads me to believe you don’t know, either.

  2. “I wanted to always play it down,” Mr Trump told Mr Woodward, according to a recording of a telephone conversation between the pair. “I still like playing it down.” Mr Trump continued ~ NYT

    Translation: I lied as long as I could until the death reports kicked me in the face.

    Leadership During a Crisis:
    1. Sow Panic: No
    2. Pretend Everything is Fine: No
    3. Level with People, Get to Work: Yes

    Every single government that has succeeded in responding to coronavirus (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Greece, Uruguay…) has picked option 3.

    Trump was the one getting the Presidential Daily Briefings warning about the virus, and the advisories from the NIH and CDC. To try to tar state and local leaders who did not have the same access to these resources is absurd.

    Absurdity, of course, is all Trump and his apologists have.

  3. Emery,
    “Trump (and congressional leadership: including Pelosi & Schumer) was the one getting the Daily Security Briefing warnings about the virus, and the advisories from the NIH and CDC. To try to tar state and local leaders who did not have the same access to these resources is absurd.”

    I fixed that for you.
    Now the question to you Emery is why were Nancy and Chuck so quiet about this existential danger to the republic? Knowing what was in those daily briefings why did Nancy actively promote(see chinatown episode) activities that would exacerbate the crisis? Why do Chuck and Nancy exult at every new uptick in the death toll? And finally why is the $7million cold storage morgue facility that the Sate of MN purchased sitting empty?

  4. Wasn’t Trump right to play down the threat of the virus?
    The expert epidemiologists at WHO and the CDC were predicting two or three million dead by now.
    I would much rather that journalists would ask the lockdown governors what, exactly, is the goal of teh lockdown, and how will they know if it is working?
    New Zealand had a total lockdown and quarantine. After 110 days of no positive covid testing, they had an out break, they are up to 70 or 80 active cases now.
    What the Hell?
    Where are the journalists?

  5. Trump’s disregard and downplaying of the Coronavirus is painfully evident by simply looking at the numbers. Verifying Trump’s ineptitude through recorded conversations fall in that same category.

  6. So Trump could have snapped his fingers or issued an executive order, and the ‘rona wouldn’t have killed all those people, despite Democratic governors who were insisting nursing homes were a safe place to put ‘rona patients while refusing to clean subways and stop riots?

    Word to the wise, Emery; don’t eat spicy food and beans and then smoke, ’cause you’ll blow your head off. Honestly, it’s like you’re trying to outdo previous stupidity every day.

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