The Democrat Party’s Stormtroopers

On this, the anniversary of the last major catastrophic attack from without, it’s time to look at a potentially vastly more devastating attack from within.

Worse than 9/11?

Very likely, yes.

“Anti”-Fa – which, we are assured, doesn’t actually exist, except in the earnest hearts of a bunch idealistic kids – is worse than a “terrorist organization”. It is an invading army.

Read this account. While the website it’s on my whisper “sketchy”, the narrative presented should scare the living bejeebers out of you, if “defending freedom against “Progressivism’s” direct action arm” is your goal.

The final graf:

Bottom line: don’t go to an Antifa protest where you can put yourself in that situation. And if you find yourself in that situation, expect them to employ tactics that take away your situational awareness, and complicate the use of force continuum.”

But you should read the whole thing.

Worst part?

There are two, really.

First – the Normals, Real Americans, believe that because the good guys have most of the guns that Big Left – which they see as a bunch of aging hippies, Grievance Studies professors and shrieky, spoiled, over-schooled / undereducated millennials, and not without justification over 90% of the time – will lose if civil society ever does collapse and anarchy reigns.

But there are things more important than just having the guns. A plan. Some semblance of training, leading to some semblance of teamwork under stress. Infrastructure to support your operations.

Big Left has all these. And, now, guns.

The Second Amendment alone isn’t enough.

And, we’re told, either is the First Amendment – where Big Left’s information analogue is doing to “journalism” what their neo-Brownshirt arm is doing to opposition on the streets.

It’s high time Real America took this seriously. This isn’t “protest”. It’s not even “rioting”. This is an armed, trained, organized insurgency. It needs to be treated as such.

57 thoughts on “The Democrat Party’s Stormtroopers

  1. On 9/11/2001, it wasn’t Republicans or Democrats that were attacked, but the United States.

    Today is a reminder that we are all Americans first.

  2. Mitch, I have actually met one of the guys that writes for American Partisan.

    A good friend lives on family land in the mountains of Western NC, and hosts gatherings of precision shooters from time to time. He has a rifle range that accommodates 1200 yd shots, which I have personally seen him (cowering from a safe distance) shred many times with his RPR chambered in .338 Lapua. (Of course, given my irrational fear of firearms I stay in the house with the women who are not out there showing the fellas how it’s done.)

    I’m not gonna say who, or where exactly because your blog is visited by at least 2 America hating leftist reprobates that we know of…God only knows what other manner of vile creature is out there lurking. But I can say that the guy I met was the real deal, not sketchy at all.

  3. Also, re: the link, I’d like to observe that the only thing between the vile creatures that attacked those 4, and a thorough blood letting from the 4, was the confidence of the 4 in our legal system. Those guys had things to lose; kids and wives they are responsible to provide for, and wouldn’t take the chance of killings that could not be 100% defended in court.

    Today, a judge in Minneapolis is going to rule on motions to dismiss from the 3 cops that, despite their MPD training, didn’t have their knees on Fentynal George’s neck. The outcome should be a given, since the autopsy has vindicated all of them, and Americans are watching.

    If the motion is not granted, guys like the 4 will step that much further from their confidence. If and when the reprobate left anally rapes out electoral system in November, many will have cause to consider what it means when neither the courts or the Democratic system as practiced by 1/2 of the country can be trusted to protect them, and their families.

    In the aftermath, I might suspect mobs of filthy, smelly, drug addled leftists roaming free in Leftist, shit-hole cities, may get a different response the next time they confront a group of armed Americans with violence.

  4. Also, re: the link, I’d like to observe that the only thing between the vile creatures that attacked those 4, and a thorough blood letting from the 4, was the confidence of the 4 in our legal system

    I’d agree and add that if those four were actually going in to fight, they wouldn’t walk in, “okie-dokie, hey! what you guys doing?”. Also, the battleground is/was set up for and filled with the little fascists. There are better locales to confront them.

  5. I stand corrected. Evidently the judge is not going to rule on the dismissal of charges today…but he is setting the table to do so, IMO.

    “Judge disqualifies Mike Freeman’s office for ‘sloppy’ work in George Floyd case”

    “According to the television reporters covering the hearing from an overflow room, Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill decided to disqualify Freeman and his staff from the case, calling their work “sloppy” because they sent prosecutors to question the medical examiner, making them witnesses in the case.”

    The judge is citing malfeasance in dismissing Freeman and his flying monkeys. There is zero chance that shit will not roll downhill from here; just consider the inflammatory shit Ellison has said.

    The judge knows there will be violence if and when those cops are released; he’s giving everyone fair warning. If he was smart (he’s not), Walz would be making plans to defend large urban areas with concentrated populations of white leftists and Negroes.

  6. The point where they had their situational awareness taken from them. That’s what shocked me. I don’t know the guys, but I’ve likely been through some of the training – tear gas and pepper spray gets used in training to build up a tolerance. You’re still going to not love it, but it hurts less. Strobes to disorient? Not uncommon, especially in non-live fire shoot houses. These guys had that done to them within moments. I’d agree that they still were thinking in a lawful world manner. Not able to distinguish targets and the background, so don’t take the shot. If I recall, one is a CCW instructor.

    That the police were there undercover, unable to respond without getting themselves in trouble, is the telling part. The website has a few other Antifa articles – the breakdown of the on the ground organization, and their commo gear was quite interesting.

  7. Further observations.

    The Strickle story relates the courthouse is surrounded by concrete barriers and chain link fences, topped with barbed wire to protect the proceedings from the filthy, leftist mob that had gathered outside. Does anyone doubt there were snipers on the roof?

    Recall, if you will friends, all it took to stand down a mob of angry, armed, uneducated white farmers, intent on lynching a Negro… accused of raping a white woman in 1935 Alabama, mind you, was Atticus Finch sitting on the steps, reading a book from a rocking chair.

    That fictitious scene was wholly believable because Americans, North and South, believed Atticus knew he could appeal to the morality and humanity of that mob…we were Americans in all that means.

    Such a tactic can no longer be reasonably expected to succeed in the current year when dealing with the reprobate left.

  8. I’m trying to figure out what the dismissal of Freeman and his team will mean, especially with with Ellison’s pro bono Dream Team jumping in, and the implications of making the Medical Examiner a witness (the ME’s report of likely overdose will likely be submitted as evidence, regardless).

    Walz, Frey, Ellison and the StarTribune have consistently referred to the “killing of George Floyd” in their statements and reporting. The Pioneer Press did that for awhile as well, but lately (but not always) has switched to referring to the “death of George Floyd while in police custody”.

    Also, given the messaging and chants outside the courthouse today, it seems like a compelling case for a change of venue, at least.

  9. smh, I’m a tactical illiterate that is likely to be found hiding with the women and kids, but I am tempted to believe that if those 4 guys, all armed, and all military trained, had decided it was time to deploy their weapons, they could have dispersed (which would have removed the strobes as a hindrance), taken up cross fire positions and cleared a path pretty damn quick.

    Their problem, as stated in the article, was they couldn’t determine who was throwing rocks, hitting them with bats or just spewing threats and smoking blunts. In a combat situation (so I’m told), those niceties soon go by the wayside…especially when there is no fear of legal repercussions.

    I was a credentialed member of the press during the 2008 GOP convention in St. Paul (it’s true, look it up!). I was tear gassed several times and accosted by noodle armed, leftist asswipes across the street from their HQ on Smith Street.

    When they saw me recording them, several came across to confront me. Although, admittedly I did have some on my MC club members nearby (at my house), I was alone for the duration of the incident. They tried to surround me, but I had put a building to my back, and they realized I wasn’t going to play games.

    As I waked down the block towards my bike, they followed on both sides of the street; there was no way I was going to lead them to my bike. Situational awareness told me they were 15′ behind me on my side and that at the next corner, there was an alley no more than 10′ down that block. I turned, dashed the 10′ and waited for them to pass the alley. The momentum they thought they had evaporated the minute I clothes-lined the first reprobate. The tune changed zippy quick.

    Unsurprisingly, a noodle armed twat came running across the street and claimed to be a lawyer from the NLG, so I had better stop being mean! (What was that guy’s name Mitch?)

    There used to be a video up on True North blog of that incident, but it’s gone. Maybe someone from True North still has it archived.

    My point is this. If I, a quivering mass of jelly, can figure out how to deal with noodle armed twats, trained military killers can certainly handle the job without trouble.

    The only thing standing between Antifa and a really bad day is American’s trust in our legal system. That’s it.

  10. I’d amend that to say “Fear” of our legal system.

    I know that if I drive down the wrong street and suddenly find myself surrounded by a bunch of Antifa thugs trying to drag me from my car to beat me to death, I would want to floor the gas pedal to escape except I know the person who will be arrested is . . . me.

    If I go for a walk in the neighborhood and four “youth” jump out of a car to dash over and club me to take my wallet and cell phone, I would want to pull out my permitted concealed pistol and shoot them except I know the person who will be arrested is . . . me.

    If ordinary citizens had no fear of the legal system coming after the easy target (the old white man with a job and a house) instead of going after the difficult target (the youth whose life matters but who has no visible means of support and no permanent address), then yeah, there would be a spasm of violence after which the streets would be peaceful.

    The Instapundit is right: the cops aren’t protecting society from the criminals, they’re protecting the criminals from society. For now. And that’s the great risk Democrats run with these shenanigans: they might not be able to rein in the tiger at the end of the ride.

  11. I’d amend that to say “Fear” of our legal system.

    Well, yeah. But the fear of our legal system is completely dependent on the majority of Americans considering it legitimate. That’s especially true when it comes to family members. When Dad takes Johnny aside, and hands him a black rifle and says “Son, our system has collapsed; it’s win or die”, it’s on, baby.

    When comes the point when white, middle class Americans realize the legal system will no longer protect their lives and property; when they realize their jobs, their credit cards, their bank accounts hang on the whim of the degenerate mob (and friend, we are soooo close to being there), and they realize they cannot vote their way out, they suddenly are on equal footing with the smelly, jobless, drug addled reprobates the leftist elite send out to do the wet work: Nothing left to lose.

    As the late, Janis Joplin sang: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free…”

    And when that happens…it’s gonna get real messy, real quick.

  12. I always used to think that if progressives run amok, the armed forces, national guard and police would NOT go after the law-abiding citizens if they choose to defend themselves. That sheriffs would revolt before going house to house with SWAT teams to confiscate legally owned fireams. I no longer think so. We no longer have the rule of law, and if top brass action at the Pentagon is any indication, there is little honor left there as well to uphold the Constitution.

  13. jpa, the coppers will go with the side they believe will secure their pensions. Period.

    Military is a different deal. I have faith in the National Guard. The US Army somewhat less so.

    But remember where the hardware is kept locally, and who controls it: that’s what’s important.

  14. I wish not, jpa. But yeah, I think armed conflict is inevitable. And I have no illusions that it’s gonna be one big party for anyone.

    The chances of surviving large scale armed conflict 1/1 diminish log(10) monthly after 50 years of age.

    For guys like me, that fear firearms…well, we’re done.

  15. I should say the chances of surviving large scale armed conflict 1/1 diminish log(10) monthly after a person reaches 50 years of age.

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  17. Which brings us to the next point: if we believe Antifa won’t stop after Trump is reelected, and we believe local civil authorities will throw in with the mob against us, then we expect the entire nation to become Portland where we’re basically waiting to be killed or arrested.

    So what’s Plan B?

  18. Accept reality people. When we have a vaccine for the Trump virus we can return to a sense of normalcy.

  19. The Dakota’s lead the nation in case count per capita.. after rejecting masks.

    And Iowa has the highest per capita case rate in the world…

    All lead by the GOP.

    Care for more sophistry? Just tune in to Mitch’s blog.

    For example, BS like Democratic Stormtroopers.. when Trump sends in thugs to Portland to detain people without charge using unmarked cars and without proper identification.

    For those of you seeking to be told sweet little deceptions, you are in the right place.

  20. Mitch, I realize that your favorite tactic is to project your deepest flaws on your opponents as a way to deflect/defend the far right from it’s most egregious failings and flaws… but let’s talk about storm troopers for a moment.

    That’s right, seize ballots and throw them out, steal the election, send in the police, nationalize police forces, arrest political opponents… from Roger Stone, Trump’s close friend and enabler…

    And you’re worried about laws doing things like restricting magazine capacities.

    Projection – you have a friend in Mitch.

  21. My goodness, what a blithering idiot is the p-boy. It isn’t even hard.

    but let’s talk about storm troopers for a moment

    followed by a link to comments made by Roger Stone. Yes, that Roger Stone. Yes, let’s talk about storm troopers.

    Now, for what is truly scandalous about [66 year old] Roger Stone’s arrest: the manner in which it was carried out. The arrest was preserved on video because someone–presumably either the FBI or Mueller’s team–tipped off CNN, and CNN had cameras stationed in front of Stone’s residence at 5:00 in the morning. The video shows a dozen heavily armed FBI agents carrying out what can fairly be described as a paramilitary operation against Stone’s home. Why? Was there some reason to think Stone was so dangerous that it required a pre-dawn raid by a dozen agents with AR-15s to take him into custody?

  22. Sorry Paddywhacker.

    As I have said before, using extreme left wing sources like media matters to support your screeds, eliminates ANY credibility you had. You are exhibiting classic TDS and your hypocrisy. So much for the party of inclusion, acceptance and coexistence.

  23. Antifa is like, ten guys in black hoodies. They can’t organize anything. They have opinions. They are probably all theater majors.

    The right produced Timothy McVeigh. Did we all forget about him? Right wing white supremacist violence has been a threat to American democracy since the Confederacy, KKK and Jim Crow. Talking about anything else is just a distraction.

  24. Swiftee,

    I’m not gonna say who, or where exactly because your blog is visited by at least 2 America hating leftist reprobates that we know of…God only knows what other manner of vile creature is out there lurking. But I can say that the guy I met was the real deal, not sketchy at all.

    Noted, and thanks for the info.

  25. The right produced Timothy McVeigh. Did we all forget about him?

    Certainly not.

    The “right” produced the Posse Comitatus, the Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord, Christian Identity, the National Socialist White Peoples’ Party, and a few more such groups in the wake of the crushing of the Klan in the seventies.

    What do they all have in common?

    In the eighties, they existed. By the mid-nineties, all were gone…

    …except McVeigh. Who was, himself, something of a last gasp for Christian Identity – a counterattack after the Feds pretty well gutted that fish from the head.

    Does the fact that you had to go back 25 years to find a white supremacist who actually did anything trigger any reflection on your point?

  26. There will be no civil war. The conditions that led to the American Civil War of 1860-1865 are not easily duplicated.
    However, civil disorder is not impossible. The strength of the federal government lies in its ability to issue debt, not enforce plenary law. If the feds mandate mask wearing, and the local sheriff or PD refuses to enforce the order, what are the feds going to do? Send in the FBI? They ain’t got enough agents.
    Governors and state legislatures have plenary power.
    If you look at the collapse of the Roman Empire, you don’t see the Hollywood thing with barbarians tearing down the central government by physically destroying things. What you see is the collapse of central authority, with regional governors and military commanders taking control when the central government in Rome became unreliable.
    It may be hard to recognize this, but the Left is playing a losing hand. They are sending cavalry into battle in the age of tanks.

  27. I detect panic in teh little Peevee’s maniacal raving today. I suspect his neighbor, Nate Silver, gave him the bad news at the community pot luck. The data says Drumpf gets another 4 scoops of ice cream.

    Peevee’s hopes for a tranny Chairbeing of the Joint Chiefs Facilitators of Staff are dashed. #Sad

  28. Re: jdm — [get me] Roger Stone

    I too think Stone has been treated unfairly, he should have been facing 20 years. He has been found guilty of 7 felonies including perjury and witness tampering. These are serious crimes that are typical of organized crime and corruption. Roger Stone attempted to tamper with witnesses, which is far more what we expect from El Chapo’s team, rather than an American political party.

    He is a person who had tremendous opportunities in life, but chose to use them to make the world a dirtier, nastier, and less truthful place.
    20 years seems appropriate

  29. Pseudo Epidemiologist Dr Marimba Overload wrote: “There will be no civil war. The conditions that led to the American Civil War of 1860-1865 are not easily duplicated.”

    The situation in American starts to bear parallels with the European revolutions of 1848, when de Tocqueville wrote in his Recollections, “Society was cut in two: those who had nothing united in common envy, and those who had anything united in common terror.”

  30. Hey, little guy, that antifa thing no fun anymore? Yeah, let’s do Roger Stone. Remember his trial? Good times.

    The jury foreman, under oath no less, testified that she had no recollection of who Roger Stone was. Even tho’ she did and hid her bias (Trump supporters are racists).

    Or that one of the federal prosecutors – JP Cooney – just violated the judge’s order and identified a Roger Stone juror? And all the prosecutors that were removed and/or resigned?

    And then, the DC Jury found Roger Stone guilty of seven counts of process crimes. You know, non-violent crimes, the kind for which Biden stated nobody should be in jail – well, except Trump supporters apparently. And process crimes? You know, the same crimes that Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, etc. are *not* being charged with. Or Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al for that matter.

    But you know, a two-track justice system. One for your guys and another for those, um, lesser types. Deplorables. You know! Trump supporters.

  31. Compare and contrast (right) Timothy McVeigh and (left) Bill Ayers.

    Timmy’s sh*t worked.

    Billy’s blew up his friends.

    Timmy got a lethal injection

    Billy became a media star and hung out with a future president.

  32. The conditions for the first Civil War included distinct geographical separation of distinct cultural attitudes. Not completely, of course: there were Abolitionists in the South and Southern sympathizers in the North. The biggest difference was the North’s willingness to impose its culture on the South over their objection.

    That attitude remains in every Karen hectoring people eating picnics in the park to put on their masks between bites and sit on separate blankets six feet apart. It remains in federal bureaucrats’ plans to build low income housing plantations in every small town, to spread the poverty and crime around. It remains in every college classroom holding struggle sessions for White students to confess their inherited guilt for all of Western Civilization.

    Instead of sharp battle lines on state borders, we have a rough division between urban and rural areas but that’s eroded by commuters. We’re less likely to see North against South and more likely to see Liberal against Conservative. Our Civil War could resemble Rwanda or Kosovo where nobody knows who the enemy is until they strike, in small groups, in the dark. That will force people to form vigilante groups, then move together into defensible compounds, to establish roadblocks to keep out raiders, to engage in raiding themselves for supplies when deliveries are interrupted, to find their own safe drinking water, their own crude wastewater sanitation, their own primitive medical care. The model isn’t hard to imagine – just look at the photos from recent conflicts and mentally color the faces white, the hair blonde.

    And yes, I do blame the Left. They’re the ones pushing, pushing, always pushing their cultural attitude on the rest of us. I much prefer Sarah Hoyt’s tongue-in-cheek Libertarian model: Diligently Plotting to Take Over the World and Leave Us Alone.

  33. At this point, this post is mature enough to have withstood the slings and arrows of outrageous threadjacks, so what’s one more?

    Apparently, as if things couldn’t get any more weird, George Floyd was a snitch. You know, like for the police. I’ve seen no other confirmations, but that doc scan looks pretty real. JD?

  34. Back in 1966 at the height of the Cold War there was a brilliant movie produced by Norman Jewison, starring Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint and Alan Arkin called The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming. It is a comedy about a Russian submarine that gets accidentally grounded off a small New England island and the subsequent chaos that ensues as rumors spread through the town about a Russian invasion and how the town has to defend itself. Perhaps it is time for a remake, this time featuring Antifa instead of Russians. Maybe, just maybe some humor will demonstrate the insanity of the situation.

  35. The Emery’s are sycophant apologists devoted to deflecting, defending, denying, and dissembling on behalf of serial murderers (lets name them; Cuomo, deBlasio, Whitmer, Lightfoot, Walz, Malcom, Inslee, Newsom, Pelosi, Schumer, and Harris) whom they knowingly aid and abet in their crimes. It is Emery’s assigned task to anesthetize the lumpenbourgeoise to the real goals of BLM/Antifa which is why he/they would direct you to an insipid bit of Hollywood as though it were a credible argument. I’ve seen the movie it doesn’t survive the test of time, in fact it had failed that test by 1970.

  36. Each of the people who led Trump’s 2016 campaign has been charged with or convicted of criminal behavior since he announced his candidacy. So has his deputy campaign manager. His personal attorney. His first national security adviser and his long-time political adviser.

    There seems to be some pattern here.

    Having one criminal campaign manager may be regarded as a misfortune, having two looks like carelessness, having three just screams that you belong to the mob.
    (Apologies to Oscar Wilde)

    Over 1000 Americans died of Covid yesterday. Meanwhile in Canada they had zero Covid deaths….

    Just a reminder that every wealthy nation is reopening and has the virus contained, except us.

  37. Oh, Pig, let’s not be so dismissive of the the little fella’s ideas. So that Russian sub was inside national waters spying on the US, let’s come up with something similar. Hey, I know! Howzabout an Antifa’s ‘Riot Kitchen’ van gets a flat outside a small town on the way to, let’s say Mpls. I’m sure some clever writers could have a lot of fun with normal people exaggerating and over-reacting to the dangers of Antifa/BLM activists in their community. It could be fun and a good learning experience for us all to remember that just because some weird, psychotic misfits expressing hatred for everything and everyone normal, that there’s some good in us all.

    See? I feel better already.

  38. “Each of the people who led Trump’s 2016 campaign has been charged with or convicted of criminal behavior”

    Emery wishes to direct attention away from his murderous masters and his own willing role aiding and abetting them in their criminal activities.

  39. Trump spent six months telling his Trumpalos how bad China was for not reporting the true extent of the virus.

    Now he is trying to explain why he did the exact same thing, just to protect his followers feelings.

    You Trumpalos still dumb enough to believe this?

  40. Emery, it doesn’t matter what color lipstick you put on your pig, you are still an accomplice to murder!

  41. Emery on September 13, 2020 at 1:36 pm said:

    Trump spent six months telling his Trumpalos how bad China was for not reporting the true extent of the virus.

    Now he is trying to explain why he did the exact same thing, just to protect his followers feelings.

    Oh, what bullshit. How many doctors did T silence or imprison?
    You lack the most elementary ability to analyze problems.
    China is 100% responsible for the virus becoming a global pandemic. Only lunatic TDS sufferers believe otherwise.

  42. Watched a Biden campaign commercial last night. As soon as he’s elected, he’ll stop the Covid by implementing the virus plan he’s been advocating for since March. Things will get done the way they should have been done, from the beginning.

    I got distracted partway through and didn’t hear the specifics. Did anybody else catch them? Because the things he mentioned – getting protective gear to health care workers, increasing testing – are all things we’re already doing and they haven’t stopped the virus yet. His plan must be spectacular and I’m sorry I missed it.

    Can someone fill me in?


  43. There is no plan to stop the virus.
    What there is, is a plan to control every aspect of your life: where you can go, what you can do, what you will wear.
    Walz & Evers will never lift their “emergency” restrictions. Why would they?
    New Zealand had an outbreak after more than 100 days with no positive tests.
    If you think that Walz and Evers will ever reach the point where they are willing to stop requiring masks and allow all businesses to reopen, you are a nut case.

  44. ^^ You are pretending to have certainty that just doesn’t exist. Only a fool would draw strong conclusions from sketchy data.

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