We knew the numbers were bullshit, but not why.  This article explains why – any trace of the virus counts as a “case” even if the amount is so tiny the carrier is not sick or not even contagious.

Once again, the numbers have been inflated to frighten the public into believing they are in danger and it’s all Trump’s fault so they must vote for Biden if they value their lives.

Sickening lies, all of them.

Joe Doakes

Rahm Emanuel told them never to waste a crisis.

They don’t.

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  1. Speaking of traces, let me see if I get this right. If you are vaccinated against small pox, you are carrying small pox anti-bodies and will test “positive” for small pox. Are you considered a “case” of small pox? So similarly, when people get vaccinated for Wuhan Flu, will they now test positive for it, driving up “cases”, necessitating further destruction of economy as practiced by the science™ acolytes?

  2. Rahm Emanuel told them never to waste a crisis

    It’s interesting how “they” are always ready to take advantage of a crisis, but not so capable of resolving it. The malicious mendacity of the Blue Flu scandal is so profound we will probably never know the whole story.

  3. Angry: a little different. The article refers to the PCR method of detecting actual virus. It doesn’t quantity how much. If there was a PCR for the presence of money in your bank, the amplification would show a middle class guy as being as wealthy as a millionaire. Right now people get tested for Covid whether they feel sick or not. When I used to test people for influenza I would just test the sick ones. So a positive test confirmed the illness was likely influenza and we could type it as A or B variety.

  4. money in the bank . . . thanks, Golfdoc, that’s an excellent analogy. Mind if I steal it?

  5. golfdoc50,

    A couple of nurses I know have told me that several strains of the common cold, are corona viruses. They tell me that with the current Covid tests, a positive will be indicated 99% of the time, because it actually detected that strain of cold viruses.

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