Blue Fragility: Be It Resolved

Whereas the United States’s death toll per million citizens ranks as the eighth-highest among significant nations (forget about Andorra and San Marino), at 572 Covid fatalities per million…:

All graphs taken from Worldometers, September 2, 2020. Make sure you sort by the Deaths per Million column, or you won’t be any smarter or better informed than a Strib reporter.

And whereas every state with a death toll (in fatalities per million) higher than 572 per million (as of September 2, 2020) is a “blue”, Democrat-run state with the sole exception of Mississippi:

And whereas within even those states, the overwhelming concentration of the death toll in terms of fatalities per million is in those states’ “blue”, Democrat-run urban areas (Example: New York):

(Example. California):

And whereas the states about which the American left has been caterwaulilng about – Florida and Texas – have per-million fatality rates below the de factor national average of 572 per million

(and whereas even in those examples, the fatalilties are overwhelmingly concentrated in Democrat-run areas within those Republican-run states (Texas shown below),


Notwithstanding the fact that after months of insisting that “Red” states were going to get completely bludgeoned by the virus, any day now, every single state (with the exception of sparsely populated Vermont and Maine and isolated Hawaii) in the bottom 15 states in terms of fatalities per million is a Republican-run state, even after the resurgence of infections in July, and

Wheras the deaths among the most vulnerable, the elderly, are overwhelmingly concentrated in “Blue”, Democrat-run states from New York to Minnesota, as a result of policies that were systematically abjiured in “Red” States, and

Whereas terms like ‘Wuhan Flu” and “China Vinus” are, we are told, inaccurate not to mention racist,

Be it resolved that from now on, the Covid-19 virus shall be known as “The Blue City Democrat Plague“.

83 thoughts on “Blue Fragility: Be It Resolved

  1. “CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions”
    Usually multiple comorbidities.
    Does this mean that the disease is hoax? No.
    It means that the disease is deadly to an identifiable subset of the population. The idea that we are all at equal risk of contracting and dying from covid-19 is a hoax that has embraced by the media.
    Take common sense precautions, protect at-risk populations, and isolate the sick.
    This is what I have been calling for since the beginning of the pandemic. It is simple common sense, meaning that it is a plan that is utterly inconceivable to the “health care experts” and the politicians who believed them. Together they have crashed the world’s most important economies and trampled on the civil rights of Americans.

  2. Think of how many grandparents had to suffer and ultimately die, under the likes of pathetic piss ant fascist dictators like Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, Walz and Newsom. As directed by the constitution, Trump let the states handle their own issues, but offered to back them up if they needed it. Hospital ships were sent to the two most populated cities in the country, only to depart a month later, because the “thousands of infected patients”, failed to materialize. ICUs were at normal traffic levels, despite the narrative of the media and TDS affected medical personnel trying to cash in on the higher payments from Medicare for covid patients. What happened to the narrative that “as many as 4 million people could die from the virus”? Not even close to that “model”, which was just one of the models that were flawed. Even Emery’s lord and master, Dr. Fraud Tony Fauci, gave praise to Trump for the way he handled the travel restrictions and Fed response. Emery picks his babbling points from any similarly affected medical people, celebrities and world leaders that criticized the travel bans, only to then implement them in their countries.

  3. Mitch, this post is a stinking pile and I’m growing increasingly convinced I’m wasting my time. I thought I’d try to engage in some sort of civil discussion but there is both no civility, there is no discussion

    Where’s the incivility?

    I presented the facts. Plain and simple.

    Your response – well, the on-topic one, anyway – was “treatments have evolved”, and presumably the demographics of the fatalities will change.

    Fine, maybe – maybe one of your neighbors is a fortune-teller.

    But the data shows, unmistakably, that back in March through June, Blue policies killed tens of thousands, and red policies didn’t.

    I don’t even need tor re-state it. It’s all right up there.

    Where’s the “incivility?”

  4. Does this mean that the disease is hoax? No.
    It means that the disease is deadly to an identifiable subset of the population. The idea that we are all at equal risk of contracting and dying from covid-19 is a hoax that has embraced by the media.

    I’ve lost 80 pounds in the past two years, as well as a whole bunch of blood pressure.

    I’ve never missed them less.

  5. We’ve lost an entire year of our lives. A year.

    Biden should make a big deal out of this. It cuts through all demographics. Other wealthy countries are back to almost normal. We probably have another year of grandparents not seeing grandkids, missed friends, lost camaraderie. Trump’s incompetence took a year of our lives.

  6. Trump’s incompetence. You keep using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    We do things differently here in America, than what you’re used to. Here, the governors of the several states are in charge of local regulations such as isolated grandparents, prohibited worship services, banned gatherings. The President has no authority to impose such restrictions, or to lift them once imposed.

    Failing to usurp the authority of others is not incompetence.

  7. Yet, where there are GOP governors in the US, life is mostly normal.
    The UK is still locked down, as are most European countries.
    Emery’s comment is, as usual,lies.

  8. I’m writing this from my boat, which is currently plying the waters of lake Hartwell.We have a full compliment on board, and were heading for an island to cook lunch.

    There are thousands of boats out. People fishing, skiing and laughing. On shore, the smell of BBQ wafts from lake shore houses.

    Until I came here, I hadn’t thought about bat flu, at all. In fact, if I didn’t watch the news or read the fake news media, I would have forgotten about the Dempanic completely months ago.

    Of course, Our Governor didn’t assume dictatorial special powers…none of our cities were burned down by smelly, drug addled leftists and looting Negroes. Our resturaunts are open, and people can enjoy their meals without worrying about the aforementioned leftists and Negroes barging in and overturning tables.

    It’s just another beautiful day in real America. And now, back to it!

  9. Pseudo Epidemiologist Dr Woolly wrote:
    “The UK is still locked down, as are most European countries.”

    I have also come to the conclusion that Johnson is the same as Trump, they do not understand the concept of deeper lying issues or root causes behind anything. All they can focus on is immediate issues, a bit like only treating the symptoms only, there is no capability or interest of developing a strategy to tackle the deeper issues.

    Trump, Johnson, Putin, Bolsonaro, Lukashenko. Birds of a feather.

  10. Squid Swiftee wrote: “I’m writing this from my boat, which is currently plying the waters of lake Hartwell.”

    You be careful out there— there were Trump boats under heavy attack by Lake Travis yesterday. No doubt—Antifa frogman and not a shot fired….

  11. Other wealthy countries are back to almost normal.

    You really think people here can’t check up on your lies? Here’s two headlines from today’s Jylland’s Post (Denmark) (yeah, I know I’m gonna get moderated). Doesn’t sound like back to normal to me.

    Sundhedsministeren: Private sammenkomster er en alvorlig smittespreder – overvej at udskyde igen

    [Minister of Health: Private get-togethers are a serious disease spreader – consider delaying again]

    Overblik: Her er de skærpede restriktioner for 18 kommuner

    [Overview – Here are the increased restrictions for 18 “counties”]

  12. We’ve lost an entire year of our lives. A year.

    Well, some of us have.

    Citizens in states that relied on personal responsibility? Not so much.

    Me? Well, I lost a lot of social life, and most of the benefits of living in a city. But not only has it been a productive year, but I had covid myself. Life is what you make of it.

    Point, I guess, being don’t presume to speak for the collective “we”.

  13. Here’s something else European:
    In Spain, cops try to detain a woman for not wearing her mask. A dozen people throw off their masks and wrestle the lady from their grasps.

    This is what it’s going to take to quell this nonsense.

    Doesn’t look like normal to me.

  14. I’d be interested in learning more about your deeper strategy for preventing a virus from spreading, Emery.

    As far as I can tell, the ONLY technique that has EVER worked in ALL of human history to prevent the spread of a virus is: quarantine the infected until the vulnerable die off, then burn the bodies.

    But I’m anxious to be educated. Pray, tell us your plan.

  15. MBerg said: “Point, I guess, being don’t presume to speak for the collective “we”.

    I live on a lake in northern MN — my life is good. But it’s not always about me….

    I was mostly referring to the economy. We’re not creating jobs, people are just going back to work — but not nearly enough. We’re still at a deficit from 2016.

    I was also referring to youth sports activities, places of worship, popular sports events and music festivals.

    Anecdotally — One of my renters had their 1st grandchild who was born earlier this year. The rub is that the grandchild resides in Germany and as a result of Covid travel restrictions they are unable to visit their grandchild.

    But ya — “the collective we”….

  16. Yes, Emery, as I stated earlier, Democrat Mussolini wannabes, aided by their media fear mongers and a fraud career bureaucrat Doctor, who is heavily invested in vaccine manufacturers, have wrecked the economy. They bear the sole responsibility and there are many people that aren’t as gullible as you are. Hillary Clinton observed that “Democrat voters are stupid”, which you prove, daily. They are waking up. You should, too!

  17. I guess your point is that Trump is just an unnecessary bystander..

    Trump has kindly offered America as the largest-scale lab experiment done to date, with the citizens as lab rats. Some will live and some will die, but the data will be huge, the greatest data.

  18. Trump has kindly offered America as the largest-scale lab experiment done to date, with the citizens as lab rats. Some will live and some will die, but the data will be huge, the greatest data.
    Not Trump, but the governors who ordered lockdowns, closed schools, forbid non-essential health care, forbid large gatherings (other than for protests with which they agree), etc.
    Governors are very bad people to have make these decisions. They are, by definition, politicians, not epidemiologists or economists or sociologists. They are also, for the most part, immune to the political repercussions of their decisions (many are term limited).
    What we need is a full, open public debate by our reps on what the government’s response to the disease should be.
    Instead we get wannabe autocrats telling you how many people can go to funerals and what you may eat in restaurants.
    It is a recipe for failure: failure to preserve civil and political rights, failure to provide a functioning economy, and failure, above all, to provide adequate healthcare for those with the disease and those without the disease. Ignoring common sense and listening to experts has put us in a worst case scenario.

  19. I understood that Trump solved this whole virus problem back in January when he blocked a few flights from China.

    Better to believe in fake conspiracy theories and blame others to rally the troops than in actual facts and science where you have to do something to address the problem, in a timely manner.

  20. Emery Incognito on September 8, 2020 at 10:41 am said:

    I understood that Trump solved this whole virus problem back in January when he blocked a few flights from China.

    Well, no accounting for what idiots choose to believe.

  21. Any idiot can look at a mess and say, “You should have done better.”

    It takes brains to look at a mess and say, “You should have done X, Y and Z.”

    Liberals like Emery ALWAYS choose the easy way to criticize the President. Because they lack the ability to articulate what X, Y and Z would have been.

  22. Remember, JD, the Other Weasel is just here as a mouthpiece for his masters. Trying out new talking points, new approaches using the same talking points, but most definitely ignoring any attempt to engage in any form of discussion (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) is what he does.

  23. ^^ Your sarcasm still doesn’t improve with length. Send that back up to rewrite and punch it up a bit..

  24. Wasn’t sarcasm.

    As MP so adroitly put it, no accounting for what idiots choose to believe (hint: the idiot is you).

  25. EI said: A coordinated response determined by public health experts, free of political influence, would have saved countless more lives.

    You mean like they had in New York, where the “experts” turned infectious disease theory on its head and quarantined the healthy and less vulnerable and sent the infected into nursing homes, killing thousands? Where they waited two months before even thinking to clean the **** subways?

    Or the same in New Jersey, or Minnesota, or Michigan, or countless other places run by Democrats?

    Come on, Emery. Look at the data.

  26. And you still haven’t said what Trump should have done to stop the virus, when he should have done it, and by what authority.

  27. bike, I asked two days ago for an explanation of that coordinated response […yada-yada-yada] is. I don’t think I saw a response.

  28. jdm and Bike, Emery knows better than to state what Trump should have done, because he knows it’s ludicrous and we’ll ridicule him for suggesting it, rightly so.

    In my view, the only thing Trump could have done to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the US is . . . martial law. Democrats wanted him to try it but he was smart enough to avoid that trap.

    To stop the virus from coming into the country, Trump would have had to ban all flights into the country, all ships from making port, all car and truck travel. Total national quarantine. But that wouldn’t stop the virus from spreading within our borders. He’d also have had to prohibit interstate travel – no snowbirds going to Miami, no Mardi Gras in New Orleans, no Spring Breakers going to South Padre, no long-haul truckers or railroad trains.

    The only way a President can exercise that level of control over the entire nation is to declare that local civil authorities are incapable of handling the crisis and declaring martial law with himself as Commander in Chief.

    We know Trump could have done that. But we also know Democrats would have run to the nearest federal judge to overturn it (hell, they ran to court to overturn a ban on unvetted immigrants from terrorist countries designated by the Obama administration, on the grounds Hawaii needed the tourism). And then Democrats would have screamed at the low-information voters that Trump was attempting a coup. Even a political novice like Trump could see that coming.

    But now, Emery would have us believe Democrats wanted a total travel ban?
    That they would have willingly gone along with one? That Trump’s failure to impose one is the reason for the panic? It’s so ridiculously absurd he won’t even say it. Not even he believes it.

    The ‘Covid crisis’ is entirely a Democrat manufactured hoax. It’s such an obvious hoax that even a massive tool like Emery can’t bring himself to go where the evidence leads, to state the obvious.

    Sad, really.

  29. And therefore the Presidnet should have done what, and when, and on what authority?

    None of your bullshit red herrings matter, Emery, because you can’t answer the important questions.

  30. For now, the immediate problem is, how do we save from a country where two-fifths of the population prefer to suffer death and disaster rather than admit a mistake?

  31. Thursday update
    New COVID-19 deaths, yesterday:

    Spain: 34
    Italy: 14
    Japan: 16
    Canada: 2
    UK: 8
    Germany: 1

    United States: 1,209

    Population of countries above: 420 million
    Population of United States: 328 million

    Winning 😳

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