“Nice Country You Got. It’d Be A Shame If It…Broke…”

Why, it’s almost as if Biden knows something:

No, Mr. Vice President, I firmly believe that if you lose that part of this country will consider it a casus belli.

That’s what your party has wrought.

39 thoughts on ““Nice Country You Got. It’d Be A Shame If It…Broke…”

  1. Now gang against gang with Trump egging it on then blaming Biden. Trump made Covid worse, now this.

    “Look at all this chaos and disorder under my watch! Isn’t it awful? Only I can fix it. Vote for me!” ~ Donald Trump

  2. Emery Incognito makes a sweeping assertion but cannot cite TWO SINGLE INSTANCES where it’s true.

    I say two because of course, he’s going to claim the “people on both sides” comment was an incitement to riot, which is another separate lie, but letting that go . . . he can’t cite another.

  3. Trump made Covid worse

    Threadjack. is there ANYONE outhere who STILL thinks the two trolls with the same name are NOT the same reprobate?

  4. Of course it’s all Trump’s fault. It’s not like Democratic governors and mayors compelling nursing homes to take active COVID patients had anything to do with the horrendous death toll among the elderly or anything, or a Democratic mayor’s failure to clean the subways for a couple of freaking months had anything to do with the epidemic.

    Nosirree, when Trump talked about opening things up, that was the SOLE FACTOR that caused all those deaths.

    Honestly, Emery, it’s a miracle you don’t forget to breathe with that dizzying intellect of yours.

  5. Since you’re going to fixate on “Covid”

    Allow me to repeat what I’ve said before:
    For the economy to work, the virus has to be under control. Missing that connection between public health and economic health, has been the fatal flaw of the Trump administration’s thinking.

  6. yeah, jpa, but it’s just so tempting. I, myself, am tempted to point out that the virus IS under control. The new CDC figures show only Covid 9,000 deaths in a country of 330,000,000 people, fewer than are caused by:

    Heart disease: 647,457
    Cancer: 599,108
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
    Diabetes: 83,564
    Influenza and pneumonia: 55,672
    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,633
    Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

    I won’t, though. Because that would be falling for the thread-jack.

  7. My apologies. OK, bringing it back, of course Trump will make everything worse. Doncha know that he’s already convinced mayors and governors to keep the police home instead of arresting rioters while they smash windows, loot stores, and burn them down? And Biden is going to fix it all, despite the fact he did bupkus after Ferguson when he was VP.

  8. bike, wasn’t everything at Ferguson resolved during a beer summit? The nadir of 0bumbler’s diplomacy?

  9. Emery,

    Yes, indeed you have been repeating the same lie continuously, because that’s what your masters and mentors in the media tell you. Thanks for illustrating the definition of insanity, AGAIN!

  10. JPA, is anything solved over Bud Light (what the President drank)? Seriously, that one was Obama’s apology, in effect, for insulting a police officer after he didn’t just believe that a professor–who yes, happened to be black–was the owner of a house he was trying to break into.

    Obama’s legacy on violence, and Biden’s transitively, is the significant rise in the overall U.S. murder rate in the last two years of his administration, a trend which reversed when President Trump took office.

  11. This from the party that said it was A-OK with a 17 year-old vigilante shooting protesters.

    FYI Mitch, since you again tried with your typically fatuous argument to suggest that states with Democratic Governors were faring worse than those with GOPers…


    10 out of 10 of the top states on cases per capita, not today, in total, since the start of the pandemic, per Trump’s own CDC, 10 out of 10, are dead red states, no pun intended.


    Wanna try that BS again?

    We didn’t threaten to break the country, and we sure as hell didn’t break civil discourse, you did, you’re guilty on both counts.. but I guess it doesn’t matter because your President will say your violent, terrorist actions are perfectly fine… just like your completely inept response to COVID.

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  13. the party that said it was A-OK with a 17 year-old vigilante shooting protesters

    A-OK? Huh. Got a cite, there?

    But I tell you what, Pad – I hereby wager you a shiny new quarter Rittenhouse is acquitted of all of the homicide charges because it was justifiable self-defense. I could raise you another quarter the First Degree Murder gets dropped before trial, but that’d be unsportsmanlike.

    As to your charts – I’ll try to break this down for you.

    Case rates are meaningless. They are entirely dependent on how tests are allocated, performed, and whether the tests are any good.

    DEATH RATES PER CAPITA are all that matter. And EVERY state above the national average is solid, moldy blue.

    You can respond here, or I can make it a post all its own.

  14. By the way, Pad? I’m kinda cracking down on thread-jacking, here.

    I DO have a post coming up on the disproportionate impact of the Blue City Plague on, well, places that adopt Blue policies leading to carnage.

    However, if you want to control a narrative, I suggest you start your own blog…

    …oops. You did that once.

    OK. I suggest you start your own blog, and not let it get jacked by an insane person.

  15. we sure as hell didn’t break civil discourse, you did

    Nah. “Anti”-Fa is on you guys. They are to the modern Democrat party what the Sturmabteilung were to the Nazis.

  16. If Sideshow Donald was somehow behind all the “protests”, does anyone really believe the media would have spent this entire summer droning on and on about how they were “peaceful”?

  17. “Anti”-Fa is on you guys. […]

    I hope this is not intended to exclude BLM. Two peas, same pod.

  18. This from the party that said it was A-OK with a 17 year-old vigilante shooting protesters.

    Correction. A 17-year-old charged with shooting alleged rioters.

    Also, you made a Freudian slip there, Paddyboy: You called him a vigilante, implying his intent was to fight criminal activity. Protesting is not criminal and is in fact a protected constitutional right. But rioting is criminal.

  19. What exactly is “conservative” about a 17 year-old vigilante patrolling the streets with an assault rifle and shooting people?

  20. What exactly is “conservative” about a 17 year-old vigilante patrolling the streets with an assault rifle and shooting people?

    Go back and rewrite that without the straw men, red herrings and inflammatory, propaganda-driven assumptions.

    I’ll wait.

  21. Oh, yeah – I’ll make the same bet that I made with the esteemed Paddyboy.

    I wager a shiny new quarter that Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim is upheld, and that he is acquitted of any homicide charges that might make it to trial. If they make it to trial.

    The more we learn (outside the bounds of Berg’s 18th Law), the more it looks like self-defense.

    Seeing this would involve putting aside the propaganda and observing some facts.

    Try it.

  22. Emery, it’s precisely what we would anticipate if liberal mayors and governors abdicate their role of protecting the public–and for that matter, it’s precisely what happened vis-a-vis a king who abdicated his role of protecting American colonies, leading to a little conflict called the “Revolution” or “War of Independence.”

    In a nutshell; if your mayor and governor leave businesses defenseless and open to bankruptcy by allowing rioters to run amuck, some of them will choose to meet force with force.

  23. It’s so nice to see that Paddywhacker and Emery are consistent in their support of pedophiles and domestic abusers, Jacob Blake the multi crime criminal, Joseph Rosenbaum, a registered sex offender with additional anger issues and Anthony Huber, a history of violence and finally, the guy who tried to shoot Rittenhouse, by the young man responded quicker, Gaige Grosskreutz, was also a convicted felon, who had an illegal gun. Now, where do you suppose he got that? You two have no moral high ground at all.

  24. Kyle Rittenhouse will go down in American history alongside that brave unknown patriot at Lexington Green who fired “The Shot Heard Round The World” on April 19, 1775. A Second American Revolution against Tyranny has begun. #FightBack. https://mobile.twitter.com/CaliKidJMP

  25. ^^ Siri: is it a defense to a murder charge that you killed someone to overthrow the U.S. Government?

    Oh that’s worse?!

  26. They are to the modern Democrat party what the Sturmabteilung were to the Nazis.

    I don’t know Mitch, KKK to the old DemocraP party would be a more appropriate comparison.

  27. Deep breath, EI.

    My contention is that Rittenhouse will get acquitted.

    You disagree? Based on what facts?

    Please be specific. Bloviation will be treated harshly.

  28. is it a defense to a murder charge that you killed someone to overthrow the U.S. Government?

    What in the hell are you talking about?

    Be specific. I am truly weary of thread-jacking.

  29. Is Rittenhouse’s legal mouth piece: John Pierce a good attorney?

    Just to be clear, Pierce is
    a) a lawyer
    b) Harvard Law
    c) posted that, where other people could see it?

    Even better than the treason defense.

    The self-own of calling Trump a tyrant.

  30. Good lord, EI. Your deflections are downright delusional.

    If you don’t get on-topic pronto, I may delete everything you’re written here, for your own good. .

  31. I wonder if the morning email from the DNC includes the goal of normalizing Biden-esque commentary. Perhaps EI’s doing a Biden impression, Mitch, so we all can better appreciate and value his senility.

  32. MBerg — you’re the proprietor of the STiD Fun House. Apply your big boy rules at your leisure. I’m simply mocking the defense being used by young Rittenhouse’s legal mouth piece.

    Carry on….

  33. Does anyone watch the news?

    Teh little Peevee is jacking y’alls thread in *exactly and precisely* the same way and context sniffin Joe’s care takers are trying to Jack the national discussion.

    America is focused on the Democrats out there burning, looting and assaulting people. The reprobates simply cannot disavow that unless they want a backlash from their own scumbags.

    So they’re trying, hard as hell, to convince us that bat flu is still a thing. That’s why Pelosi’s unmasked trip to the embalmer for a touch up is so damaging to them. It’s prima facie evidence of the fraud they’re perpetuating on us.

    Little Peevee is just up in here doing his pathetic little thing to help.

  34. I guess your point is that Trump is just an unnecessary bystander.

    Yes, because four more years of Trump’s unconventional “ “ “wisdom” “ “ is exactly what we need.

    Biden doesn’t need to persuade people Trump is poison. He needs to persuade those who have spent 4 years being appalled by Trump but don’t feel like taking a few minutes to vote.

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