Peaceable Assembly

First Amendment of the Constitution protects the fundamental right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.
60 days of rioting, burning down buildings, destroying property, is not what the Framers contemplated. Those are not peaceful protests so they’re not covered by the First Amendment. They are Insurrection, which must be put down to preserve civil order.

Portland needs to announce that we’ve had our little fun, but we’re done now. Starting tonight, anybody suspected of Riot will be shot on sight. Then shoot a few people,  “a whiff of the grape,” to encourage the others.

The time-out from reality is over. We are going back to constitutional republic.

Joe Doakes

The government of Portland – like that of Minneapolis, except apparently the Charter Commission – is so dependent on the (politically connected parents and aunts and uncles of the) mob in the streets, they wouldn’t dare raise a finger to them.

8 thoughts on “Peaceable Assembly

  1. It would even nicer if those amongst the swampy elite had to pay for their actions as well. Lois Lerner, Hillary’s bathroom server, Wasserman Shultz and her Pakistani IT experts, the whole legislative coup d’etat… none of these people have nor will, last I heard, suffered the slightest judicial consequence for the actions.

    Also, how is the government of Portland dependent on the mob? What an odd statement. The mob is coddled by the government, yes, but where’s the “quo”? I doubt the mob nicely lines up to vote (how you keep ’em down on the farm, when they’ve seen Par’ee? – so to speak). It can only be that the mob is coddled for their reliable muscle – until they show up at the mayor’s house, of course.

  2. I’m thinking something more like huge dye-packs, like they use to taint bank robbers. Then, anybody that shows up blue gets arrested. Or that huge glue-gun the Army has. Or just a big cargo net, with lines hitched to an APC. Drag the front lines off their feet and into a waiting Gitmo enclosure. For 10 years. You shoot them they become martyrs and they are absolutely too disgusting to be given such respect, even by idiots.

  3. Give each officer a AR-12S shotgun with a chest pack full of magazines and rock salt or rubber pellet cartridges and simply sweep the streets – if its after curfew and you’re on the street you get shot, no discussion, no negotiation.
    Having been on the receiving end of rock salt once in my life I can attest that it leaves a lasting memory.

  4. My neighbor was having problems with another neighbor’s dog. The mutt would jump his fence and attack his dog.

    “Watch this,” he said, opening the crimp on a 12 gauge shell.

    He then proceeded to replace the shot with hot wax and feathers (to bind the wad).

    The next time the mutt jumped his fence, he caught it in the ass with a blast from his shotgun. The stray spun around a couple of times and went back over the fence howling and bawling.

    “In psychology,” my neighbor said, “that is what we call a one-time learning experience.”

  5. Pig, TS12 will be a heck more intimidating. And yes, unless DOJ starts enforcing the rule of law, especially for elite and swamp creatures, not just their brownshirts in the streets, it will only get worse.

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