Wage Terrorists

Teachers unions typically threaten to strike if they don’t get more money. It’s like strapping a bomb to the kid and saying, “Pay us the money or the kid gets it.”

This Time It’s Different. They strapped a bomb to themselves and are saying, “Close the school or the teacher gets it.”

Millions of parents are muttering, “Yeah? Push the damn button.”

Joe Doakes

I’d hate to be a teacher that is, shall we say, a “skeptic” about Education Minnesota these days.

9 thoughts on “Wage Terrorists

  1. Most white people can not grasp the fact that institutional racism is both real and systemic.

    That is why I am here to help.

    The entire concept is neatly wrapped up in two words: tenure and seniority.

    Take that Education Minnesota.

    Whatchya gonna do ’bout it? Huh?

  2. Remember the mantra is “it’s about the children”. That’s repeated loudest from the picket line.

  3. Simple suggestion: If the teachers aren’t teaching, they don’t get paid, and the taxpayers should get their money back for the duration.

  4. Remember Flu Season starts in October so there’s no reason to open up the schools for in person instruction/indoctrination until March 2021 after President Biden is sworn in.

    On a side note, this is a profound opportunity for someone with a tech and “whole systems” background to formalize the Learning Pod idea into something like Learning Pod Charters™ with 1 (private) teacher per 240 students broken up into 30 Pods of 8 students. Each pod has 1 or 2 parent/proctors (what else they gonna do) to aid the student locally. The Pods could contract with those provides with the best Yelp reviews and the whole idea of local school districts could be a thing of the past – and good bye Education Minnesota Union.

  5. Pig Bodine, if you take the Minneapolis school budget and divide it by the number of students in the district, it comes out to about $20K per student.

    Soooooo, do you really think you could educate 8 students for $160K?

    Education Minnesota wants to know….


  6. Now come on, Greg, that’s totally unfair.

    Half of Minneapolis students are below grade level in reading and math. Since they’re not learning anyway, their $20k apiece is wasted on them and might as well go to you.

    The fair question is could you educate 4 students for $160,000?

  7. Thanks a lot, JD!

    I just spit coffee on my monitor.

    J Ewing, Trump made a related comment a couple of weeks ago when the first batch of teachers started threatening to abandon their jobs. He said that if teachers don’t want to teach, the money for the schools should go back to the parents.

    I heard something this morning about one state that will allow the public schools to open, but not charter or parochial schools.

    Man, that virus is so smart. It knows just where and when to cause spikes.

  8. The fair question is could you educate 4 students for $160,000? – Joe

    Sure, I could.

    But I’d have to follow the Education Minnesota approved template to do that.

    1) Hire a teacher for $30,000.
    2) Put aside $20,000 for their pension and “benefits”.
    3) Declare myself a superintendent with a $110,000 salary. (Pension and benefits included, of course)

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