Course Of Events: A “Berg’s 21st Law” Story

Found on Twitter. Verdict: Absolutely true – but it doesn’t go far enough.

30 Days from Now: “Expecting protests to be ‘peaceful’ is a sign of white privilege.”

60 Days from Now: “Any ‘violence’ inflicted on you at a peaceful protest is deserved – expecting not to have violence committed on you at a protest is a sign of privilege”

90 Days from Now: “Violence is Peace”

Remember – Berg’s 21st Law is a law for a reason.

12 thoughts on “Course Of Events: A “Berg’s 21st Law” Story

  1. Leave it to liberat judges to exacerbate the situation.

    A Federal judge has ordered that Portland police or Federal officers, can not arrest members of the press. So now, miscreants are buying cheap video cameras, assaulting officers, then claiming they are the press.

    I also believe that after Dr. FAUXci declared that people should be wearing goggles t prevent them from getting the big bad virus, we will see the violence escalate. With goggles on, it is harder to identify these miscreants and offers more protection from tear gas. He is a deep state stooge and a quack.

  2. You forgot the part where it is all Trump’s fault.
    Because it is always Trump’s fault.

  3. Reminds me of logic behind “Beatings will continue until the morale improves”.

    Reprobate left sure mastered moving the goalposts and art of memory holing.

  4. If the Police told the Star Tribune, etc. they are looking for “Umbrella Man” and know who he is, why don’t they give a name?? Don’t they usually say something like this man “is thought to be armed and dangerous, do not approach him, call the police” or something. Maybe they don’t have a name… but they said the guy was a Hell’s Angel and part of the Cowboy Aryan Brotherhood. This story seems shaky or fishy, they accuse the guy of being involved in the disturbance against Muslim women some time back. I keep looking for followup and find nothing.

    2nd point, I came looking at this blog, there are the stories of the Norwegian flag being confused with the Confederate flag. Have you heard this? And we’ve got, of course, a fair number of Norwegian flags in the TC.

  5. If the Police told the Star Tribune, etc. they are looking for “Umbrella Man” and know who he is, why don’t they give a name??

    Exact same reason they will not release bodycam footage documenting St. Floyd’s ascent into heaven.

  6. Bike, confused by whom? You really have to be braindead and ignorant to be so stupid. Or, wait, we are talking about woketards. Nevermind.

  7. @myyellowbike: I came across that story about the Norwegian flag as well. The owners of the inn decided to take it down out of exasperation with the uninformed woke mob harassing them via phone, e-mail, etc. I think the only reason to take it down would be to put up a bigger one. If some people are that easily misinformed and offended, I’d think that would be the kind of clientele that you don’t want anyway. For all the Left’s caterwauling about the uneducated and bigoted individuals on the Right, they seem to tolerate worse on their side.

  8. We’ve already been told that “Violence is Peace.” I remember a few years ago when I first started hearing that speech is violence when it’s a conservative speaking, but that violence like arson is merely speech when it is coming from a poor dispossessed intersectional person.

  9. Speaking of victory™, Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

    What can go wrong?

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