For The Record

While I haven’t probably kept up with all of Pete Townsend‘s work since “White City“, I have to say if I were to put together a list of his most overlooked solo/non-Who work, my list would look very much the same as this, and more or less the same order.

“The Sea Refuses No River” is far and away his most underrated song. And “White City Fighting” should have been a hit.

4 thoughts on “For The Record

  1. I’m with you on “the River”, but not so much on “White City Fighting”.

  2. I can understand that. Mostly it’s the guitar part. The song as a whole is pretty much Pete being Pete, but the guitar part (for me, the guitar player) is pretty much bewitching.

  3. Yup! I’ll totally agree with that. That’s why Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Joe Satriani, followed by Eric Clapton’s signature stuff, all have several spots on my play list.

  4. You think “Townsend”, I would too and have, it is “Townshend”, tsk-tsk.

    “After The Fire” is a great song too. So, that is Daltrey solo written by Townshend, maybe that doesn’t count.

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