Decree From Management

To: Readers of “Shot In The Dark”
From: Mitch Berg, Editor/Publisher/Writer
Re: Accepted Terminology

Esteemed Reader,

In the past, on this blog, I have referred to “Antifa” – the descendent of the Communist version of the Brownshirts – as “Anti”-Fa, to infer, correctly, that they are “anti” fascist in the same sense as Stalin was “different’ from Hitler.

This is simply too laborious.

With that in mind, henceforth the group will be referred to by a more correct and rhetorically economical moniker.

Vanilla ISIS.

Thanks for seeing to this.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Decree From Management

  1. Gunshots rang out like a bell
    I grabbed my nine all I heard were shells
    Falling on the concrete real fast
    Jumped in my car slammed on the gas
    Bumper to bumper the avenue’s packed
    I’m trying to get away before the jackers jack
    Police on the scene you know what I mean
    They passed me up confronted all the dope fiends

    Police don’t bother you? Sounds like ice, ice privilege.

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