Jeopardy, 2021

CONTESTANT 1: “I’ll take “Riddle Me This” for $600, Alex”

TREBEK: “A couple of shades of melanin”

(CONTESTANT 2 Rings in)

TREBEK: Irving…

CONTESTANT 2: “What is ‘the difference between a community group of ‘freedom fighters’ and a ‘scary right wing militia’ to Big Media?”

TREBEK: Correct, and you have the board…

1 thought on “Jeopardy, 2021

  1. Speaking of “freedom fighters”, but sadly on the heals of all that arms buying hysteria. Hate to tell you, but i told you so. Well no, I do not hate it.

    Louisville protests descend into chaos
    when armed protester accidentally
    shoots members of his group, injuring 3

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