Governor Waaaaaaaahlz

Governor Walz, during his presser yesterday:

And yet, somehow, the four states surrounding us, with the same exact federal government, managed to avoid a complete slaughter in their long-term care facilities.


Y’know what’d be cool?

If we had some institution that’d probe a little further with the Governor on questions like this.

Perhaps an institution with printing presses and transmitters. Staffed by people who see themselves as a monastic cult of truth-seekers1

Naaah. That’s just crazy talk.

Also – if all the specifics of the state’s Covid response depend on federal action, then there’s really no need for the Governor to maintain emergency powers, is there? Tangent – isn’t that a curious combination? Decisively seizing emergency power, and then whining about how he as no…power?

1 All due respect to Tom Hauser, who seems to be the closest thing the Twin CIties media has to a genuine journalist.

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  1. I will throw in a plug for Tom Lyden at KMSP 9. Until about a year to a year and a half ago, he was getting national air time on Fox for his dedicated efforts in tracking the Minneapolis to the Middle East terrorism fighters connection, as well as being the one that first exposed Ilhan Omar’s incest and immigration fraud. As far as I can see, he’s still at the station, but he must have been given a good talking to, then sidelined by his betters. Funny! A leftist news director discriminating against a gay man and despite his politics, was a good investigative reporter, yet it isn’t called out. Hmmm.

  2. Many know that Walz and his Politburo denied press credentials to our friend Scott Johnson over at Powerline. They couldn’t risk any hard hitting questions vs. the softball crap they get from “journalists” during their regular back patting sessions.

  3. Naaah. That’s just crazy talk.

    ’bout as crazy as the DFL nominating an intelligent, sane adult.s who has an agenda that extends beyond filching the last nickel out of taxpayers pockets to feed the insatiable desires of Education Minnesota.

  4. Reprobate Governor: “Drumpf is teh stoopid! Drumpf is incompetent! Drumpf is unfit for office!”

    Also reprobate Governor: “I let old people die because Drumpf didn’t tell me what to do!”

  5. That’s good shit, Boss. Going to bookmark those articles.

  6. Chopper;
    Bookmark the website. It’s got lots of covid-19 memes destroyers on it.

  7. At this point the DFL is searching for a new candidate for 2022 because I think that even they realize that if they put him up again he would get 35-40% tops.

  8. its amazing, I went from having total faith and believe Walz was in control of things and knew what he was doing to thinking that he cant anything and is a weak, feckless leader who is in over his head almost as badly as mayor McDreamy was during the riots. What a difference 3 months makes.

  9. POD666;

    Wow! Walz must have had his drooling sycophants commenting on that article. You can sure tell how many readers of the Red Star are leftist droogs.

  10. POD shared: Walz to mandate face masks indoors across Minnesota

    And here comes the Anti-Mask League, fresh off their successes in 1918.

    What’s the over-under on when an anti-masker assaults the wrong person in a “Stand your ground.” state?

  11. Gentlemen, please stand back as I slap E. Dimwit to the floor (again); you don’t want to get any of that crap on you.

    (Per BossHoss)


  12. Show me the science that says that tying a bandana across your face decreases the likelihood of catching or spreading corona viruses.
    This is a really simple test, yet none of the maskers can answer it. They distract, they change the subject, or, like Emery, they mutter irrelevancies.
    That is because there is no science behind Walz’s latest dictate. During his announcement of the new dictate, he will not cite the science behind his odd belief that stretching a thin piece of cloth across your face will prevent the spread of covid-19. Perhaps his next mandate will be to require dancing naked under the full moon to slow the spread of covid-19.

  13. I’m just not going out and ordering food from restaurants that I like, my protest is passive, since I can continue to work from home

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  15. We’re Number One!! Yay!!

    Think of it this way, Emery: 80 percent of the people dying from Covid are in long-term care facilities, over 95% of them have some pre-existing comorbidity. This disease is killing off the weak and the EXPENSIVE, all paid for by the taxpayers.

    Grandma sitting in the nursing home waiting to die of diabetes is sucking up tax dollars that could have gone to childhood vaccines, or student loan debt relief, or sexual reassignment surgery for federal prisoners. You should be GLAD she’s dead, to stop pouring money down that rathole so we can pour it down another.

    And most of the people dying are White! Old White Men dying . . . you should be DEMANDING the government infect them, to kill them all faster, and thus expiate the national stain of slavery and white privilege and residual oppression.

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