It’s acts like this that reaffirm my intention to vote for President Trump.  Not because of any one specific policy, but because I think his heart is in the right place.  He genuinely cares about America and wants it to succeed. 

I wish I could say that about the Never-Trumpers and Democrats, but I just don’t believe they do. 

I believe Never-Trumpers care about America, but have little idea how to make those wishes reality.

As to the Dems? They love America – at least, the one they envision. Which is nothing like the one we have, much less the one conservatives, or Trump see.

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  1. JD;
    I totally agree. I can’t remember when I’ve heard a DemocRAT bucking the narrative, speaking out for constitutional rights, specifically the second amendment, against censorship or condemning the violence and protests. As for the never Trumpers, I believe that they got comfortable with going along to get along, being soy boys and violating their oaths of office and collecting their graft. They see Trump as raining on their parade and because he donates his salary back to under funded government agencies, they view him as abnormal. Some of them voted against making foreign students go home if they weren’t physically attending classes. That said, many of them are defending their seats in November, so maybe they are staying neutral to get reelected to keep their gravy train going.

  2. Drumpf just signed an exec order stating Guatamexidorian border jumpers not be counted for purposes of reapportionment. In doing so, he has chopped down leftist ambitions for 10 years.

    He (or his legal advisors) have provided a legal argument to justify the order which imho, has merit (Indians are not taxed because they are citizens of a sovereign country that is not the US. Same with border jumpers) but leaves room for America hating leftist reprobates to dispute. It will eventually come to the SCOTUS to decide.

    Therefore, I judge the spirit in which the order was made, that being the preservation of our Eurocentric, capitalist Democracy, not the outcome.

    As with his Judicial picks, border security work and his enthusiastic denouncement of leftists, Drumpf has exhibited the character we real Americans expect from our leaders.

    Drumpf gets my vote.

  3. There is a process to change the Constitution of the US. A memorandum is not that process—thus the maximum extent of his discretion is zero.

    Something about the Constitution’s first Article and fourteenth Amendment….

  4. The logic of Emery’s position runs like this:

    Congress makes the laws that govern the people living in America.

    The people living in America should elect the lawmakers in Congress.

    Even felons, who have forfeit their civil rights by committing criminal acts, should have a vote. They still live here. They should still get to pick the people who make the laws.

    Even people living here who are not supposed to be here, i.e. have lost their immigration case and have been ordered deported, but who have slipped away and are hiding out in America, they should have the vote.

    Well, then why not Russian diplomats at the UN? They live here. Why shouldn’t they help pick the lawmakers. Why the fuss about collusion?

    And why not Japanese tourists? They live here, at least for a short while.

    And why should people actually have to travel here to vote here? That pregnant woman in Mexico who intends to slip across the border to drop her next kid – it’s dangerous for her to make the journey. We shouldn’t put people in danger just to cast their vote. She should get to vote from home as an “Aspirational American.”

    And if all those people are going to get to vote, then we need to count them all in the census and send them pre-marked Voter Registration Cards: Democrat.

    Now you see why I support Trump.

  5. The American people are overwhelmingly against counting illegal aliens in the census (it dilutes their representation & is just plain wrong). The American people also favor detecting & deporting illegals by about 60% over 40% who want them to stay.
    My guess is that in the media debate over Trump’s order, you will not hear these figures mentioned. Doesn’t push the elite’s narrative.

  6. E. Dimwit Esq. exemplifies why I think SCOTUS will ultimately uphold Drumpf’s order. Nitwits spewing inane, inchoate twaddle tend to piss judges off.

  7. MP, you have hit upon a thing there. Drumpf’s order will force the reprobates to endorse a situation that directly and demonstrably is in violation of the law, corrodes the trust Americans have in our electoral system and undermines our country.

    I can envision a campaign spot that features reprobates defending the “right” of illegals to count in our representation in government, playing over a montage of MS13 gangsters that have been arrested for drug running, kidnapping and murder.

    That’s the kind of message fence sitters will absorb.

  8. [Photo of face tattooed thug] “This is Salvitore Vasco. Salvitore is permanent resident of the United States…in San Quentin. Representative Swallwell’s seat depends on Salvitore and his crew being counted in the census.”

  9. US orders China to close its Houston consulate

    You spy, you get caught, you suffer the consequences. I sure am glad someone is willing and able to uphold the law and protect the interests of this country.

    More winning!

  10. It seems to me that the Never Trumpers form the loud part of a larger group that should really be called Trump Skeptics. The TS span the gamut in intensity from Our Host through Paul Mirengoff (from Powerline) all the way out to Jen Rubin and Bill Kristol.

    The Kristol wing forms, of course, the true Never Trumpers. They are completely off the charts in their hatred for Trump to the point that that they are against policies and prescriptions that they (strongly) supported in the past. This group also has access to the media megaphones which most TS do not and thus misrepresent the breadth of the TS movement (such as it is).

    I disagree that those in the Kristol wing “care about America”, but I agree that the rest of the TS movement does.

    OTOH, I find the description “have little idea how to make those wishes reality” to be a non sequitur as to whether they care about America or not.

  11. ^^ If your entire identity is “Republican” or “Democrat,” you have a serious problem.

  12. JPA: I’ll bet the consulate employees are secretly happy they get to head back to China where the Coronavirus is relatively under control and life is back to normal for most people.

    Yes, China is also lead by an out-of-control authoritarian leader, but at least he understands basic science and math and has managed to keep COVID-19 deaths down in a population of 1.3 billion people. Chinese K-12 schools will be open this fall and safe.

  13. Nice work, Comrade Emery or I should say Tongzhi! You have been indoctrinated in the Communist Chinese propaganda spewers and are doing exactly what they hoped.

    The day that you prove your inane drivel, adopt two or three illegal aliens and pay their freight, then you just might have some credibility. Not much, but some.

  14. If your entire identity is “Republican” or “Democrat,” you have a serious problem.

    Right. And, if you’re a failure, plagiarizing the intellectual output of your betters, creating a fictional narrative of wealth, success and Three Prime Lakefront Properties™ (worth 2K doors per foot) is perfectly normal.


  15. Did I just hear a buzzing noise? The inconsequential, incoherent, illogical, ill informed and ultimately ignored and swatted away incessant buzzing of a gnat? Why, yes I did! Carry on…

  16. When I saw this, I became amused at the image of the impotent, spittle-flecked outrage of the lefties taking to social media to declare Trump to be xenophobic/racist/.

    One person brought up that, since the 14th Amendment, blacks have been counted as whole people, and that before that, they were considered 3/5 of a person, and how racist that policy was. I started to draft a simple tweet to educate him on the background of the Three-Fifths Compromise, but figure I’d get called a Nazi and realized it wasn’t worth the time to explain to him that the compromise was to ensure slave states, with their large slave populations, did not wield power that was disproportional to their actual number of citizens.

    It’s intriguing that Democrats seem to support the idea of counting “all persons”, which in this case includes illegals, for purposes of apportioning political representation. How’s that different from the former slave-states wanting their slaves counted as part of the population for purposes of apportioning political representation?

  17. @ shiftee: 2k per/ft for prime lakeshore — the price of living in shiftee’s head — priceless.

    Shiftee is one of the many reasons I can appreciate my talent for unhinging mediocre people.

  18. Yes, China is also lead by an out-of-control authoritarian leader, but at least he understands basic science and math and has managed to keep COVID-19 deaths down in a population of 1.3 billion people.

    Yes, China’s leadership understood it so well that they chose to “disappear” doctors and others who attempted to sound the alarm, and mislead LIE to the world about things like human-to-human transmission. Instead of just keeping deaths down in their native population, they could have also prevented over a half-million deaths worldwide.

    And if you believe the numbers they’re reporting, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

  19. Shiftee is one of the many reasons I can appreciate my talent for unhinging mediocre people.

    Seems your talents lie more towards plagiarism and severe reading/listening comprehension deficiencies.

  20. Emery on July 20, 2020 at 11:36 am said:

    Make that 2k per door and not 20k per foot fat fingered that.

    You can’t even keep your bullshit straight in your empty head, fool! You’re life is a series of one fat fingered bungle after another. Haha!

  21. swiftee, your exchange about fat fingers reminds me of a timeless quote:

    Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  22. “Shiftee”

    Jeez, Emery. Of all the lines to crib from demented “professor” Bill G, why pick that one?

    That’s just stupid and meaningless.

  23. Swampland adjacent to a farmer’s manure lagoon is not what Minnesotans consider “lakeshore” property. Just sayin’

  24. It’s acts like this that reaffirm my intention to vote for President Trump.

    And it is acts like this that will be the norm if sTrumpet is not re-elected. This DA should be booted and strung up by the balls from the top of the Arch.

    McCloskey Gun Inoperable When Police Seized It, But Prosecution Ordered Crime Lab to Make It Operable and ‘Lethal’

  25. Mitch, I’d suspect E. Dimwit of being the Professor Kreapy at first exposure.

    They’re both quite clearly mentally ill, but they exhibit symptoms unique to each. Prof Kreapy isn’t the compulsive liar E. Dimwit is, for starters. And for all his mental deficiencies, Kreapy did manage to earn a PhD, which taught him organization (of action if not thought) at least. Kreapy was much more methodical in his stalking.

  26. Per jpa:

    ST. LOUIS — The gun Patricia McCloskey waved at protesters was inoperable when it arrived at the St. Louis police crime lab, but a member of St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kim Gardner’s staff ordered crime lab experts to find out why and wrote that it was “readily capable of lethal use,” in charging documents filed Monday, 5 On Your Side has learned.

    In Missouri, police and prosecutors must prove that a weapon is “readily” capable of lethal use when it used in the type of crime with which the McCloskeys have been charged.

    At the request of Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley, crime lab staff members field stripped the handgun and found it had been assembled incorrectly. Specifically, the firing pin spring was put in front of the firing pin, which was backward, and made the gun incapable of firing, according to the documents.

    We have a few law talking dudes who read this blog. Please tell me how this isn’t evidence tampering.

    Barr’s involvement may have been thinly justified before, but if this is true, it seems to me this is a case for DOJ investigation if ever there was one.

  27. It is alleged that specific gun was used by McCloskeys as a prop in the courtroom. This is why it was rendered inoperable. And therefore there must be ample evidence to that since they had to have it checked every time they walked with it into the courtroom.

    These are the coppers that fuck everything up. THESE are the coppers in the pocket of Soros-funded leftist cabal. THESE are the lawless reprobates leftists will entrust policing to if they ever gain power. I, and we all should, pray it will never happen. Not on our watch. THIS is exactly why we have a 2nd amendment. If THIS Is not a clear and present example of the lawless tyranny by the goobernment, I do not know what is.

  28. Shiftee is one of the many reasons I can appreciate my talent for unhinging mediocre people.

    Translation: “Im good enough, I’m smart enough and dog gone it it, I like me!”


  29. JD wrote: “Not because of any one specific policy, but because I think his heart is in the right place.”

    I’m sure that this is just an opening offer, and Republicans are willing to compromise at three-fifths.

  30. MBerg wrote: “Of all the lines to crib from demented “professor” Bill G, why pick that one?“

    I’ve only heard Angry Clown 🤡 use that. I don’t understand your frequent references to “professor” Bill G.

    Nonetheless — the call and response between you and Swiftee is very similar to that of the Organ Grinder and his monkey 🐒

  31. I’m sure that this is just an opening offer, and Republicans are willing to compromise at three-fifths.

    Well, then the Democrats are consistent: This time, at least they’re just economic slaves and not actual slaves that they want counted for purposes of political apportionment.

    I could see a smug lefty trying this, and I could see Republicans (at least those with a spine) giving the Left a counter-offer of 0 and an invitation to go forth and perform an unnatural act upon themselves. Tell the cheap-skate elites to cut their own lawns, clean their own houses, or pay fair market wages for the service.

  32. I don’t understand your frequent references to “professor” Bill G.

    Despite the fact that he copied a photo (taken by a cringing little punk hiding in the bushes) from Kreapy Prof’s blog to mock my wife.

    E. Dimwit, you are a lying, cowardly, craven, motherfucking punk. You can’t stand toe to toe with me intellectually or physically. I’m saying it here, and I 100% guarantee I would say it right to your scummy little face. Like to test my veracity? I’m your Huckleberry.

    Hahaha! Just kidding. You can come out from under the table now you miserable piece of shit.

  33. Regarding the allegation about the handgun…, and it strikes me as well that even though the wife’s booger-hook was on the bang switch, it would not matter whether it was operational or not because property owners have the right to defend their property in Missouri.

    But if the prosecutor’s office was indeed getting evidence falsified, wow, that’s an excuse to fire everybody who was involved among the prosecutor’s office, at the police station, and in the evidence lab.

    Side note; it strikes me as incredibly bad tactics to use a fake gun to defend yourself. I guess if you get away with it, good for you, but…..if anyone checks you on it, yikes.

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