Snappy Answers To Casual Gaslighting, Part III

“If You’re Not Part Of The Solution, You’re Part Of The Problem”

People who use this statement always use it incompletely. I’ll do it again, filling in and emphasiing the words that are unstated but that actually define the statement.

“If you’re not part of the solution I’m demanding, you’re part of the problem that’s in my way“.

It’s incumbent on you to convince me – everyone – that your solution isn’t worse than the problem. If you are a socialist, if your “solution” can be shown via a rational argument based in fact to be worse than the problem you see, then you’re going to have a tough time of it.

And if you use statements like “If you’re not part of the solution…”, it’s going to be even tougher, because if you knew all that rational, factual, “convincing people” stuff, you wouldn’t have to resort to such twaddle.

3 thoughts on “Snappy Answers To Casual Gaslighting, Part III

  1. Lol. That slogan was around in the 60s, a period of cultural insanity not unlike today’s.

  2. But Mitch, “rational argument” is a tool used by Old White Men to perpetuate the oppression of wymn and Peeeps of Color and Children and LGBTQ+ and pretty much everybody who’s not an Old White Man.

  3. JD, I think it’s time we recognize that those who can be oppressed by “rational argument” deserve to be oppressed.

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